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1920-   Myers Brothers 115 N. Pitt Street Alexandria VA Robert L. Myers
1948-58   Alexandria Nash Corp.   Alexandria VA J. Leo Sugrue
1941-   Walker-Cook Motor Co.   Appalachia VA  
1941-   Gardiner Motor Co.   Arlington VA  
1947-58   Nash Arlington Corp. 2015 N Moore St Arlington VA Walter H. Eyles
1952-   Cedar Bluff Nash Sales   Cedar Bluff VA  
1947-56   Albemarle Motor Co. Inc. 6th & Market Sts. Charlottesville VA  
1953-   Chase City Implement Co.   Chase City VA  
1953-   Hopkins Nash Sales & Service   Cheriton VA  
1953-56   Chinco Nash 218 S Main St Chincoteague VA  
1953-   Crewe Nash Sales   Crewe VA  
1941-51   Harville Motor Co.   Danville VA  
1957-58   Cross Roads Motor   Fairfax VA  
1948-49   Swart Motor Co. Lafayette/Prince Edward St Fredericksburg VA  
1949-   Seddon Motor Co. Lafayette/Prince Edward St Fredericksburg VA Seddon B. Sadtler
1952-   McGovern, Inc.   Front Royal VA H. E. McGovern
1956-   Glouchester Nash Inc   Glouchester Point VA  
1935-44   L.M. Von Schilling & Son 23 North King St. Hampton VA Leopold Marshall Von Schilling
1945-46   J. D. Allen Jr. 23 North King St. Hampton VA  
1956-   Royals Motor Service 350 W Pembroke Ave Hampton VA Ted Wolfe
1946-   City Tire & Battery Inc. Market & Liberty Sts. Harrisonburg VA  
1947-   Harrisonburg Nash Co.   Harrisonburg VA  
1952-75 1955 Shenandoah Transportation Co. 1169 S. High St. Harrisonburg VA Victor J. Myers
1923-26   Lynchburg Motor Co., Inc. 1345 Main St Lynchburg VA John L. Logan
1927-30   Phil Payne Motor Co. 815 5th St. Lynchburg VA Philip W. Payne
Phil Payne, a Marmon and Nash dealer, moved in their brand new dealership building in 1927. It was originally built to house three separate dealerships.
For many years, it was occupied by Adams Motor Co., a Chrysler, Plymouth and DeSoto dealership. The building is still standing. By 1936, Payne was a Buick dealer.
1945-49   Hammersley Nash Co. 1111 Clay St. Lynchburg VA James S. Hammersley
Hammersley later had the Edsel, Pontiac and Lincoln-Mercury dealerships.
The Clay Street dealership building has long since been demolished.
1947-56   Newport News Nash Corp. 3614 Huntington Ave Newport News VA J C Fuller/J E Davis
1907-11 1908 Rambler Garage & Supply Co. 411-413 Granby Street Norfolk VA Allen/Barnes/Johnson

The Rambler Garage & Supply Co. dates from 1907. The business first appeared in the 1908 Norfolk city directory and were located at 411-413 Granby Street. The dealership was owned by Edward J. Allen, James L. Barnes and J. E. Johnson. It last appears in the 1911 directory. The officers by then were Edward J. Allen- president, George F. Edwards- vice president, George Pilcher- sec. and J. E. Johnson- treas. The 1912 directory shows a Maxwell dealership at that address. In 1913, it was occupied by the Allen Motor Co., owned by the same Edward J. Allen. Also in that same year, all of Norfolk's downtown streets were renumbered; 411-413 Granby became 720-722. The Rambler Garage, a metal clad frame structure, was replaced in the 1920's by a brick building, which has since been demolished. The site is now a parking lot.
1920-24 1920 Wilcox Motor Corp. 1500-1502 Granby St. Norfolk VA Edward W. Wilcox

Photograph of the newly completed Wilcox Motor Corp. building, located at 1500-1502 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA. Built in 1920 at a cost of $30,000, it was designed by the well-known Norfolk architectural firm of Peebles & Ferguson. Wilcox were Nash dealers from 1920 to 1924. The president was Edward W. Wilcox, Jr., L. P. Mathews was vice president and C. E. Wilcox was secretary-treasurer. The building later housed a Packard dealership and a furniture company. It was demolished around 1968.

