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1953-   Cook-Newman Nash   Athens TN  
1941-48 1946 Victor Motors   Bristol TN L.W. Harkins
1953-   George Morgan Nash   Chattanoga TN  
1939-41   Price Auto Co.   Chattanooga TN T.V. Price
1948-   Nelson-Collins Nash 1809 Broad St. Chattanooga TN H.E. Collins
1951-   Valley Motor Co., Inc.   Chattanooga TN  
1948-   Blazer Nash Motors   Cleveland TN  
1952-56   Waterlevel Motor Co. E Inman St Cleveland TN  
1947-51   Holman Nash Co.   Columbia TN  
1956-   Columbia Nash Co. 503 N Garden St Columbia TN  
1956-   Minor-Seale Nash Motors 108 E Sixth St Columbia TN  
1950-   McReynolds Nash Motors   Cookeville TN  
1951-   McReynolds-Sullivan Nash Motors Cookeville TN  
1941-   Horner's Garage   Dyersburg TN  
1947-   Forsythe Nash Co.   Dyersburg TN  
1948-   Erby Shell Motors   Elizabethtown TN  
1926-47   John H. Johnson & Son   Jackson TN Norment Johnson
1955-   Cothran Auto Sales   Johnson City TN  
1941-   Kendall Droom, Inc.   Kingsport TN  
1948-50 1950 Morelock Motors   Kingsport TN Russ Morelock
1953-56   Heck Motors 417 Clay St Kingsport TN  
1915-56   Knoxville Motor Co. 413 N Gay St Knoxville TN Roy A. Cruse
1951-   Pollock-Smith Nash Motors   Lawrenceburg TN  
1953-   J. Homer Smith & Son   Lawrenceburg TN  
1941-   Amos & Andy Motor Co.   Maryville TN  
1947-56   W.L. Kidd Motor Co. 529 E Broadway Maryville TN  
1957-58   Myer & Myer Motor   Mayville TN  
1917-29   Erwin-Hicks Motor Car Co. 939-945 Union Ave. Memphis TN  
1921-   Memphis Nash Motor Co. 282-284 Monroe Ave. Memphis TN  
1930-56 1950 Jeff F. Hicks Motor Co. 939 Union Ave Memphis TN Jeff F. Hicks
1951-   Camp-Wooldridge Nash   Memphis TN D. H. Wooldridge
1955-56 1955 Anderson Nash Co.   Memphis TN  
1957-   Bowden Motors    Memphis TN  
1941-47   Maney Motor Co.   Murfreesboro TN  
1951-   Smith Nash Motors   Murfreesboro TN  
1956-   Yearwood Nash Motor Co 309 W College St Murfreesboro TN  
1939-41   Motor Sales Associates   Nashville TN  
1939-58 1952 King Nash Motors, Inc.   Nashville TN J.H. King
1952-56 1952 Oak Ridge Nash Motors   Oak Ridge TN Leo Grant Jr.
1952-   Wilson Nash Motors   Paris TN  
1957-58   Security Motor, Inc.   Union (Memphis) TN  
1920-   McLain Nash Co., Inc.     TN L.B. McLain
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1939-47   Franklin Motor Car Co. 1189 South Second St Abilene TX  
1940-   Bob Crudington   Amarillo TX  
1941-   Crain Motor Co.   Amarillo TX  
1947-50 1949 Witt Motors Inc.   Amarillo TX Maynard B. Witt
1956-   Beeman Motors 201 Polk St Amarillo TX John E. Beeman
1913-   A.C. Goeth   Austin TX  
1941-   Faulkner Nash Co.   Austin TX B.J. Howard
1944-67 48- 52 P.K. Williams Nash Co. 200 Congress Ave Austin TX P.K. Williams
1939-52   Davis-Barnett Nash Co.   Ballinger TX W. M. Barnett
1940-   M.H. Morgan   Ballinger TX  
1950-56   Willis Cobb Nash Co. 407 W Texas Ave. Baytown  TX  
1940-41   Evans Motor Co.   Beaumont TX  
1947-   George Clark Nash Motors   Beaumont TX  
1949-50 1950 Dick Alexander Nash   Beaumont TX  
1953-   Tullos, Jr. Nash   Beaumont TX  
1948-   Griffin Nash Co.   Big Spring TX  
1953-   McNallen Nash Co.   Big Spring TX  
