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1940-   Aliquippa Nash Co.   Aliquippa PA  
1941-   Amore Motor Sales   Aliquippa PA  
1946-56   Garvin Motor Co 1604 Irwin St Aliquippa PA  
1925-27   Wink Motor Co. 1031-35 Linden Street Allentown PA  
1939-56   V.H. Steckel, Inc. 344-46 N. 7th St. Allentown PA V.H. Steckel/I. Herman
1939-41   Zeigler Motor Co.   Altoona PA W.A. Ziegler
1945-49   Mierley Motor Co. 1911 Margaret Ave. Altoona PA Doyle L. Mierley
1950-83 55-58 Mierley Motor Co. 115 Union Ave. Altoona PA Doyle L. Mierley
1940-   Ambridge Motor Co.   Ambridge PA George Puskar
1946-57   Barky Motors 287 Fourth St. Ambridge PA  
1950-53   Wynnewood Motors, Inc. 261 E. Lancaster Ave. Ardmore PA  
1947-53   Kieffer's Service Center 130 E Centre St. Ashland PA Richard Kieffer
In 1953 Mr. Kieffer sold the building to my family for Ashland Motor Co. (Ford).  The building is pictured below.
The men are my uncle John on the left, and my father, Richard Canfield on the right.
The building is still in use as Ashland's Ford dealership, B&L Ford, today.     Mike Canfield

1941-   Bakerton Auto Company   Bakerton (Elmora) PA  
1939-83   Ronco's Automotive Service 35 Blue Valley Dr. Bangor PA P. Ronco
1946-83 1954 Lodico Motor Sales Rt. 219  Barnesboro PA  
1939-60   Marquis Motors 17th St. & 7th Ave. Beaver Falls PA James T. Marquis
1940-   Charles M. Stearns   Beavertown PA  
1952-56   Barnes Garage 522 E Penn St Bedford PA  
1950-   Wion Garage   Bellefonte PA  
1941-   Gunter Bros.   Belleview (Pittsburgh) PA  
1940-41   East End Garage   Berlin PA  
1920-40   Walter C. Kocher   Berrysburg PA Walter C. Kocher
1941-47   Berrysburg Garage   Berrysburg PA  
1953-83   Harner Motors RR 25 Berrysburg PA  
1921-58   Fries Motor Co.   Bethlehem PA Truman R. Fries 
1941-   Feilbach Motor Co.   Bethlehem PA  
1939-41   F.T. Lowman   Blairsville PA  
1949-56   Harris Nash Motors Inc. 4909 Liberty Avenue Bloomfield (Pittsburgh) PA Moxie Harris
1952-56 1952 Bloomsburg Nash Motors 515 W Main St Bloomsburg PA L.C. Hock/R.W. Monie
1941-   Keystone Garage   Blue Ridge Summit PA  
1941-   Braddock Nash   Braddock PA  
1946-47   Shane Motor Co. 901-903 Washington St. Braddock PA  
1923-24   Bradford Auto Sales Co.   Bradford PA  
1939-41   Ideal Garage   Bradford PA  
1948-   Motor Dealers, Inc.   Bradford PA  
1953-56   Northeast Motors South Ave Ext. Bradford PA J.H. Enos
1947-53 1949 Jobson Motors Harriman Business District Bristol PA  
1956-80's   Fleming Motors 821 Us Highway 13 Bristol PA  
1918- 1918 Brookville Motors   Brookville PA L.A. Leathers
1946-   James E. Gibson National Pike East Brownsville PA  
1948-   Penn Body Co., Inc.   Bryn Mawr PA  
1939-57 1949 Butler Nash Inc. 122 E Diamond St Butler PA George Soule
