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1930-   Braley Motor Co. 110 W. Market St. Aberdeen WA  
1939-48 1948 Rundell Motors 201 W. Market Aberdeen WA H. E. Rundell
1949-52   Scott-Pletz Motors 201 W. Market Aberdeen WA Norman Pletz
1953-56   Aberdeen Nash Sales 323 W Market St Aberdeen WA  
1940-56   Hoyt's Garage 124 Auburn Ave. Auburn WA  
1953-58   Bellevue Nash Co. 104th & Main Sts Bellevue WA Chester C. Hollenbeck
1939-41   Lewis Motor Co. 1205 Commercial St. Bellingham WA  
1948-   Monahan Garage, Inc. Commercial and Chestnut Sts Bellingham WA  
1953-56   Bellingham Nash, Inc. Grand & Central Aves. Bellingham WA Raymond Moseley
1939-56 1949 Crawford Motors 135 N. Callow Bremerton WA R. T. Crawford
1940-41   Market St. Garage 1167 Market St. Chehalis WA  
1948-   Skelton Motors   Chehalis WA  
1953-   Elmer Johnson Nash   Chehalis WA  
1941-   Chewelah Nash Company   Chewelah WA  
1941-   Mel's Service 301 West 1st St Cle Elum WA  
1952-   Harris & Hoover Co.   Colfax WA  
1950-56   Eldon Carter Motors 160 W 3rd Ave Colville WA  
1980-85   Marv Carter Motors Inc 160 W 3rd Ave Colville WA  
1941-   Jess Maddux Nash   Coulee City WA  
1941-   Texaco Town Service   Coulee City WA  
1939-41   Des Moines Auto Co.   Des Moines WA A. C. Ellington
1940-41   B.J. Freeman Auto Co. 505 No. Pearl St. Ellensburg WA  
1956-   Harold's Repair Service 365 A St SW Ephrata WA  
1939-56 1939 Follestad Nash, Inc.  2625 Colby Ave Everett WA Sig G. Follestad
1957-82   Follestad Nash, Inc.  6816 Evergreen Way Everett WA Sig G. Follestad
1939-   Phelps Motor Co.   Kelso WA  
1941-   Morris Super Service   Kirkland WA  
1948-60   Larry D. Felts Nash Co. 1235 Vandercook Way Longview WA  
1983-   Longview AMC/Jeep Inc 1035 Vandercook Way Longview WA  
1952-57   Nieuwsma Garage   Lynden WA Herman Nieuwsma
1941-   Henley & Company   Newport WA  
1940-41   North Bend Garage First & Bendigo Sts. North Bend WA Evan Johnson
1935-41   Ray's Texaco Service 11th & Capitol Way Olympia WA  
1942-60   Ray's Nash Service 616 Legion Way Olympia WA  
1948-   Tri-City Nash   Pasco WA  
1952-53   McFarland's 323 W Clark St Pasco WA  
1954-60   Burton's Rambler 323 W Clark St Pasco WA  
1941-48   George's Service, Inc. 3rd & Lincoln Port Angeles WA  
1956-   Maddux Motors 117 N Lincoln St Port Angeles WA  
1951-56 1951 Olympic Nash Motors Rt 1 Port Orchard WA  
1940-   Baldwin Motors   Pullman WA  
1948-51 1949 Puyallup Auto Sales & Svc. 303 W. Main Puyallup WA Lloyd L. Grant
1947-   Huntington Motors   Renton WA  
1949-52 1952 Barnard Motor Co.   Renton WA  
1956-   Frank Rhodes Studebaker Nash 330 Main St Renton WA  
1921-   Chilcott-Nash Motor Co. 921 E. Pike St. Seattle WA  
1923-24   Chilcott-Sutton Nash Co. 500 East Pike St. Seattle  WA  
1925-29   Green Nash Corp. 500 East Pike St. Seattle  WA  
1938-49   Lewis Motors Co. 1000 E. Pike St. Seattle WA Richard P. Lewis
1939-41   McFarlane Motors 2115  4th Ave. Seattle WA W. R. McFarland
1940-   Anderson Motor   Seattle WA  
1941-   C.B. Ballard 1104 E. 45th St. Seattle WA  
1941-   McFarlane Motors 2115 4th Ave. Seattle WA W. R. McFarland
1942-   McFarlane Motors 310 E. Pike Seattle WA W. R. McFarland
1947-56   West Seattle Nash, Inc. 4815 California Ave Seattle WA Harry D. Baker
1950-   Gallagher Nash   Seattle WA E. H. Gallagher
1956-   C.B. Ballard & Son 4303 Roosevelt Way Seattle WA  
1953-57 1953 Seattle Nash, Inc. 2200 Seventh Ave Seattle WA H. D. Baker Jr.