1924-84 1926 Kime's Motor Co. 109 North Baylor Breckenridge TX Arnest A. Kime
1956-   Brown-Dean Nash Co 702 W Main St Brownfield TX  
1923-   Cueto Auto Sales Co.   Brownsville TX  
1947-   Manske Motors   Brownsville TX  
1948-   Johnsonville Nash Co.   Brownsville TX C.D. Johnson
1953-   Modern Motors   Brownsville TX  
1940-   Lewallen Motor Co.   Brownwood TX  
1947-50   Carlock Nash Co.   Brownwood TX Al Carlock
1948-   Mit Lee & Co.   Bryan TX  
1952-   Bryan Nash Co.   Bryan TX  
1952-83   Cline Nash Motor Co. 208 Ave. C. Childress TX  
1956-   Nash-Cleburne   Cleburne TX  
1952-   Cleveland Nash   Cleveland TX  
1930-   Newsom-Nash Motor 218 Commercial Ave. Coleman TX  
1940-   Lewallen Motor Co.   Coleman TX  
1941-   Kneupper & Sons   Converse TX  
1946-56 1955 Kilgore Nash Co. 915 Water St. Corpus Christi TX Charles B. Kilgore
1957-   Bill Mayer Nash Co.   Corpus Christi TX  
1983-   Pagan-Lewis Motors AMC/Jeep 924 N. Water Corpus Christi TX  
1940-   C.L. Matthews Jr.   Corsicana TX  
1948-   Banks Nash Co.   Corsicana TX  
1949-   Conner-Green Nash Co.   Corsicana TX  
1952-   Turner Motors   Crockett TX  
1952-83   Cowan Motor Co. Hwy. 259  Daingerfield TX  
1921-27   Nash-McLarty Motors Co. 2021 Commerce St. Dallas TX  
1928-29 1929 Nash-Texas Co. Live Oak at Pearl St. Dallas TX  
1939-40 1939 Nash Severton Motor Co. Inc.   Dallas TX  
1940-   Nash Motors of Texas   Dallas TX George S. Danaher
1941-   Norman-Young, Inc.   Dallas TX J.C. McNeely
1948-52 1948 Dallas Nash Co.   Dallas TX A.L. Ingalls/Miles F. Hall
1949-50   Davis Nash Co. 2019 Pacific Ave. Dallas TX  
1949-52 1949 Oak Cliff Nash 1000 W Jefferson Dallas TX  
1953-54 1954 Wilson Motors-Nash 1616 Ross Ave (at Akard St.) Dallas TX Walter H. Wilson

I am the son of Walter H. Wilson.  He had a Nash dealership that you mention, at Ross Ave. and Akard Street in Dallas.  When he and his nephew, Jimmy Wilson, started the dealership, they started it on the foundations of an old gasoline station there at the corner, a few blocks from what was at that time downtown Dallas.  Now it is in the middle of the city, across from the Fairmont Hotel, and the space is occupied by a gigantic skyscraper.  I have a home movie of my father driving a Nash Rambler that is terrific.  It was quite an exceptional car.  I was only a kid, but I really liked riding around in it and remember the seats laid down.  He couldn’t make the Nash thing work, so he switched to Chrysler.  I love the picture that you have of what I believe to be Wilson Motors, with a man raising his arm in the back, who looks to me to be my father.

Thank you very much for sending me the picture of my dad.  I thought that
was him in the back there.  He would've been about fifty two or fifty three.
Jimmy Wilson was his partner.   I know they used to do all sorts of wild promotions....They gave away baby skunks, de-perfumed, with every car one time....another time they set up an entire fairground, complete with ferris wheel down there....and on another occasion they had Mark Wilson, who was a distant cousin of ours and at the time a very popular magician, to come and do tricks for the crowd.


Walter H. Wilson, Jr.