1958-88   Butler American 1755 N. Main St. Butler PA David/Robert Soule
1946-47   Canonsburg Motor Sales, Inc. 14 N. Jefferson Ave. Canonsburg PA  
1952-   Noll Nash Motors   Canonsburg PA  
1941-   James Wilson Garage   Carlisle PA  
1953-   Central Garage   Carlisle PA  
1952-   Vic Brown Nash   Carmichaels PA  
1939-56   Meyer's Garage 340-52 E Main St Carnegie PA H.E. Meyer
1946-57 1956 Nash Service Center 721-729 S. 4th St. Chambersburg PA  
1958-83   McKnight Motors 725 S. 4th St. Chambersburg PA  
1946-47   C.F.L. Motor Co. 611-615 McKean Ave Charleroi PA  
1948-   Downer & McKinney   Chester PA  
    Edwarde W. Smedley & Son 611 Welsh St. Chester PA  
1939-45   Ping Young Motors, Inc. 414 State St. Clairton PA H.T. "Ping" Young
1946-83   Ping Young Motors, Inc. 701 Miller Ave. Clairton PA H.T. "Ping" Young
1939-41 1941 Brion Motor Co.   Clearfield PA M.J. Brion
1947-   Barone Motor Co.   Clearfield PA  
1940-   Gallagher & Yemm   Coaldale PA  
1939-41   Gaul Motors   Coalport PA Henry Gaul
1947-   Bihary Nash Motors   Coatesville PA  
1953-73   B.F. Weaver Motors, Inc. 764 W. Lincoln Highway Coatesville PA  
1940-48   Central Service Station 619 N. Pittsburgh St. Connellsville PA  
1940-47   East End Garage 62 East Station Avenue Coopersburg PA Paul Bergstresser
1941-   Aikens Motor Sales   Corry PA  
1955-56   Crafton Nash Co. 136 Bradford Ave. Crafton PA W.F. Downing
1952-56   Schaefer Sales & Service W Front St Danville PA  
1938-60 1948 Delrose Motors, Inc. 2770-72 W. Liberty Dormont (Pittsburgh) PA R.K. Cotton
1947-   Jepsen Motor Co.   Doylestown PA  
1953-73   Lester A. Kohl Motors, Inc. 652 N. Easton Rd. Doylestown PA  
1947-52   Alexander-Evans Nash Co. 2271 Garrett Road Drexel Hill PA W. Alexander/C. Evans
1941-   Krines Nash Motors   Du Bois PA  
1946-47   DuBois Auto Sales Co. South Brady & Dixon Ave. Du Bois PA  
1953-   Jim Amerman Motor   Du Bois PA  
1941-64   Heilman's Garage Broad St. East Brady PA  
1965-73   Heilman & Davis, Inc. Broad St. East Brady PA  
1946-47   Frank H. Shook, Inc. 5748 Baum Blvd East Liberty (Pittsburgh) PA  
1956-   Cleveland Garage Main St East Smethport PA  
1939-56   Miller Motor Co. 290 N Front St Easton PA A. L. Miller
1940-   Luther's Garage   Ebensburg PA  
1939-60   McDonald & Sons 1125 S. Braddock Ave  Edgewood (Pittsburgh) PA E. R. McDonald
1941-   William F. Keiser   Egypt PA  
1939-41   Burrows Motors   Ellwood City PA Paul Burrows
1946-47   Ellwood Service Center 1028 Lawrence Ave Ellwood City PA  
1956-83   Donaldson Motors River Ave. Emlenton PA J. A. Donaldson
1953-56   Brensinger Sales & Service 1003 Chestnut St Emmaus PA  
1946-47   North Boros Nash 100 Ohio River Blvd Emsworth (Pittsburgh) PA  
1909- 1909 John E. Butzer   Ephrata PA  
1940-83   Huber Nash Motor Co. 223-227 N. State Ephrata PA C.R. Huber