1949-   Abe's Motors 35 East Willow Rd. Sox WA  
1913- 1913 L.D. McCarthy Auto Co.   Spokane WA  
1917-   Ross and Skinner   Spokane WA  
1923-27   Spokane Nash Motors Co. 1130 West Sprague Ave Spokane WA  
1928-29   Spokane Nash Motors Co. Second at Cedar Spokane WA  
1938-51   Burchett-Kaufman Nash Downtown Spokane WA Earl Kaufman/G. A. Burchett
1947-51 1949 Earl Kaufman Nash Sprague at Adams Spokane WA Earl Kaufman
1952-56 1952 Hollenback Motors 5303 E Trent Ave Spokane WA M. K. Hollenback
1953-56   Clark-Lindsay Motor Co. 818 Realty Blvd Spokane WA  
1941-   Wood Motor Co.   Sumner WA  
1909- 1909 George A. Watton Garage   Tacoma WA  
1918-45   Sanford-Ball Nash Co. 445 So. Tacoma Way Tacoma WA  
1940-   South Side Nash   Tacoma WA  
1941-   Kinnebrew-Bridges Motor Co.   Tacoma WA  
1946-47 46- 47 Sanford Nash Co. 445 So. Tacoma Way Tacoma WA  
1948-60   Sanford Nash Co. 722 Broadway Tacoma WA  
1965-83 1965 Sanford Rambler 6027 South Tacoma Way Tacoma WA Charles L. Laughlin
1932-33   Marsh-Pearson Motor Co.   Vancouver WA  
1941-   Geddes Motor Co.   Vancouver WA  
1948-50   Spring & Eyolfson, Inc. 1501 Main St Vancouver WA  
1953-56   Bob O'Donnell Nash 1501 Main St Vancouver WA  
1939-48   Wid" Johnson Motors   Walla Walla WA A. W. Johnson
1956-57   Renbarger Motors  124 W Alder St Walla Walla WA  
1948-   Wenatchee Truck & Tractor Co.   Wenatchee WA  
1952-   Town & Country Motors   Wenatchee WA  
1941-   Peeler's Garage   White Salmon WA Roland R. Peeler
1940-41   John. D. Moore, Inc.   Yakima WA  
1948-56 1954 McFarlane Motors 213 N First St Yakima WA  
1980-83   Lee Peterson Motors AMC 410 S. 1st St. Yakima WA  
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1938-   Ward Motor Sales   Adams WI  
1947-56   Teale's Nash   Albany WI  
1938-   Algoma Motors   Algoma WI  
1953-56   Reinert Nash 603 Fourth St Algoma WI  
1938-41   Fischer-Jichs Nash Co. 640 Superior St. Antigo WI  
1956-   Antiago Nash Sales 806 S Superior St. Antigo WI  
1913-   Griffin-Scott Auto Co.   Appleton WI  
1920-   Valley Automobile Co 224 & 226 E. Collage Ave. Appleton WI  
1938-41   Auto Sales Company 124 E. Washington St. Appleton WI  
1947-49   Nash Motor Service 1927-31 W. Wisconsin Ave. Appleton WI  
1940-   Curry's Texaco Servicenter   Argyle WI  
1938-   Ante Nash Co. 301 E. 2nd St. Ashland WI  
1948-60   Melin Motor Co. 722 W Front St Ashland WI  
1948-   Detmar & Zerahn Nash Sales   Baldwin WI  
1952-58 1952 Baldwin Nash Sales   Baldwin WI  
1938-48   Carpener Auto Co.   Baraboo WI Roy Carpener
1953-   Curkeet Nash Co.   Baraboo WI James Curkeet
1953-56   Barron Implement Co. 49 S Sixth St Barron WI  
1936-38   DamBeaver Garage 108 N. Center St. Beaver Dam WI  
1941-   Hase Auto Co.   Beaver Dam WI  
1952-60 1952 Dodge Co. Nash Inc. 207 S Center St Beaver Dam WI Ed Olson
1938-   Koch Service Garage   Beechwood WI  
1938-41   J.P. Klein Service   Belgium WI  
1910- 1910 Vale Garage   Beloit WI  
1940-41   Bolick Motor Co.   Beloit WI  
1947-55   Nash-Beloit Inc.   Beloit WI  
1956-   Nash Wisconsin Inc 604 Pleasant St Beloit WI  
