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1939-41   Castle's Garage   Ada OH Harry Castle
1917-   C.E. Wagoner   Akron OH  
1923-26   Wood Nash Motors Co. 67 N. Union St. Akron OH A. O. Wood
1939-56   Maloy's Nash 406 W. Exchange St. Akron OH W. E. Maloy
1940-41   Hoskins, Inc.   Akron OH  
1941-   Kemp Bros. Motor Co. Inc.   Akron OH  
1946-53 1946 East Akron Nash, Inc. 19 N. Arlington St. Akron OH M. H. Lebler
1956-83   Green Nash Sales & Service 1011 S. Arlington Akron OH  
1926-   Alliance Nash Motors Co. 129 E. Oxford St. Alliance OH  
1941-   Nash Sales & Service   Alliance OH  
1947-58   K & W Motor Co. 42 S Liberty Ave. Alliance OH  
1940-41   Fred Ackerman   Amherst OH Fred W. Ackerman
1952-   Arlington Motors   Arlington OH S. A. Williams
1926-28   Ganyard & Boren 333 Orange Ave. Ashland OH F. W. Boren
1940-   Rudy's Garage Commercial Ave. Ashland OH  
1953-56   Ashland Nash Sales   Ashland OH B. F. Shenberger
1926-   Wilson Motor Sales Co.   Ashtabula OH  
1939-41   Friends Auto Service 3523 State Ave. Ashtabula OH Joe Friend
1948-   Ashtabula Nash, Inc.   Ashtabula OH  
1941-   Cates Nash Co   Barberton OH  
1947-51   Bedford Nash Co   Bedford OH  
1940-   Ward Motor Sales   Bellefontaine OH  
1941-   Williamson Motor Sales   Bellefontaine OH  
1952-   Mason Nash Sales   Bellefontaine OH  
1946-56   Schritz Motor Sales Inc. 475 Front St Berea OH Henry Schritz
1957-   Beebe & Elliott Berea OH
1955-62   Clermont Motors   Bethel OH  
1962-79   John Crum Motors   Bethel OH  
1939-41   Nash Motor Sales   Bowling Breen OH  
1945-58 1948 Bowling Green Nash Sales North Dixie Highway Bowling Breen OH Gilbert Foster
1956-87   Thorpe & Wysong Garage 403 Western Ave Brookville OH  
1940-   Colcott Sales Co. 120 S. Poplar St. Bucyrus OH  
1947-   Schott Bros. Sales   Bucyrus OH  
1956-85   Baehr's & Seitter 950 W Mansfield Bucyrus OH  
1926-   Carson Oil Co.   Cadiz OH  
1919-51 1948 Virgil W. Fordyce 115 S. Seventh St. Cambridge OH Virgil W. Fordyce
1926-   Nash Ajax Motors Co. 615 12th St., N.E. Canton OH  
1934-52 35 - 51 Bowlus Nash Inc.   Canton OH W.K. Bowlus
1955-56   Birzer Nash 925 Cleveland Ave N W Canton OH  
1926-   A.E. Croxton Garage Main St. Carrollton OH  
1952-   Bill Heiss Nash   Carrollton OH  
1953-   Mercer Co. Motors   Celina OH  
1956-   Wannamacher's Garage 306 S Main St Celina OH  
1983-   F & W Sales & Service AMC/Jeep 314 S Main St Celina OH  
1926-   Nash Holzhauser Co.   Chagrin Falls OH Fred Holzhauser
1948-58   Chillicothe Nash Co. 72 E Water St Chillicothe OH  
1926-   C.W. Sommer   Chippewa Lake OH  
1921-   Nash Cincinnati Motor Co. 804 Sycamore St. Cincinnati OH  
1922-36 35-36 Nash Cincinnati Motors Co. Reading Rd. at Morgan Cincinnati OH  
1926-92   Harry & Carl Auto. Service, Inc. 4003 Plainville Road Cincinnati (Mariemont) OH C. Ackerman
1929-82   Nash Central Sales 9th & Sycamore Sts Cincinnati OH R.E. Reinhold
1931-58 48 - 57 Reising Nash Sales 1612 Reading Road Cincinnati (Reading) OH John "Babe" Reising
1947-49   R & W Motors   Cincinnati OH  
1951-   Ed Mooney Motors, Inc.   Cincinnati OH  