1926-41   LeBoe Nash Motor Co.   Erdenheim (Philadelphia) PA Clayton S. LeBoe
1923-24 Hartleb Bros. & Smith   Erie PA
1931- 1931 Erie Nash, Inc.   Erie PA Carl W. Coslow
1935-41   Erie Motors Inc. 4th & State Sts. Erie PA  
1947-   Kloss Motors   Erie PA  
1950-   Lake Shore Motors   Erie PA William R. Lockwood
1955-83   Shades Auto Service 2315 W. 12th St. Erie PA  
1946-56   Koeberlein Motor Co. 15 Grant Ave. Etna (Pittsburgh) PA  
1941-   Harry R. King   Everett PA  
1948-83 1956 Luchetti Sales & Service 940 Tunkhannock Ave. Exeter PA  
1941-56   Folcroft Motors, Inc. 1543 Chester Pike Folcroft PA  
1957-73   George Nash 1543 Chester Pike Folcroft PA  
1939-41   Clarence Heilman Motor Co.   Ford City PA  
1936-56   Cauvel Brothers 1423 Buffalo St Franklin PA P.E. Cauvel
1923-32   Freedom Motor Car Co. 3rd Ave & 6th St. Freedom PA  
1947-   Hankey and Plank Sales & Service York Street Ext. Gettysburg PA  
1952-53   Unger Motor Co.   Gettysburg PA  
1956-57 1956 Hunt Ave. Inc. Nash Sales and Service   Gettysburg PA  
1947-   Romano Motors Inc.   Glenside (Philadelphia) PA N. Romano
1949-56 49-52 Glenside Nash 52 S Keswick Ave. Glenside (Philadelphia) PA  
1923-24   Nash Westmoreland Motors Co. Greensburg PA  
1932-   Greensburg Motor Co. 331 E. Otterman St. Greensburg PA  
1939-56 1946 O. C. Harrold Nash 235-239 E. Pittsburgh Street Greensburg PA  
1940-   N.W. Moyer Motors   Greenville PA  
1956-   Nash Greenville Co. Rt 1 Hadley Rd Greenville PA  
1957-   Nash Greenville Co. 10-12 N. Race St. Greenville PA  
1939-40   Young's Garage   Grove City PA Lee Young
1941-   A.R. Taylor   Grove City PA  
1953-   Grove City Nash Co.   Grove City PA  
1953-56 1956 Hamburg Nash   Hamburg PA  
1941-56 1956 W.A. Rouzer & Son 283 Frederick St Hanover PA George A. Nagle
1957- 1957 Hanover Nash Sales & Service 1016 York St. Hanover PA  
1922-29 1925? Myers Motor Sales Co. 215 Broad St. Harrisburg PA R. E. Myers
1939-40   Nash Motor Sales Inc.   Harrisburg PA  
1945-57   Harrisburg Nash, Inc. 100 N. Cameron St. Harrisburg PA M. H. Reckler
1960- 1960 England Motors, Inc.   Harrisburg PA  
1939-41   Holtz Auto Co.   Hastings PA M. F. Holtz
1923-24   J. Leslie Krewson   Hatboro PA
1926-   Baisden's Garage   Hawley PA E. R./Frank Baisden
1940-53 1952 Nash Hazelton Sales & Service Co   Hazelton PA Jacob Martin
1956-83   Sherrock Bros. Nash Poplar St.-Samuels Ave.  Hazelton PA Ed Sherrock
1940-   Theibert Garage   Herminie PA  
1940-   Karns Auto Company Union & Blair Streets Hollidaysburg PA  
1940-   Homestead Nash   Homestead PA  
1946-48   Homestead Auto Sales, Inc 205 W. 8th Ave. Homestead PA  
1949-53   Boyd Bros. 968 Main Street Honesdale PA Myron L. Boyd
1947-49   McClain Nash Motors   Huntingdon PA N. L. McClain Jr.