1938-   Broadway Service Garage 317 Broadway St. Berlin WI  
1938-   Holtermann's Garage   Big Bend WI  
1938-   Adolph's Garage   Black River Falls WI  
1940-   Blanchardville Service Station   Blanchardville WI  
1938-40   Erickson Garage   Blommer WI  
1938-   Sheridan L. Lenz   Bonduel WI  
1938-   Merten Brothers Garage   Bristol WI  
1913-   Edw. Zwiebel & Bro.   Burlington WI  
1938-   R.W. McDonald 487 Washington St. Burlington WI  
1956-   Nash Burlington Co 482 Chestnut St Burlington WI  
1938-   C.J. Kleinhans   Campbellsport WI  
1938-   Curnow Motor Co.   Cazenovia WI  
1956-57   Kiesow Nash 138 Center St Cedarburg WI  
1938-   Northern Motor Co. 112 Bay St. Chippewa Falls WI  
1940-   Wheaton Street Auto Co.   Chippewa Falls WI  
1941-   Chippewa Nash Co.   Chippewa Falls WI  
1955-   Kamp Motor Sales   Chippewa Falls WI L. G. Kamp
1938-   Peotler Brothers 10 5th St. Clintonville WI  
1952-   Clintonville Nash Inc.   Clintonville WI  
1956-   Louisburg Garage 2049 Louisburg Rd. Cuba City (Louisburg) WI  
1938-   Zeuizine Auto Sales   Dalton WI  
1938-   F.L. Roy & Son   Darlington WI  
1940-   W.G. Graham   Darlington WI  
1922-   Enz Brothers   Denmark WI  
1938-   Depere Nash Co.   DePere WI  
1938-40   Iowa County Auto Co. 205 N. Iowa Dodgeville WI  
1941-   Otsego Garage   Doylestown WI  
1937-71   Schlosser Motor Co. 100 E Main St Durand WI Leo/Clarence/Bob Schlosser
My grandfather Leo Schlosser Jr. started the Schlosser Motor Co. along with his oldest son Clarence in 1937 in Durand Wisconsin.
Clarence left in 1942 and youngest son Robert (Bob) Schlosser my father went in business with his father Leo.
In 1963 I went in with my father until the business was sold in 1971.
Greg Schlosser
1938-   Shelby's Super Service   Eagle River WI  
1940-   Eagle River Auto Body Works   Eagle River WI  
1956-   Eagle River Nash Pine St. Eagle River WI  
1930-     2874 East Main Street East Troy WI  
1931-   Weigand Sales Co.   Eau Claire WI  
1938-41 1940 O.B. Opheim Sales Co. 501 S. Barstow Eau Claire WI Oscar Opheim
1954-55   Willie Kappus Motor Co. 1725 Brackett Ave. Eau Claire WI  
1959-60   Craig Motors 410 Galloway St. Eau Claire WI  
1956-83   Edgerton Motor Co. 121 N Henry St Edgerton WI J. A. Ellingson
1938-57 1953 Melcher Nash Sales 32 S. Wisconsin Elkhorn WI H. H. Melcher
1940-41   Ferber Implement Co.   Ellsworth WI  
1938-   Fahun Nash Garage   Falun WI  
1931-41   McCumber Nash Garage 24-30 Third St. Fond du Lac WI B. McCumber
1947-   McCumber & Lake 24-30 Third St. Fond du Lac WI  
1950-58   Nash Fond du Lac, Inc. 33 E Third St Fond du Lac WI  
1938-   Miles Clark   Footville WI  
1938-   H.P. Fassbender Nash   Forest Junction WI  
1952-59   Stebane Nash Co Church St. Forest Junction WI Rueben Stebane

Four Stebane brothers established Stebane Auto Sales in June, 1951.
They obtained a Nash franchise in October, 1952 and were in business until a fire at the dealership in 1959.
This information is from Bill Torsch, NCCA  #2145, whose father worked at the dealership from 1951 on.