From the Sargeant Memorial Collection, Norfolk Public Library, Norfolk, Virginia
1924-   Beasley Nash Motor Co. 909 Granby St. Norfolk VA Frederick L. Beasley
1925-   Norfolk-Nash Motor Co. 909 Granby St. Norfolk VA Frederick L. Beasley
909 Granby Street was demolished circa 1971.  In 1925, Beasley Nash Motor Co. was renamed Norfolk-Nash Motor Co., with Beasley still as owner.
This dealership closed later in the year and by October, the Veazey-Billups Motor Co., Inc. was the new Nash dealer.
1925-27   Veazey-Billups Motor Co, Inc. 804-806 Granby St. Norfolk VA Logan D. Veazey
1927-32   Veazey Motor Co., Inc. 804-806 Granby St. Norfolk VA Logan D. Veazey
This building, which is still standing, was built in 1916-17 as the Twin-Sate Motor Co., a Velie and Inter-State truck dealership.
It has also been a Stephens Salient Six, a Chevrolet, a Reo and a Kaiser-Frazer dealership.
1933-36   Norfolk Nash Motor Corp. 2614-2618 Granby St. Norfolk VA Stephen C. Oliver
1937-40   Kelly Motors, Inc. 1014-1022 Granby Street Norfolk VA J. Ralph “Kelly” Kellenberger
This building, built in 1915, was later a Studebaker dealership.
It was completely destroyed by fire on April 3, 1954 and was replaced that same year by a new building, which is still standing.
It ceased being used as a car dealership in 1970.
1946-54 1949 Harris Motors, Inc. 110-116 W. 21st St. Norfolk VA Harry L. Harris

This building was built in 1946 for Harris Motors at a cost of approximately $75,000.  It is still standing and now a consignment shop.

Officers- 1946-48: Harry L. Harris- Pres. (Arlington, VA)

S. J. Solomon- Vice-Pres. (Washington, DC)

Michael N. Klein- Sec-Treasurer.
1954- Norfolk Nash Distributors 539 W. 21st St. Norfolk VA
1956- Roy's Auto Supply 894 E. Little Creek Rd Norfolk VA
1928-   Powell Nash   Orange VA  
1956-   Poe Nash Motors   Pennington Gap VA  
1924-   White Auto Service Co. 15 East Washington St Petersburg VA White Brothers
Operated by the White brothers: J. H. White, E. S. White, T. L. White, Julian S. White and P. J. White.
1939-   McElroy Sales Corporation 19-27 N. Union Street Petersburg VA  
1941-54 1950-Current Williams Nash Sales & Service 257 E. Bank Street Petersburg VA  

1956-   Edwards Motor Sales 305 E Bank St Petersburg VA  
1958-   Tri-Motor Rambler Sales Co. 1318 E. Bank Street Petersburg VA  
1929-41 1929 W. J. Price 915 Lincoln St Portsmouth VA Walter J. Price

From the Virginian-Pilot And The Norfolk Landmark newspaper, Sunday, May 26, 1929.
From the Sargeant Memorial Collection, Norfolk Public Library.

Walter J. Price (1890-1969) operated an auto repair shop and dealership from this location from 1920 to the early 1960’s. Formerly a Chandler dealer, he took over the Nash agency in May, 1929. Price lived next door in his home at 913 Lincoln Street. The garage closed in the early seventies and was demolished by 1980.
The site today is an empty field.  His home, however, is still standing and occupied.