1939-47   J. F. Kohler 5 W. Highway Hyde Villa (Reading) PA  
1946-57   Kline Motors 30 S. 6th St. Indiana PA  
1926-48   J. N. Gregg Route 30 Irwin PA  
1952-83   Rhodes & Hoffman Nash Route 30 Irwin PA  
1940-56-   Cassette Nash Co. Lowry Ave Ext. Jeannette PA  
1922-73   Corkill's Garage 151 W. Broadway Jim Thorpe (Mauch Chunk) PA J. T. Corkill
1940-46   Luther Nash Motor Sales 888 Franklin St Johnstown PA  
1947-56   Luther Nash Motor Sales 888 Franklin St Johnstown PA  
1941-   Johnsville Motors   Johnsville PA  
1949-83   Battista Nash Motor Sales 395 North Fraley St Kane PA Joseph F Battista
1948-   West Brothers, Inc.   Kingston PA  
1950-   Nash Kittanning Co.   Kittaning PA  
1927-   Herr & Co.   Lancaster PA  
1939-41 1939 H. C. Huber 317 N. Queen St. Lancaster PA  
1947-53   Bitzer Nash Co.   Lancaster PA Harry R. Bitzer
1955-57 1956 Lancaster Nash 720 North Prince St. Lancaster PA  
1946-   Park Motors 1910 Ligonier St Latrobe PA  
1947-57   Nash Latrobe Motors 1001 Jefferson St Latrobe PA  
1958-73   Rambler Latrobe Motors 337-339 Depot St. Latrobe PA  
1940-41   John E. Kleinfelter   Lebanon PA  
1947-56 1956 Standard Auto Co. 15 S Ninth St Lebanon PA  
1941-   Lewistown Motor Sales   Lewistown PA  
1947-57   Temple Motors   Lewistown PA  
1952-53   Lewistown Nash, Inc.   Lewistown PA  
1960-69   Leacy Motors 1300 Glenwood Ave Lewistown PA  
1947-73   Clinton Motor Sales, Inc. 288 Hogan Blvd. Lock Haven PA  
1923-73 1947  Parry's Service Station 375 Bennett St. Luzerne PA Fred L. Parry
1940-   Collins Motor Sales   Mansfield PA  
1956-   Mansfield Motors, Inc.   Mansfield PA  
1939-56   M.A. Sterbutzel, Jr. Masontown Rd Masontown PA  
1939-56   Crivelli Bros Sales & Service Inc 1381-89 Island Ave McKees Rocks PA James Crivelli
1940-   Robert G. Mooney   McKeesport PA  
1946-56 1952 Palace Garage 100 - 5th Ave McKeesport PA  
1940-47   Geo. A. Smith & Son Inc.   Meadville PA  
1953- 1953 Cliff Shaffer Nash Sales   Meadville PA C.E. Shaffer
1948-60 50-60 Sixeas Nash Sales  118 South Main St. Mercersburg PA C.H. Sixeas
1920-64 1964 Nissley Motor Co. 329 E Main St Middletown PA Elmer Nissley
1953-   Abe A. Harris   Mifflinburg PA  
1953-   John C. Kuhn   Millerstown PA  
1946-47   Barker Motors 134 Donner Ave Monessen PA  
1956-   Fulton Motor Sales 134 Donner Ave Monessen PA  
1939-41   Mt. Oliver Motor Sales & Service 427-437 Brownsville Rd. Mt. Oliver (Pittsburgh) PA  
1946-48   Chalbert Motor Co. 107 Penn Ave. Mt. Oliver (Pittsburgh) PA  
1952-56   Clark Nash Motors 4600 Main St Munhall PA  
1939-56   K.M. Linhart 91 River Rd Natrona PA  
1941-   Herbert F. Strohl & Son   Nesquehoning PA  
1980-88   Vollmer Motor Sales Rt. 65 Junction Park New Brighton PA George R. Vollmer
1923-24   Gunton Motors Co.   New Castle PA  
1939-   Philips Motor Sales   New Castle PA  
1940-   Latimer & Whieldon   New Castle PA  
1946-50   Bryan Motor Sales 30 S. Mercer St. New Castle PA  
1955-   Tim Timenski's Nash 481 E Washington St New Castle PA J.E. Temenski
1957-58 1957 G. and J. Motors   New Cumberland PA  
1946-   Kensington Nash Co. 851 Third Ave. New Kensington PA  
1947-   Herman Motors, Inc. 851 Third Ave. New Kensington PA Meyer Herman
1941-   Nash Sales & Service   Norristown PA  
1948-56 1953 Rawn Garage 209 E Main St Norristown PA  
1928-53 2007 Dodson's Sales & Service Walnut & Center Sts. North Wales PA John Dodson
1946-47   Walters Motor 367 Plum St Oakmont PA  
1953-   Oakmont Nash 367 Plum St Oakmont PA  
1939-50 1950 Tharp Motor Sales 12 E Front St Oil City PA A.L. Tharp
1953-   Welch & Stahl Motor Sales   Oil City PA  
1956-   Welch Motor Sales 118 E Front St Oil City PA  
1940-   Chas. W. Kline   Palmerton PA  
1947-56   Paxtang Auto Co. 3319 Derry St Paxtang (Harrisburg) PA  
1956-   Hoffman Motors 8 S 24th St Penbrook (Harrisburg) PA  