1947-   Nash Probst Co.   Fort Atkinson WI  
1938-   Wadleigh Auto Sales   Galesville WI  
1938-   B.F. Schroen Nash Sales   Geona City WI  
1938-   Cierach Bros Nash Garage   Germantown WI  
1940-   Marks Motor Service   Germantown WI  
1936-38 1936 Wenger Nash Co. Main St. Grafton WI  
1935-48 1948 Doherty Nash Co. Pine & Madison Sts. Green Bay WI George Doherty
1938-39   Del Motor Co. 316 N. Jefferson Green Bay WI  
1940-41   Del Motor Co. Adams St. Green Bay WI  
1955-   Cliff Nordeen Motors, Inc.   Green Bay WI  
1953-56   Hohl Bros. Nash   Greenwood WI  
1938-   Snelflows Garage 133 Johnson St. Hartford WI  
1953-   Leach Auto Co.   Hartford WI  
1938-   Hayward Motor Sales   Hayward WI  
1938-   Dassler Sales & Service   Hika WI  
1938-40   Quality Service Garage East Main St. Hillsboro WI  
1938-   Horicon Nash Co.   Horicon WI  
1938-41   Robert F. Buggs Nash   Janesville WI  
1947-56 1953 Lowe Sales & Service Co. 509 Wall St Janesville WI R. G. Lowe Sr.
1983-   Lowe Sales & Service Co. 509 E Centerway St. Janesville WI  
1938-83   Probst Auto Co. 220 E. Racine St. Jefferson WI  
1956-   Nash Probst 515 Racine St Jefferson WI  
1921-26   The Greiner-Nash Co. 266 Wisconsin St. Kenosha WI  
1927-   The Greiner Nash Co. Chicago and South St. Kenosha WI  
1928-   The Greiner Nash Co. 5825 8th Ave. Kenosha WI  
1929-35   The Greiner Nash Co. 8th Ave and 59th St. Kenosha WI  
1935-56 47-49 Topel Nash Sales 1020 60th St. Kenosha WI Earl C. Topel
1938-41   Sheridan Road Garage Sheridan Rd & 59th St. Kenosha WI  
1948-66 1952 Nash Kenosha, Inc. 7525-22nd Ave Kenosha WI Bill Engel/F. O. Benning
1938-   Dworak Motor Co. 411 Main St. Kewaunee WI  
1938-   Midway Motor Inn   Kimberly WI  
1940-41   Fulmer's Garage   La Farge WI  
1919-   Nash Auto and Machine Co. 213-217 S. Front LaCrosse WI ErwinMueller/HowardAtkinson
1919-22   Nash Auto and Machine Co. 118 N. 6th LaCrosse WI Erwin Mueller/C.J. Morley
1924-   Mueller-Morley Co. Inc. 118 N. 6th LaCrosse WI Erwin Mueller/C.J. Morley
1926-63   John L. Hofweber 101 Main St. LaCrosse WI  
1930-31   La Crosse Nash Co. 116 S. 2nd Street LaCrosse WI James R. Fess
1932-   Fess Motor Sales 514-518 State LaCrosse WI James R. Fess
1938-   Rapp's Auto Mart   Ladysmith WI  
1956-   Flambeau Nash 121 W Second St Ladysmith WI  
1938-47   Lake Shore Garage, Inc. Main St. Lake Geneva WI  
1956-   Huml Inc. 677 Main St Lake Geneva WI  
1953-   Rock Lake Motors   Lake Mills WI  
1938-   Dall Motors   Lancaster WI  
1938-   Olson Auto Co.   Larsen WI  
1957-   Lone Rock Auto Sales   Lone Rock WI  
1938-   North Luck Machine Shop   Luck WI  
1938-41   Luxemburg Motor Co. Main St. Luxemburg WI  
1938-40   Christensen Motor Co. 412 E. Washington Ave. Madison WI  
1938-40   Hughes-Newman Motors, Inc. 601 University Ave. Madison WI  
1939-41   Christensen-Pierce   Madison WI C. R. Pierce
1941-   Hughes-Pierce Motors, Inc.   Madison WI  
1946-53 1946 Nash Madison Co 2201 University Madison WI Hervey E. Roy
1955-56   Shappe Motors Inc 801 E Washington Ave Madison WI R. Shappe
1957-58   Waters Motor Co. 754 E Washington Ave. Madison WI  
1938-47   Fritsch Nash Co. 916 Buffalo St. Manitowoc WI Ed. Fritsch
1950-60   Nash Manitowoc Co. 916 Buffalo St. Manitowoc WI  
1952-   Austin Auto Mart Inc. 5651 2. Madison St. Mansfield WI  
1938-41   Buck Auto Inn 121 E. Second St. Marchfield WI  
1938-41   Harry A. White 1851 Court St. Marinette WI  