1954-56   Fisher Motors-Nash 12 Highland Park Village Dallas TX C.R. Fisher
1956-   Jack Mitchell Nash Inc 2200 Ross Ave Dallas TX  
1956-   Oak Cliff Auto Service 114 S Tyler St Dallas TX  
1957-58   Clark Auto Co. Downtown Dallas TX  
1948-   Hadley Motor Co.   Del Rio TX  
1948-56   Laney Nash Co. 700 N Locust St Denton TX  
1952-   Siefker Nash Co.   Dumas TX  
1953-   O.C. Clark & Son   Dumas TX  
1947-52   Moser Nash Motors   Eastland TX Velton T. Moser
1921-   Nash-El Paso Motor Co. W San Antonio - Duringo Sts. El Paso TX  
1922-   Nash-El Paso Motors, Inc. 821 Mesa Ave. El Paso TX  
1925-27   Ross Nash Motor Co., Inc. 821 Mesa Ave. El Paso TX  
1928-29   Nash-El Paso Motors, Inc. 811-16 Montana St. El Paso TX  
1939-41 1939 Tri State Motors   El Paso TX  
1947-56   Nash El Paso 815 N Mesa Ave El Paso TX  
1958-   Sun City Motors, Inc. 311 Montana St. El Paso TX  
1940-   O.C. Foster   Electra TX  
1911- 1911 Hodge-Pemberton Automobile Co.   Fort Worth TX  
1913-   Rambler Motor Company of Texas   Fort Worth TX  
1940-41   West Texas Nash Inc.   Fort Worth TX  
1941-   Nash Davis Co.   Fort Worth TX  
1947-48   Clyde Burns Motors   Fort Worth TX  
1952-   Simmons Nash Inc.   Fort Worth TX D.R. Simmons
1954-   Hardwick Nash   Fort Worth TX Ralph Hardwick
1955-56   Texas Nash Company 915 W Seventh St Fort Worth TX B. Goldstein
1956-83   French Motor Sales 5518 E. Belknap Fort Worth TX  
1947-53 1949 Ross-Allbritton Nash Co. Rusk at Elm Gainesville TX  
1931-   Texas Motors   Galveston TX  
1940-   Neas Motor Co.   Galveston TX  
1941-   H.J. Tollett Cad-Nash   Galveston TX  
1948-   Reed Nash Co.   Galveston TX  
1952-58 1953 Tremont Motor Co. 902 Tremont St Galveston TX  
1952-   Garland Nash Co.   Garland TX  
1941-   Bayou Nash Co.   Goose Creek TX  
1948-   Willis Cobb Nash Co.   Goose Creek TX  
1922-   Morrison Motor Co.   Graham TX  
1940-   Shingler Motor Co.   Graham TX  
1953-   Anderson Nash   Grand Prairie TX  
1948-   Patella Nash Co.   Greenville TX  
1948-83 1950 Bill Ayers Nash 1101 S. Commerce Harlingen TX W. A. Ayers
1940-   Service Garage   Haskell TX  
1911-13 1911 L..H. Burks & Son   Houston TX L.H./D.F. Burks
1920-21 1920 Nash Houston Motor Co. 2301-5 Main St. Houston TX  
1939-45   Vance-Moody Motor Co. 1402 San Jacinto at Clay Houston TX Griff D. Vance
1946-83 1971 Vance-Moody Motor Co. 5602 Bellaire Blvd. Houston TX J.W. Moody
1947-48   Thompson Nash Co.   Houston TX E.C. Thompson
1952-   Roy Whittle Nash, Inc.   Houston TX L.R. Whittle
1956-   Hamilton & Oates Nash Co. 1625 Spencer St. Houston TX  
1952-   Hayman Motors   Huntsville TX  
1940-   Lee Nash Motor Co. Jacksboro TX
1951-60   Bishop Motor Co. 1217 S Sixth St Kingsville TX Jim Bishop
1953-   Hardin County Motors   Kountze TX  
1956-   Lake Nash Co   Lake Jackson TX  
1952-   Lamesa Nash Co.   Lamesa TX  
1947-48   Hines Nash Co.   Laredo TX  
1952-   Banks Nash Co.   Levelland TX  
1953-   Nickels Motor Co.   Littlefield TX  
1948-52 1948 Nash-Longview, Inc.   Longview TX  
1940-   Bill McCarty Motor Co.   Lubbock TX  