1939-41   M.T. Weisel   Perkasie PA  
1957-   Gregory's Nash Sales & Service 333 W. Hiogh St. Pettstown PA  
1906-09 1909 Rambler Branch 202 N Broad St. Philadelphia PA  
1917-   Hurley & Early   Philadelphia PA  
1921-   Philadelphia-Nash Motor Co. 342-4 North Broad St. Philadelphia PA  
1922-   Philadelphia-Nash Motor Co. 901 N. Broad St. Philadelphia PA  
1923-25   Philadelphia-Nash Motor Co. Broad and Thompson Sts. Philadelphia PA  
1926-   Benham Nash Motor Co. 154 W. Chelten Ave. Philadelphia PA  
1926-   Bollag Nash Motor Co. 3358 Kensington Ave. Philadelphia PA  
1926-   Bonner Nash Motor Co. 52d & Baltimore Ave. Philadelphia PA  
1926-27   Duff Nash Motor Co. 1113 S. Broad St. Philadelphia PA  
1926-   Fleming Brothers 5134 Ridge Ave. Philadelphia PA  
1926-   Frankford Nash Motor Co. Paul & Kinsey Sts. Philadelphia PA  
1926-   Lawndale Nash Motor Co. 6609 Rising Sun Ave. Philadelphia PA  
1926-   Master Nash Motor Co. 1517 Vine St. Philadelphia PA  
1926-   Melville Nash Motor Co. 7033 W. Chester Pike Philadelphia PA  
1926-   Oaklane Nash Motor Co. 6509 N. Broad St. Philadelphia PA  
1926-   Overbrook Nash-Ajax Mtr. Co. 63rd & Lansdowne Ave. Philadelphia PA  
1926-   Preis Nash Motor Co. Lycoming at Broad St. Philadelphia PA  
1926-   Tacony Nash Motor Co. Frankford Ave. & Tyson Philadelphia PA  
1926-   Tremblay Motor Co. 215 N. Broad St. Philadelphia PA  
1926-   Ware Brothers 4611 Walnut St. Philadelphia PA  
1926-29   Roberts-Nash Motor Co. Broad and Thompson Sts. Philadelphia PA Joseph G. Roberts
1935-40 1935 Nash Philadelphia Co. 1235-37 No. Broad St. Philadelphia PA Jack Turner
1940-   John I. Scheffel   Philadelphia PA  
1940-   Paul Ludlam   Philadelphia PA  
1940-   W.J. Dean   Philadelphia PA  
1940-41   Swirsding Motor Sales   Philadelphia PA  
1941-47   Adkins Nash 637 N 18th St. Philadelphia PA  
1939-53   J.Kerbeck & Co. 2439 North Broad St. Philadelphia PA John Kerbeck
1941-   Nash West Philadelphia   Philadelphia PA  
1941-   Smith Nash   Philadelphia PA  
1947-56 1949 Simons & Greenfield, Inc. 5124 Walnut St Philadelphia PA  
1948-   Eisen Motors, Inc. Broad Street Philadelphia PA  
1948-49 1948 Gra-Hoff Motors (South Philadelphia) Philadelphia PA  
1950-53   J. Jack Fisher, Inc. 6311 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia PA  
1951-57   Denston Motors 8046 Frankford Ave Philadelphia PA  
1952-   Adkins Nash 1415 North Broad St. Philadelphia PA  
1954-70   Gegnas Nash 1535 Orthodox St Philadelphia (Frankford) PA Edward W. Gegnas
1952-56   Columbia Motors 7037 N Broad St Philadelphia PA  
1952-53   Albert Hendri Nash   Philadelphia PA  
1952-56   Davis Auto Sales NW Corner; Broad & Federal Sts Philadelphia PA  
1952-53   Nash Philadelphia Motors, Inc. 1209-17 Vine St. Philadelphia PA Elmer N. Corson
1955-56   Al Barsky, Inc. 4215 N Broad St Philadelphia PA Al Barsky
1909-17   L.G. Martin & Sons   Pittsburgh PA  
1921-29   Nash-Pittsburgh Motors Co. 430 North Craig St. Pittsburgh PA C.G. Anderson
1937-40   Nash Motors Co. of Pittsburgh 3968 Forbes St. Pittsburgh PA  
1939-46   Sable Motor Co. 72 Roberts St. Pittsburgh PA Charles R. Sable
1947-73   Sable Motor Co. 1042 Brownsville Rd Pittsburgh PA  
1940-   Barnes Motor Sales & Service   Pittsburgh PA  
1940-   Batz & Hamel   Pittsburgh PA  
1940-41   Connell-Gallenz Motors Inc.   Pittsburgh PA  
1940-   Edward B. Gray   Pittsburgh PA  
1940-   Allegheny Nash Motors Co.   Pittsburgh PA  
1946-   Nash North Side Motors 916-926 Manchester Blvd Pittsburgh PA  
1947-56   Nash North Side Co 3025 Brighton Rd Pittsburgh PA  
1948-50   Cuda's Nash, Inc. Cremo & W. General Robinson  Pittsburgh PA Frank P. Cuda
1939-58   Eshman Motors   Pittsburgh (Swissvale) PA R. Eshman
1929-73 1951 Heil's Garage 5300 Perrysville Rd. Pittsburgh (West View) PA George J. Heil Sr.