1940-   F.R. Newman & Sons   Mauston WI  
1953-   Mauston Nash, Inc.   Mauston WI  
1956-   Schulz Nash Sales   Mauston WI  
1938-56   Rief Motor Sales   Medford WI  
1941-   Score's Service Station   Menomonee WI  
1955-   Nash Sales & Service 143 Sixth Ave. Menomonee WI  
1948-56 1948 Kapke Nash 411 S. Fond du Lac Ave. Menomonee Falls WI Al Kapke

1938-56   Bloechl Service 427 E. Second St. Merrill WI Louis Bloechl
1938-40   Sawle's Garage   Middletown WI Frank Sawle
1908-11 1910 Rambler Garage Company 457-459 Broadway Milwaukee WI  
1917-   Alfred Reeke Co. 455-459 Broadway Milwaukee WI Al Reeke
1921-   Nash Sales Co. Broadway & Oneida St. Milwaukee WI  
1923-31   Nash Sales Inc. 481 Broadway (& Wells St.) Milwaukee WI Rudolf Hokanson
1925-   Stein Nash Co. 1030-40 48th St. Milwaukee WI  
1929- 1929 Odry Brothers Garage   Milwaukee WI  
1929-59   M.E. Kuehn & Son 3701 N. Green Bay Ave. Milwaukee WI Fred Kuehn
1930-66 1950 Hartung Motor Co. 3030 N. Third St. Milwaukee WI Lester P. Hartung

The real purpose of this email was to advise that Hartung Motors advertising saying was a Dealer with a Hart.
A very reputable dealer and one of my memories was when visiting relatives was going past Hartung Nash and looking at the cars.

My dad was a welder and a tool crib employee at AMC Milwaukee plant from April 1945 to Oct 1987.
We bought four cars from Hartung Nash, a 1949, 1951 and 1953 Nash Airflyte and a 1962 show room new Rambler.
I am guessing the 1962 was $2222 but I could be wrong.
Also that was his only new car. He bought a 1959 Hudson Hornet from a friend at work and a 1973 Ambassador through the Employee Purchase Program.
He had that car until 1985 when he then had a series of Renaults and his last car a 1991 Dodge Dynasty.
The 49, 51 and 53 my Dad bought used and paid no more than $200 for each of the cars.
He had a cousin that worked there that would look out for deals for my Dad.
There were years that my Dad worked only 6 months a year and $200 was all he could afford.
Chuck Vergetis
Formerly of Milwaukee Wisc, now Fountain Hills Az.
1934-41   Nash Frint Motor Co. (Retail) 721-29 E. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee WI L.D. Frint
1937-49 1949 Schwartzburg Nash Co. 5011 W. Lisbon Ave. Milwaukee WI Wm. Schwartzburg
1938-41   Nash West Side Co. 3304 W. Burleigh St. Milwaukee WI  
1938-41   South Side Nash 517 W. Lincoln Milwaukee WI  
1940-   Winkle-Popp Motors, Inc.   Milwaukee WI  
1941-   Bader Motor Co.   Milwaukee WI  
1947-48   Bickel Nash Co. 7250 W. National Ave. Milwaukee WI  
1948-49 1949 Nash Wisconsin, Inc. 3732 W. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee WI R. E. Tuttle
1948-   Tellone Nash   Milwaukee WI  
1949-53 51-  53 Ryan Nash Inc. 1500 W. Muskego Ave. Milwaukee WI A. W. Ryan
1950-58 51-  55 Milwaukee Nash 3732 Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee WI Irving B. Rosenberg
1954-62   Downer Garage Inc. 2522-2526 E. Webster Place Milwaukee WI Hass
1955-58   Schwarz Nash 4503 W North Ave Milwaukee WI Emil Schwarz
1956-   Greenfield Motors   Milwaukee WI  
1938-   J.E. Engels Auto Co.   Mineral Point WI  
1938-   Clarence C. Ackerman   Monroe WI  
1955-56   Nash of Monroe 1004 Fifth Ave Monroe WI A. V. Kiel
1953-56   Hill Nash State Hwy 23 Montello WI  
1938-   Monticello Auto Co.   Monticello WI  
1923-31   Tri-City Nash Co.   Neenah WI Fred W. Abendshein
1938-   Nash Sales & Service 117 Canal St. Neenah WI  