1941-42   Collins H. Turner 906 High Street Portsmouth VA  
1946-52   Collins H. Turner 607-609 Middle Street Portsmouth VA  
1953-   Klein-Sword Motors, Inc. 607-609 Middle Street Portsmouth VA Mike N.Klein/Curtis S. Sword
1954-56   Portsmouth Nash, Inc. 607-609 Middle Street Portsmouth VA Grover L. Owens
The building at 607-609 Middle Street was originally the Palace Livery and Boarding Stables and was later a garage.
It was demolished in the late fifties.
Today, this section of Middle Street no longer exists and a large parking garage occupies this site.
1910- 1910 Rambler Automobile Co.   Richmond VA  
1911-13   E.J. Allen   Richmond VA  
1927-   Mooers Motor Car Co. 1114-1118 N. Boulevard Richmond VA Edwin H. / Willard H. Mooers
1928-   Burroughs-Loth Motors, Inc. 1345 Broad St. Richmond VA William J. Loth, Jr.
1929-30   Burroughs-Loth Motors, Inc. 2735 Broad St. Richmond VA W. Edward Burroughs
1931- 1931 W.L. Lawrence & Son   Richmond VA A.L. Lawrence
1945-57 1947 Lauritzen Motors, Inc. 1840 West Broad Street Richmond VA Paul R. Lauritzen
1948-   Mike Klein   Richmond VA  
1953-   Webb Motor Co.   Richmond VA  
1956-   Suburban Nash Co 5606 W Broad St Richmond VA  
1939-41   Andrews Battery Co.   Roanoke VA M.E. Andrews
1948-50   Fugate Motors, Inc.   Roanoke VA  
1952-   Duffer Bros. Nash   South Boston VA  
1946-80   Barton Motors, Inc. 909 Richmond Rd Staunton VA E. C. Barton & Donn F. Barton
1953-60's   Strasburg Nash 144 Front Royal Rd. Strasburg VA James S. Troxell

This business started as a junkyard and became a Nash dealership in 1953, continuing into the 1960's.
The dealership has been restored by the grandson of the original owner and even has the original sign hanging outside.

James (Ricci) Troxell in front of his grandfathers dealership.
1952-54   Suffolk Nash Corp. Smithfield Road, RD 4 Suffolk VA J. Wallace Goodrich
1952-56 1953 Virginia Beach Nash, Inc. 905 17th St Virginia Beach VA Jack N. Grimsley

17th Street is now Virginia Beach Blvd.  The building has been renumbered 857 and is still standing.

1948-56   Warrenton Supply Co., Inc.   Warrenton VA  
1947-56 1948 - Current Winchester Nash Co. 725 N Loudon St Winchester VA Harry F. Neslon

1957-86   Wise Nash Sales, Inc.   Wise VA  
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1939-41   Granite City Auto Sales   Barre VT Lawrence Machia
1953-56   Osgood's Garage 46 Westminster St Bellows Falls VT  
1911-   Manley Brothers   Brattleboro VT  
1940-   Smith-Nash Co.   Brattleboro VT  
1948-   Windham Sales & Service   Brattleboro VT  
1940-   F. E. Patnaude   Burlington VT  
1947-   Boyer Motor Co., Inc.   Burlington VT  
1950-51   Ray's Motor Sales, Inc.   Burlington VT  
1952-   Burlington Nash Co.   Burlington VT  
1956-   American Auto Nash Co 61 Main St Burlington VT  
1953-56   P-T Motors, Inc. Rt 7 Manchester Center VT  
1948-   The H & H Motors, Inc. Barre-Montpelier Rd. Montpelier VT  
1953-   Sterling Motors, Inc.   Morrisville VT  
1953-56   Rowell Motors 602 E Main St Newport VT  
1940-41   Gosselin Sales & Service   Rutland VT  
1948-83   Burke's Garage 102 Willow St Rutland VT  
1956-   Springfield Nash, Inc. 9 South St. Springfield VT  
1948-   Champlain Nash Co.   St. Albans VT  
1949-50   Rivards Auto Sales   St. Johnsbury VT  
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