1953-73   Luchetti Sales & Service, Inc. 940 Tunkhannock Ave. Pittston (Exeter) PA  
1941-   McKean County Motors, Inc.   Port Allegany PA  
1948-   Remo Motor Co.   Pottstown PA  
1953-   Gregory's   Pottstown PA  
1931-   Smith & Rehrer 310 N. 3rd St. Pottsville PA  
1939-73   Harold Kostenbader Sales/Service 1935 W. Market St. Pottsville PA  
1940-   W.J. Kniess   Prospect PA  
1947-56   Punxatawney Nash Motors 512 E. Mohoning Punxatawney PA  
1973-   Rubins, Inc. 544-548 W. Mahoning St. Punxatawney PA  
1947-56 1947 Park Avenue Motor Co. Park Ave & Rt 309 Quakertown PA  
1927-28   J. Miller Kalbach Co. Inc.   Reading PA  
1938-   A. N. Kline 131-133 N Fifth St. Reading PA  
1940-41   Reider-Weber, Inc.   Reading PA  
1948-   Ungerleider Motors   Reading PA  
1952-56 1956 Eckenroth Motors, Inc 22nd & Howard Sts Reading PA  
1957-60   Eckenroth Motors, Inc 124 South 5th St. Reading PA  
1946-48   Mecca Sales & Service 227 West Main St Ridgway PA  
1950-   Bill Moorhouse Motors 203 N. Broad St Ridgway PA  
1934-64 1948 Vollmer Motor Sales 337 Maine Ave Rochester PA Frank M. Vollmer Sr.
1965-79   Vollmer Motor Sales 638 Virginia Ave. Rochester PA Frank H. Vollmer Jr.
1940-   Fullem Sales & Service   Rockwood PA  
1940-   Harper Motors Inc.   Rosemont PA  
1953-   Gerges Motor Service   Royersford PA  
1939-83 1953 Sayre Motor Co. 206 S. Keystone Ave. Sayre PA James Barton
1922-70   Stanley Stonier 2031 Boulevard Ave. Scranton PA Stanley A. Stonier
1940-   Sewickley Sales & Service   Sewickley PA W.C. Johnson
1945-47   Talarico Motors, Inc. 700 Fifth Ave. Sewickley PA Frank Talarico
1939-73   Welliver Motors 509 W Chestnut St Shamokin PA Jenings Welliver
1917-   F.E. Kerr Co.   Sharon PA  
1939-48 1948 J.S. Hoffman Motor Car  118 Vine St. Sharon PA D.C. Hoffman
1955-   Fiscus Nash   Sharon PA G.M. Fiscus
1940-41   Aupke Bros.   Sharpsburg PA  
1952-56   Crest Motors Ringtown Blvd Shenandoah PA  
1941-   Shippensburg Nash Motors   Shippensburg PA  
1930-   Krum's Garage 843 Main St Slatington PA Eugene F. Krum
1923-24   West End Garage   Somerset PA
1934-48   Roy H. Shaulis & Son   Somerset PA Roy H./Luther Shaulis
1953-   Standard Motor Co.   Somerset PA  
1956-   J E Herring Motor Co 1001-1009 N Center Ave Somerset PA  
1941-   Nash Sales & Service   South Langhome PA  
1939-50 1948 Connell Motors Inc. 5726 Forbes St. Squirrel Hill (Pittsburgh) PA E.F. Connell
1952-   Forbes-Murray Nash Co.   Squirrel Hill (Pittsburgh) PA  
1937-39 1937 Eckley Garage   State College PA R. Eckley
1953-   Millbrook Auto Service Co.   State College PA  
1940-41   Heckman Motor Car Co.   Stroudsburg PA William E Ripka