1939-41   Christoph Nash Co.   Neenah WI H. C. Christoph
1938-   Kurth Oil Co. 5th and Grand Neillsville WI  
1938-   Muenster and Lange   New Holstein WI  
1938-   Myers and Restle Garage   New London WI  
1938-   North Lake Auto Co.   North Lake WI  
1938-40   Schoen Nash Co. 300 Wisconsin E. Oconomowoc WI  
1952-   Kasten Auto Sales   Oconomowoc WI  
1938-   Lingelbach Car Co. 1225 N. Main St. Oconto WI  
1947-70   Augustine Motors, Inc.   Oconto WI Everett Augustine
1948-   Schmid Motors   Orfordville WI  
1957-   Andersen Motors Sales & Service   Orfordville WI  
1938-41   Bett-er Motor Service 1011 S. Main Oshkosh WI  
1938-41   Larsen Auto Co. 5660 Light St Oshkosh WI  
1947-   G-M Nash Company Oshkosh WI  
1956-   Hegner Nash Sales Inc 5660 Light St Oshkosh WI  
1940-   Otsego Garage   Otsego WI  
1938-   Keefe Garage   Park Falls WI  
1938-40   Mound City Motors   Platteville WI  
1953-83   Stephens Motor Sales Inc 165 N. 4th St. Platteville WI  
1938-   Radloff Auto Service 621 E. Mill St. Plymouth WI  
1947-56   Nash Sales Co   Plymouth WI  
1938-   West Side Auto Service   Port Washington WI  
1938-   E.A. Belling Motor Sales   Portage WI  
1952-56   Leahy Nash Co. 220 Edgewater St Portage WI  
1923-61   Porterfield Garage   Porterfield WI Oscar Kriedeman
1938-   Ballantine Garage   Prairie du Chien WI  
1938-   Joharmes Auto Supply   Pulaski WI  
1928-29   Century Motor Co., Inc. Sixth at Villa Racine WI  
1938-   Frank H. Applegate, Inc. 1130 Washington Ave. Racine WI  
1939-53 1953 Frank H. Applegate, Inc. 939 Washington Ave. Racine WI William J. Gorton
1952-60   Wiese Nash Inc. 1101 N Main St Racine WI  
1956-   Nash Racine Inc 939 Washington Ave. Racine WI  
1922-   Theodore Schluter   Reedsburg WI  
1940-   Kochan's Service Station   Reedsburg WI  
1956-   Schulz Nash Sales 325 E Main St Reedsburg WI  
1952-   Scott Motors   Rhinelander WI  
1957-   Nash Rhinelander 806 No. Stevens Rhinelander WI  
1938-51   Rice Lake Nash Co.   Rice Lake WI  
1956-   Motor & Equipment Co 1302 S Main St Rice Lake WI  
1983-   Swant Motor Co. AMC/Jeep 1302 S Main St Rice Lake WI  
1938-41   Nash Sales & Service   Richland Center WI  
1956-   Richland Center Nash Inc 275 N Orange St Richland Center WI  
1957- 1957 Marshall Nash Sales   Richland Center WI  
1956-   Ripon Nash Inc E Fond du Lac & Douglas Sts Ripon WI  
1938-   Falls Nash Co.   River Falls WI  
1938-   Berna Nash   Rosholt WI  
1938-   Bursen Motors Co. 131 Maple Ave. Sawyer WI  
1951-56   Wally's Nash Sales 412 E Green Bay St Shawano WI  
1923-24   S-V-T Nash Co. Sheboygan WI  
1938-   Schrant Nash Co. Indiana at S. 12th St. Sheboygan WI  
1933-56   Black's Auto Service 1119 Superior Ave Sheboygan WI Oscar Black
1940-   Stumpf-Hartzheim Co.   Sherwood WI  
1940-   Edge Motor Co.   Soldier's Grove WI  
1956-   Lake Nash Inc 2318 Tenth Ave South Milwaukee WI  
1938-   Kurcher Nash Sales   Sparta WI  
1941- 1941 Rasmussen Oil Company   Sparta WI  
1925-38   Roberts Nash Motors   Spooner WI Frank Roberts
1956-   Clark's Spooner Nash   Spooner WI  
1921-37- 1922 Bennett Larson Nash   Spring Green WI Bennett Larson

My Great Grandfather Bennett Larson and Grandfather Larry Larson sold their family farm in 1921 to start a Nash Dealership in Spring Green Wisconsin, Bennett Larson Nash.
I also believe Bennett’s brother Ole Larson had a Nash Dealership in Dodgeville around the same time.