1955-   R.E. Rockenfield 5601 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati OH  
1956-   Brady Auto Sales 4165-75 Harrison Ave Cincinnati OH  
1956-57   Bing Auto Sales Paddock & Reading Rds. Cincinnati OH  
1953-   Johnny Evans, Inc.   Circleville OH  
1955-   Joe Wilson Nash, Inc.   Circleville OH E.J. Wilson
1910-11 1910 Rambler Automobile Co. 6500 Euclid Ave. Cleveland OH  
1917- 1917 Ohio Jeffery Co.   Cleveland OH  
1920-26 1926 East 116th Nash Company East 116th St. Cleveland OH Otto Uterhardt
1921-22   Nash-Ohio Co. 6611 Euclid Ave. Cleveland OH  
1923-27 1926 Reeke-Nash Motors Co. 6611 Euclid Ave. Cleveland OH Alfred Reeke
1926- 1926 Basta Motor Sales Co. 11905 Miles Ave. Cleveland OH Joe Basta
1926- 1926 Cleveland Motor Car Sales Co. 40th and Prospect Ave. Cleveland OH Fred Graf
1926- 1926 L.L. Smith Motor Car Co. 13700 St. Clair Ave. Cleveland OH L.L. Smith
1926- 1926 Merkle Nash Sales Co. 17601 Lorain Ave. Cleveland OH J.H. Merkle
1926- 1926 Nash Holzhauser Co. 6225 St. Clair Ave. Cleveland OH Fred Holzhauser
1926- 1926 Nash Superior Euclid Co. Superior Ave. & Euclid Ave. Cleveland OH Louis Lowe
1926- 1926 Nash Woodland Motors Co. 5111 Woodland Ave. Cleveland OH Morris & Louis Kline
1926- 1926 Nunn Motor Sales Co. 1412 West 116th St & Detroit Ave. Cleveland OH A.J. Nunn
1926- 1926 South End Motors Co. 7008 Harvard Ave. Cleveland OH Leo Porozynski
1926- 1926 Zingelman Nash Motor Sales 5024 Lorain Ave. Cleveland OH Charles J. Zingelman
1926- 1926 Thorsell Brothers 4353 Mayfield Rd. (South Euclid) Cleveland OH A. Thorsell
1926-36   Zucker Nash Motors 6816 Superior Ave. Cleveland OH John Zucker
1930-   Brooklyn Nash 4265 W 25th St Cleveland OH  
1930-   Kline Nash 1270 E. 105th St Cleveland OH  
1930-   S.R. Powell Motors 5342 Broadway Ave Cleveland OH  
1930-   Smith Nash 13608 St. Clair Cleveland OH  
1930-33   Kinsman Nash 13836 Union Ave. Cleveland OH  
1930-33   Lorain Nash Service 6607 Denison Ave. Cleveland OH  
1935-   Wm. Bateman Nash 5403 Prospect Cleveland OH  
1936-   Elk-Hart Nash 3485 E. 153 Cleveland OH  
1937-45 1937 Cooper's Garage 6816 Superior Ave. Cleveland OH C. Cooper
1938-41   Levering-Nash Motor Co. 4505 Euclid Ave. Cleveland OH H.K. Levering
1939-40   Regal Nash, Inc. 7200 Broadway Cleveland OH Tom Regal
1940-   Cleveland Fleet Auto Service 12705 Miles Ave. Cleveland OH  
1940-   Eckenroth Sales Co. 3501 Detroit Ave. Cleveland OH R. Eckenroth
1940-   Euclid Y Motor Sales 16302 Euclid Ave. Cleveland OH  
1940-   Harlan Nash 1750 Hayden Ave. Cleveland OH R.B. Harlan
1940-   Jackman Nash Motor Co. 14335 Euclid Ave. Cleveland OH H. Jackman
1940-   Kilbane Nash Co. 6535 Carnegie Ave. Cleveland OH Ed Kilbane
1940-41   Lewis Garage Service 3536 Lee Road Cleveland OH W. Lewis
1940-   Zell Motor Sales 12914 Buckeye Cleveland OH Jack Zell
1940-46   United Motor Sales 7200 Broadway Cleveland OH  
1941-   Sidney Motor Sales   Cleveland OH  
1941-   Milton Motor Sales   Cleveland OH  
1941-   Noegar Bodell Motor Co.   Cleveland OH  
1941-   Tyjeski Nash Co.   Cleveland OH  
1941-54 1949 Regal Nash, Inc. 8415 Broadway Cleveland OH Tom Regal
1946-   Brinkman Nash Sales, Inc. 6816 Superior Ave. Cleveland OH  