1941-   Caraway Nash Motor Co.   Lubbock TX  
1941-   Massey Motor Co.   Lubbock TX  
1947-52   Lufkin Nash   Lufkin TX  
1948-   Herb Henry Nash   Marshall TX  
1948-   Stokes Motor Co.   Marshall TX  
1956-   Byrd Nash Co 109 N Lafayette St Marshall TX  
1948-56 1949 Bill Moyer Nash Co. State Highway at 4th St. McAllen TX W.D. Moyer
1953-   Anderson Motor Sales   McKinney TX  
1941-   M & M Motors, Inc.   Midland TX  
1953-   Midland Motor & Equipment Co.   Midland TX  
1948-   Hill-Moore Nash Co.   Mineral Wells TX  
1956-   Moore Walker Nash Co. 2707 N Oak St Mineral Wells TX  
1956-   Leifeste Nash Motors 492 W San Antonio St New Braunfels TX  
1948-   Jack Wall Motor Co.   Odessa TX  
1948- 1948 Halfacre Nash Co.   Orange TX  
1947-48   Boyles Nash Co.   Pampa TX W.L. Boyles
1956-   McClure Nash Co. 119 N Ward St Pampa TX  
1941-   Hodges Motor Co.   Paris TX  
1948-   Fred Morphew Nash Co.   Paris TX  
1953-   Pearland Nash   Pearland TX  
1956-   Ochiltree Nash Co 13 S E Eighth Ave Perryton TX  
1948-   Hudgens Nash Co.   Plainview TX  
1955-56   Hanna Nash Co. 427 Broadway Plainview TX  
1948-50   Latimer Nash Motor Co.   Port Arthur TX  
1952-   Bay Auto Sales, Inc.   Port Lavaca TX  
1952-   A & I Nash   Raymondville TX  
1956-   Valley Nash Co 736 S Seventh St Raymondville TX  
1939-56 1940 Cecil Walton Motor Co. 16 W Harris Ave San Angelo TX Cecil F. Walton
1910-13 1913 Woodward Carriage Co.   San Antonio TX Frank A. Winerich
1921-   Nash South Texas Motors Co. Romana & Oakland Sts. San Antonio TX  
1923-39   Jack Neal Nash Motor Co. 207 Augusta St. San Antonio TX Jack W. Neal
1940-   George Beakley Nash Co.   San Antonio TX  
1940-   Jack Neal-Beakley Nash Co.   San Antonio TX  
1941-51 1941 Glen Foster Nash Co. 2600 Broadway San Antonio TX Glenn Foster
1952-56 1952 Jack Mitchell 2600 Broadway San Antonio TX  
1952-   Younger Motors 140 South Guadalupe San Marcos TX  
1941-   Oilbelt Motor Co.   Seagraves TX  
1951- 1951 Seguin Nash Co.   Seguin TX L.L. Rhea
1948-   Mitchell Nash Co.   Sherman TX  
1950-56   Jim Pollard Nash Co 112 N Crockett St Sherman TX  
1952-   Bob Dupree Nash Inc.   Snyder TX  
1940-   Berry Motor Co.   Spur TX  
1948-   Skipper's Nash Sales & Service   Sweetwater TX  
1948-49   Roark Nash Co.   Temple TX Max W. Roark
1956-   Ira Young Auto Co. Belton Hwy Temple TX  
1940-   Nash Texarkana Co.   Texarkana TX  
1948-56   Hughes Motor Co. 1014 West 3rd St Texarkana TX  
1948- 1948 Nall Nash Motor Co.  616 W.Erwin Tyler TX  
1948-   Tyler Nash Co.   Tyler TX  
1954-   Cannon Nash Motors   Tyler TX  
1947-   Streit-King Nash Co.   Vernon TX  
1950-56 1950 Hank Streit Nash Co. 2404 N Wilbarger St Vernon TX  
1948-   Breech Motor Co.   Victoria TX  
1941-   Tom C. Grimland   Waco TX  
1948-50 1950 Burch Nash Motors   Waco TX J.B. (Burney) Burch
1956-83   Marstaller Motors 3000 Speight St Waco TX  
1939-40   Cox-Pollard Motor Co.   Wichita Falls TX  
1947-   Wichita Nash Co., Inc.   Wichita Falls TX  
1948-52 1948 Shaw Nash Motors, Inc. 1301 Scott St. Wichita Falls TX  
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