My Grandfather Larry on the Left, my Great Grandfather Bennett in the middle, and Junior Johnson who worked for them on the right. Steve Larson
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1938-   St. Lawrence Garage   St. Lawrence WI  
1938-   Colburn Nash   Stanley WI  
1952-   V & J Nash   Stanley WI  
1938-   Rhyner's Service Station   Stetsonville WI  
1938-40   Karner Auto Co. 119 Ellis Stevens Point WI  
1953-56   Mandry Nash, Inc. 1710 N Second St Stevens Point WI  
1938-57   Rein & Dahl 308 E. Main Stoughton WI Rupert Rein/John Dahl
1947-56   Bursen Motors 75 Maple St Sturgeon Bay WI  
1938-   Gaugert Garage   Sullivan WI  
1929-49   Motor Inn, Inc. 1127-29 Ogden Superior WI R. C. Kuehlthau
1983-   Kari Garage 1002 Ogden Superior WI  
1938-   Roy F. Stier   Sussex WI  
1940-   Bernard G. Stone   Taylor WI  
1938-   Zimmel Garages   Theresa WI  
1953-56   Tri-County Nash 107 Stanley St Thorp WI  
1941   Janke Motor Sales Tomah WI  
1954-62   Lund's Auto 417 Fair St. Tomah WI Clyde Lund
1938-   Nash Tomahawk 24 S. Tomahawk Tomahawk WI  
1953-   East Side Nash   Tomahawk WI  
1941-   Trevor Nash Sales   Trevor WI  
1918-83   Two Rivers Auto Service 2022 Washington St. Two Rivers WI William G. Rehrauer
1948-   Mueller Nash Co.   Viroqua WI  
1910-13 1913 Copeland-Roach Motor Co.   Watertown WI T.B. Roach/W.E. Copeland
1938-60   A. Kramp Co. 615 Main St. Watertown WI L. Kramp
1938-41   Spring City Auto Co.   Waukesha WI  
1947-   Mark's Motor Service   Waukesha WI  
1951-56   Nash Waukesha 226 Madison St Waukesha WI  
1951- 1951 Charles E. Nelson 218 W Fulton St Waupaca WI  
1956- 1956 Mid-City Motors 218 W Fulton St Waupaca WI  
1956-   Modern Garage 219 Jefferson St Waupaca WI  
1983-   Stiebs AMC/Jeep 219 Jefferson St Waupaca WI  
1953-57   Nash Waupun Co. 735 S Madison Waupun WI Milton Pautsch
1938-41   Marathon Nash Sales 210 4th St. Wausau WI  
1951-   Bill Rohlf, Inc.   Wausau WI  
1954-56   Williams Nash, Inc. 124 Washington St Wausau WI  
1938-   Wausaukee Nash Sales   Wausaukee WI  
1928-34 28-34 Suburban Nash Sales 76th & State St. Wauwatosa WI  
1938-   Diedrich Bros. 1452 Underwood Ave. Wauwatosa WI  
1938-   Foresters Garage   Wayne WI  
1938-   Warren Auto Co. 1410 S. 77th St. West Allis WI  
1949-   Bickel Nash Co.   West Allis WI B. J. Bickel
1950-52   Russ Loh Motors 7210 West National Avenue West Allis WI  
1956-60   Peters Auto Sales 5600-10 West National Ave West Allis WI  
1972 1972 West Allis American   West Allis WI  
1938-   Geusert Motor Co. 425 Main St. West Bend WI  
1952-   West Bend Nash Sales   West Bend WI  
1953-   Morrison Motors   West Bend WI  
1938-40   Alfred T. Sehauser   Westfield WI  
1953-56   Nelson Nash Sales   Wild Rose WI  
1938-   Bay Bay Nash Co.   Williams WI  
1938-41   Marks Motor Service   Willow Creek WI  
1938-   Anderson Motor Sales   Wisconsin Rapids WI  
1940-   Nash Rapids Motor Co.   Wisconsin Rapids WI  
1948-55   Johnson & Sons Co. 1910 W Grand Ave Wisconsin Rapids WI W. A. Johnson
1938-   McErn Service Stations   Withee WI  
1938-40   Harry Glynn Nash Sales   Woodman WI  
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West Virginia

1941-   Hopkins Motors   Beckley WV  
1947-   Stover Nash Motor Co   Beckley WV  
1956-   Ramey 713 S Oakwood Ave Beckley WV  
1941-56   Crowder & Freeman 1157 Bland St Bluefield WV  
1953- 1953 Edmiston Motors   Buckhannon WV Matthew Edmiston Jr.