1946-53   Bedford Nash, Inc. 803 Broadway Ave. Cleveland OH R.J. Newman
1946-48   Presnell Motors 3858 W.25th St. Cleveland OH  
1947-50   Nash Central Motors, Inc. 3705 Carnegie Cleveland OH  
1947-50   Brinkman Nash Sales, Inc. 5403 Prospect Cleveland OH  
1949-   Brooklyn Nash, Inc. 3614 W. 25th Cleveland OH  
1951-   Marvin Helf Inc.   Cleveland OH  
1951-   The Horn Co.   Cleveland OH  
1951-56   Shaker Nash, Inc.   Cleveland OH Arthur L. Englander
1953-   Bedford Nash, Inc. 803 Broadway Ave. Cleveland OH R.J. Newman
1955-   Regal Nash, Inc. 6500 Broadway Cleveland OH Tom Regal
1955-56   Superior Nash 6816 Superior Ave. Cleveland OH Ford & Pae
1956-   United Motor Sales 6500 Broadway Cleveland OH  
1956-57   Collinwood Motors 15225 Waterloo Rd Cleveland OH  
1957-   Amentini Motors 13618 Miles Ave Cleveland OH  
1940-   Harlan Nash 1750 Hayden Ave. Cleveland (East) OH R.B. Harlan
1940-   Jackman Nash Motor Co. 14335 Euclid Ave. Cleveland (East) OH H. Jackman
1941- 1941 Norgar-Bodell Motors   Cleveland (East) OH E.G. Norgar/Wm Bodel
1945-60 1952 East End Nash of Cleveland, Inc. 13829 Euclid Ave. Cleveland (East) OH Phillip A. Snyder
1956-84   Billing's Garage 231 E McPherson Highway Clyde OH  
1910- 1910 Field & Snyder   Columbus OH  
1911- 1911 The Early Motor Car Co.   Columbus OH L.M. Early
1923-27   H.B. Tait & Co. 222 North 4th St. Columbus OH  
1937-54 1947 Rush Motor Sales 1824 Cleveland Ave Columbus OH Neil D. Rush
1939-41   George Cooper & Son   Columbus OH George Cooper
1947-48   Columbus Nash Co., Inc.   Columbus OH H.C. Houghton
1950-51   Houghton Motors, Inc.   Columbus OH  
1953-56 1953 Arlington Motors, Inc. 1626 W 5th Ave Columbus OH Sam A. Williams
1956-   Beck Nash 1741 Cleveland Ave. Columbus OH Sam A. Williams
1926-39   I. H. Baxter 226 Harbor St. Conneaut OH  
1940-   I. H. Baxter 318 State St. Conneaut OH  
1953-56   Lakeside Nash 789 Grove St Conneaut OH  
1952-56   M.O. Bretzius Motor Co. 244 Main St. Coshocton OH  
1941-   Covington Motor Inn   Covington OH  
1919-64   Jamison Motors, Inc. 4110 Spring Grove Ave. Cumminsville (Cincinnati)  OH Nathaniel C. Jamison
1917-   Jones & McConnell   Dayton OH  
1931-   Jones-Nash Co.   Dayton OH  
1939-41 1941 Lee J. Hilgeford Auto Sales 4100 New Troy Pike Dayton OH Lee J. Hilgeford 
1939-56   Sollenberger, Inc. 2140 N Main St Dayton OH J.R. Sollenberger
1948-   Cappel MacDonald & Co.   Dayton OH  
1950-51   Oakwood Nash Sales   Dayton OH  
1957-58   Dayton Rambler Sales, Inc. Downtown Dayton OH  
1941-   Northside Motor Sales   Defiance OH  
1948-   Reed Nash Sales   Defiance OH  
1952-   Driggs Motors, Inc.   Delaware OH  
1941-   Dav's Service Station   Dillonvale OH  
1941-56   Reth Sales Co. Hwy 81 Dola OH  
1923-26   Weaver Motor Co. 226 W. Second St. Dover OH  
1939-52   Zollar Nash Sales   Dover OH Charles Zollar
1956-87   Dover Motor Car Co 221 W 2nd St Dover OH Ken Gibbs
1926-   Turk Nash Sales Co. Dresden Ave. East Liverpool OH  
1941-47   Ray Birch Service Broadway at 6th St. East Liverpool OH  
1950-51   Chuck Kennedy's Nash   East Liverpool OH  
1953-   Lewis Motors   East Liverpool OH  