1950-53   Lester G. Abeloff Nash Motors 26-28 N. Second St. Stroudsburg PA  
1956-73   Courtland Motors 26 N. Second St. Stroudsburg PA  
1941-   Betz Garage   Summerhill PA  
1948-73   Witmer Sales & Service North 4th St. Sunbury PA  
1941-56   Tommy Luciana 216 Erie Ave Susquehanna PA  
1939-52   Keich Motor Co. 609 E. Broad St. Tamaqua PA John Keich
1952-53 1952 Wenzel Motors, Inc.   Tamaqua PA George Wenzel
1952-56   Phillips Motors 416 S Franklin St Titusville PA  
1926-53 1939 West Schuylkill Garage   Tremont PA Thos. Bambreck
1940-57 Frank Dildine Nash Sales & Service 118 Main Street Turbotville PA  
1941-   Bennie Hirsch   Turtle Creek PA  
1946-48 1948 Tri-Boro Sales & Service 124 Monroeville Ave Turtle Creek PA  
1956-   Soles Nash 217 Braddock Ave Turtle Creek PA  
1939-47   Romesburg Motors 26 W. Fayette St. Uniontown PA Harvey R. Romesburg
1956-   Tewell's Truck & Auto Repair 585 Morgantown Rd Uniontown PA Clyde M. Tewell
Clyde M. Tewell, 84, of Uniontown, Pa. passed away Monday, January 10, 2011.
He opened Tewell Motors in 1953 selling used cars and advanced to dealerships including American Motors, Datsun and Suzuki.
1941-46   Smith Bros. R.D. # 1 Unionville PA  
1939-41   Alexander Nash   Upper Darby PA W.H. Alexander
1923-24-   W. V. Fitzgerald   Vandergrift PA  
1941-   H.F. Leonard Service Station   Vandergrift PA  
1946-   Stedrak Motor Co. 129 Columbia Ave Vandergrift PA  
1947-49   Waros Motor Co.   Vandergrift PA Joseph Waros
1935-58 57-58 Fulton's Garage 899 East Maiden St Washington PA Willis J. Fulton
1947-   Kohler Nash Motors 226 Walnut St. Waynesboro PA George A. Kohler Jr.
1953-   McClees Motor Co.   Waynesboro PA  
1953-   Stouffer Nash Motors   Waynesboro PA  
1950-   Wellsboro Nash Inc.   Wellsboro PA  
1949-   West Chester Motors Inc. 120 N. Church St. West Chester PA  
1950-56 1953 Shade Motors, Inc. E Gay St & Montgomery Ave West Chester PA Robert D. Shade
1941-   Beveridge Garage   Wexford PA  
1951-56   Rudolph Motors 60 N Pennsylvania Ave Wilkes-Barre PA  
1939-41   Frank W. Brown   Wilkinsburg PA  
1946-58   Nash Wilkinsburg Motors 329 Penn Avenue Wilkinsburg PA  
1940-56 1940 West Branch Motor Car Co. 350-70 W. 3rd St. Williamsport PA Clyde Metzger
1952-60   Walters Motor Co. 412 Westinghouse Ave. Wilmerding PA  
1946-47   Pristow's Motor Sales 12th St & Graham Ave Windber PA  
1939-53 1951 Starz Bros. & Fritz 781 W. Market St. York PA Henry J. Fritz
1941-   George A. Lauer   York PA  
1939-73 1960 Bowman & Son 2411 E Market St. York PA A.A.Bowman/R.W.Bowman
1956-   Snyder Automobile Company 229 W. Market St York PA  
1957-   Green Motors King & Queen Sts York PA  
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