1939-46   Mason Motor Sales Route 51 Cairo WV Max Mason
1923-24   Midland Trail Company   Charleston WV
1939-49   Wickline Motors   Charleston WV M.M. Wickline
1953-56   Davis Nash, Inc. 124 Court St Charleston WV  
1956-   Ruffner Motor Sales, Inc.   Charleston WV  
1918-56   Shreve's Garage 115 N 6th St Clarksburg WV Robert Shreve
1940-   Carl & Dick Nash Co. Elkins WV  
1946-47   Randolph Motors Co. Inc. 204 Randolph St. Elkins WV  
1950-   Elm Grove Motor Sales   Elm Grove WV  
1939-46   C.C. Cole Motor Sales 817 Morgantown Ave. Fairmont WV C. C. Cole
1952-   Woodward Motors   Fairmont WV  
1956-83   Dale Hueys Auto Service 1012 Fairmont Ave Fairmont WV  
1939-41   Sharp Motor Co.   Huntington WV V. Sharp
1948-   R.F. Steiner & Co.   Huntington WV  
1949-56 1949 W.O. Davis Motors 2442 Third Ave Huntington WV  
1947-   Logan Nash Sales   Logan WV  
1952-   Von Nash Sales   Logan WV  
1956-   Ferguson Motors, Inc.   Logan WV  
1953-   Boone Truck & Implement Co   Madison WV  
1946-56   Davis Motor Co. 4th Ave & Main St Marlinton WV  
1948-56   Berkeley Auto Exchange Rock Cliff Dr Martinsburg WV  
1946-48   Jamison Motors, Inc. 171 Holland Ave. Morgantown WV Arthur E. Walker
1952-73   Bishoff Motors 200 Holland Ave. Morgantown WV  
1953-   McPeake & McCoy Motor Sales   Mullens WV  
1947-   Nash Motor Sales Co., Inc.   Oak Hill WV  
1949-   Oak Hill Nash Co.   Oak Hill WV C. T. Moser
1939-41   Ludwig Motor Co.   Parkersburg WV  
1946- 1946 Ohio Valley Sales & Service 931 Market St. Parkersburg WV Casper A. Ruf
1947-49   Ohio Valley Sales & Service 711 Liberty St. Parkersburg WV Casper A. Ruf
1953-   Fleming Motors   Parkersburg WV  
1956-   Villers Motor Sales 2503 Camden Ave Parkersburg WV  
1952-   Central Motor Sales, Inc.   Princeton WV  
1941-   Kennedy Motor Co.   Spencer WV  
1948-76   New City Auto Sales 1817 Pennsylvania Ave Weirton WV Osvaldo S. Guglielmo
1950-56   Paul Jones Co. 779 Riverside Dr Welch WV  
1956-68   John's Motor Co   Welch WV  
1923-   Wheeling Nash 800 National Rd (US Rt 40) Wheeling WV  
1940-41   Altman Motor Sales   Wheeling WV  
1940-51   Elm Grove Motor Sales   Wheeling WV  
1946-   G.C. White & Son 941 Market St Wheeling WV  
1955-   Dulaney Motor Co.   Wheeling WV L. C. Dulaney
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1923-40   Casper Nash Motors   Casper WY  
1948-51 1951 Drazick Nash Co.   Casper WY Edward Drazick
1952-   Reina Nash Motors   Casper WY  
1953-   Casper Nash, Inc.   Casper WY  
1923-24   Mentz Motor Company   Cheyenne WY
1939-41   A.H. Bitner, Inc.   Cheyenne WY Albert H. Bitner
1947-48   Cropper Motor Co. 408 W. 18th St. Cheyenne WY George Cropper
1949-56   Cropper Motor Co. 310 E 17th St Cheyenne WY George Cropper
1951-   Drazick Nash Co.   Cheyenne WY  
1948-51 1951 Cody Nash 1137 Sheridan Ave. Cody WY  
1947-   Morrison Nash Co.   Laramie WY  
1940-   A. F. DeCastro   Lusk WY  
1940-   Lyman Motor Park   Lyman WY  
1953-   Stoner Motor Co.   Riverton WY  
1941-   North Side Garage   Rock Springs WY  
1947-56   Zak's Nash Sales & Service 751 Pilot Butte Ave Rock Springs WY  
1948-   Smith-Sanderson Motor Co. 312 Broadway Sheridan WY  
1949-52 1952 Poll Motor Inc. 312 Broadway Sheridan WY Joseph Poll Jr.
1953-   Richard & Burzlaff Implement Co.   Wheatland WY  
1953-   Nelson Implement Co.   Worland WY  
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