1926-   John H. Conley   East Palestine OH  
1952-   Jordan Motor Sales   East Palestine OH  
1952-   Will's Motor Co.   Eaton OH  
1926-   Dunn Motors Co. 120 E. Bridge St. Elyria OH  
1939-56   Harry Brown Motors Inc. 630 Middle Ave. Elyria OH Harry Brown
1956-   Donovan's Sales, Inc. N Broad St Fairborn OH  
1940-   Laub Sales Co.   Findlay OH  
1947-   Dotson Nash Sales   Findlay OH  
1952-   Williard Nash Sales & Service   Findlay OH Willard Nash
1956-   Wiggins Motor Sales   Findlay OH  
1948-52 1949 Gillig Nash Sales 130 E Center St Fostoria OH Carl Gillig
1947-   Fremont Nash Sales 518 Knapp Fremont OH  
1952-   Weltle Nash   Fremont OH Raymond Weltle
1953-56   Wood Motor Sales 4th & Pine Sts Gallipolis OH  
1927-56   Nathan Nash 503 W. Main St. Geneva OH Nathan Nash
1940-   Ira Hamilton   Greenville OH  
1956-   Unger Motor Sales   Greenville OH  
1941-   Sprauer Nash Sales   Hamilton OH  
1947-56   Ed Larkin Motors, Inc. 319 Court St Hamilton OH  
1953-   Souder's Garage   Harrison OH  
1957-   Neil K. Hoak Motor Sales Inc. 606 Main St Huron OH  
1926-   Center Garage   Independence OH  
1940-   Rockside Motor Sales 6195 Brecksville Rd. Independence OH  
1939-42   Ironton Nash Co. 3rd & Buchorn Sts. Ironton OH William Melvin
1945-58   Melvin & Dilley Nash Sales 3rd & Adams Sts. Ironton OH William Melvin
1953-   Uptown Nash Sales   Ironton OH  
1926-   Roderick-Hackett Co.   Kenmore OH  
1940-47   Kent Nash Sales   Kent OH  
1941-   Linke Nash Co.   Kenton OH  
1930-   Nunn Motor Sales Co. 14312 Detroit Ave. Lakewood (Cleveland) OH A.J. Nunn
1936-   Lakewood Nash-LaFayette 1309 W. 117th St. Lakewood (Cleveland) OH  
1940-41   Patrick Motors 16811 Madison Ave. Lakewood (Cleveland) OH W. Patrick
1948-50 1950 Lakewood Nash, Inc. 13123 Detroit Avenue Lakewood (Cleveland) OH  
1950-66 1966 Doraty Motors, Inc. 3735 W. 25th St. Lakewood (Cleveland) OH W.W. Doraty
1950-53   Brooklyn Nash, Inc.   Lakewood (Cleveland) OH M.J. (Ty) Puthoff
1953-57   West End Nash of Cleveland, Inc. 13300 Madison Ave Lakewood (Cleveland) OH Phillip A. Snyder
1956-   Lakewood Nash, Inc. 4441 W 214th St Lakewood (Cleveland) OH Phillip A. Snyder
1953-57   West End Rambler 13300 Madison Ave Lakewood (Cleveland) OH Phillip A. Snyder
1939-41   Walter F. Miller   Lancaster OH  
1947-56 1950 Leist Motor Sales 502 Lincoln Ave Lancaster OH  
1953-56   Coates Sales & Service 760 N Columbus Ave Lebanon OH  
1983-   Coates Sales & Service 1433 W. Main St. Lebanon OH  
1940-   Mobil Friendly Service   Lees Creek OH  
1941-51 48 - 51 Suever Nash Sales 536 West North Street Lima OH J. Seuvers
1952-56   Lima Nash, Inc. 536 West North Street Lima OH  
1926-   Hein, Haubert & Fife   Lisbon OH  
1940-   C. F. Musser   Litchfield OH  
1926-   Nash Motor Sales Co. 2324 Broadway Lorain OH  
1940-   Advance Motor Sales 709 Broadway Lorain OH  
1940-41   Pekarik'sGarage 1751 E. 28 St. Lorain OH  
1948-60   Gary Motor Sales, Inc. 1532 Broadway Lorain OH  
1941-   Lucas Auto Sales   Lucas OH  
1926-   Herring Motor Co. 30 S. Walnut St. Mansfield OH  
1939-41   H.W. Wentz Nash 70-72 Diamond St. Mansfield OH H.W. Wentz
1940-41   Jacob Shindler Motor Sales   Marietta OH  
1946-   Bean & Guenther 165 Front St Marietta OH  
1947-56   Bean Motors 165 Front St Marietta OH  
1946-57   Drumm Nash Sales North Main & Farming Sts Marion OH E.E. Drumm
1940-   Martins Ferry Nash Co   Martins Ferry OH  
1943-46   Dewey Motor Co 898 National Rd. Martins Ferry OH  
1947-69   Dewey Motor Co 1211-17 S Zane Highway Martins Ferry OH  
1926-41   Lonas Nash Garage   Massillon OH S.L. Lonas
1931-   Massillon Nash Motors Co.   Massillon OH Harmon
1946-47   Massilon Nash Inc.   Massilon OH  
1940-   Sam & Fred Garage   Medina OH Fred & Sam Uren
1973-83 1973 Southland AMC 6976 Pearl Rd. Middleburg Hhts (Cleve) OH  
1940-   V. N. Wilkerson   Middlefield OH  
1939-83   Wilmer Motors 1901 Manchester Ave Middletown OH W.S. Wilmer
1941-47   Central Garage   Middletown OH  
1953-   Rosekelly Motor 1 Front Street Milan OH  
1926-   H.M. Rudy Estate   Millersburg OH  
1939-41   King Motor Sales   Mt. Gilead OH J.H. King
1926-   J.E. Ward & Son 306 S. Main St. Mt. Vernon OH  
1940-   Conn Motor Service   Mt. Vernon OH  
1952-   Mt. Vernon Nash Sales 207 W. Gambier St. Mt. Vernon OH  
1957-   K.D. Bebout Nash Sales/Service   Mt. Vernon OH  
1940-   Walter F. Miller   New Lexington OH  
1953-   City Nash   New Philadelphia OH  
1948-50   A.P. Hess Co. 22 N. 1st St. Newark OH  
1957-   Cochran Motors, Inc. 55 S. Fifth St. Newark OH  
1926-   Thorp & Heathman Co. 305 Robbins Ave. Niles OH  
1941-   Frost Motor Sales   North Baltimore OH  
1939-41   Hamel Auto Sales & Service   North Canton OH M.H. Hamel
1939-68   Beebe & Elliott   North Olmstead OH R. Elliott
1926-   Norwalk Motor Sales Co.   Norwalk OH  
1952-56 1952 Ralph E. Rockenfield, Inc. 3804 Montgomery Rd Norwood OH  
1940-41   Schritz Motor Sales Inc. Columbia Rd. Olmsted Falls OH  
1926-   City Auto Sales   Painesville OH  
1940-   Pomeroy Motor Sales 32 N. St. Clair St. Painesville OH R. Pomeroy
1948-   Painesville Nash Motors   Painesville OH  
1953- 1953 Parma Motors, Inc. 5461 Ridge Rd. Parma OH Ernest Gerzeny
1954-57   Center Nash Brookpark and Pearl Rds Parma OH  
1963-   Hornsby Rambler Brookpark and Pearl Rds Parma OH  
1956-   Clifton & Hoening, Inc.   Piqua OH  
1956-   Piqua Nash Sales Dixie Highway Piqua OH  
1945-48   Nash Motor Sales   Portage OH  
1940-   Gallenstein Auto Sales   Portsmouth OH  
1941-   Wasserman Motor Co.   Portsmouth OH  
1947-   Gil Galyean Company   Portsmouth OH  
1952-   Dinsmore Nash   Portsmouth OH  
1949-56 1949 R.P. Bower & Son   Portsmouth OH  
1940-   Bentz Nash Co.   Ravenna OH  
1941-   Swager Motor Sales   Ravenna OH  
1949-50   Thom Nash Inc.   Ravenna OH  
1953-   Portage Nash Co.   Ravenna OH  
1940-   Theis Motor Co.   Reading OH  
1926-   Collier Auto Co. Main St. Salem OH  
1946-47   Buckeye Motor Sales 335 South Broadway Salem OH  
1926-41   Central Garage & Supply Co. Hancock & Scott Sts. Sandusky OH  
1948-49   Triplett Nash Sales Market & Decatur Sts. Sandusky OH  
1953- 1953 Downtown Nash, Inc.   Sandusky OH  
1941-   Ralph Satterfield   Sedalia OH  
1940-   Lewis Garage   Shaker Heights (Cleveland) OH Sam Lewis
1951-55   Shaker Nash, Inc. 15311 Kinsman Rd Shaker Heights (Cleveland) OH Arthur L. Englander
1955-60   Englander Motors 15311 Kinsman Rd Shaker Heights (Cleveland) OH Arthur L. Englander
1940-   Shelby Nash Motors 38 S. Broadway Shelby OH  
1948-   D.W. Bowman   Sidney OH  
1953-   Sidney Nash    Sidney OH  
1939-41   Grimm Motor Co.   Springfield OH Fred Grimm
1949-50 1949 Nash-Springfield, Inc. 240-300 N. Fountain Ave. Springfield OH L.W. Dern
1951-56   Springfield Nash Inc. 1411 W North St Springfield OH  
1939-83   Thomas Garage 301 S. Market St. St. Clairsville OH I.H. Thomas
1953-58   Osterholt Sales & Service 662 E. Main St St. Henry OH  
1921-30   Nash-Brandt Co.   Steubenville OH H.D. Brandt
1946-48   Boulevard Nash Co. 2218 Sunset Blvd. Steubenville OH  
1956-   Mitch Mozur Co.   Steubenville OH  
1940-   Coppus Motors Inc.   Tiffin OH  
1947-56   Tiffin Nash Sales 147 Madison St. Tiffin OH  
1957-83   Coppus Motors Inc. 2190 W Market St Tiffin OH  
1935- 1935 Ohio Pike Garage Tobasco OH  
1911- 1911 E.F. Lienhard Garage   Toledo OH  
1912-   Rambler Motor Sales Co.   Toledo OH  
1913-   The Dennis Motor Co.   Toledo OH  
1923-24   Nash-McKeough Motor Co. 1301 Adams St. Toledo OH  
1925-27   Doan Motor Co. Adams St. at 10th Toledo OH  
1932-56   Edgar T. Keller Nash Co. 122 Monroe St Toledo OH Edgar T. Keller
1940-   O'Rourke Motor Sales   Toledo OH  
1941-   West End Nash Co.   Toledo OH  
1949-56 1949 Ford Miller Motors Inc. 1127 Washington St (at 12th St.) Toledo OH Ford J. Miller
1941-   Brondes Motor Sales   Toledo (Trilby) OH  
1939-41   Strock Nash Sales   Troy OH R.L. Strock
1939-61   Smith's Auto Sales 223 E. Main St. Van Wert OH Earl L. Smith
1926-   Stauffer Nash Motor Sales Wadsworth-Barberton Rd. Wadsworth OH  
1956-   Siffert Nash Sales 130 College St Wadsworth OH  
1926-39   Thorp & Heathman Co. 109 W. Market St. Warren OH Ed. Thorpe
1939-41   J.E. Warner Motor Sales   Warren OH  
1941-   Thorp Nash Co.   Warren OH  
1947-   Trumbull Nash Inc.   Warren OH  
1951-56   Warren Nash, Inc. 492 W. Market St. Warren OH  
1952-   Liberty Nash, Inc.   Washington Court House OH  
1933-73   Gype Motor Sales 214 Depot St. Wauseon OH Albert Gype
1926-   Charles H. Sheldon 139 W. Main St. Wellington OH  
1926-   Standard Garage   Wellsville OH  
1926-   L.M. Riddle & Co.   Willard OH  
1940-   Northern Motor Co. 82 Erie St. Willoughby OH  
1952-   Yancey Wilson, Inc. 1263 West Main St. Wilmington OH  
1926-   Yarman, Orahood & Smith E. Liberty St. Wooster OH  
1948-49   Wooster Nash, Inc. 231 S. Market St. Wooster OH  
1953-   Dick Nash, Inc.   Wooster OH  
1942-   Chenoweth Motor Co.   Xenia OH  
1917-   James & Saxton   Youngstown OH  
1925-31   Nash Youngstown Co. 1201 Wick Ave. Youngstown OH  
1926-   Diebel Motor Sales Co. 230 W. Rayen Ave. Youngstown OH  
1939-51   Trinity Motor Sales 1197 Wick Avenue Youngstown OH  
1926-   Colgan & Granger Nash Co. 170 S. Sixth St. Zanesville OH  
1939-41   Swank Nash Co.   Zanesville OH C.G. Swank
1947-52 1952 Stiers Motor Sales, Inc. 299 Putnam  Zanesville OH Vernon Stiers

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