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1939-83 1950 John E. Ruud Motor Sales 1025 S. Broadway Albert Lea MN John E. Ruud
1939-56   Geske Service Garage 114 Seventh Ave Alexandria MN C. Geske
1939-41   Snyder Motors   Austin MN  
1950-51   Enstad Nash, Inc.   Austin MN  
1953-   Peterson Bros.   Baudette MN  
1952-   Edgewater Nash Co.   Bemidji MN  
1956-   Bemidji Nash Co 3002 Bemidji Ave Bemidji MN  
1940-   Raymond Motors   Benson MN  
1941-   Bruce Garage   Bird Island MN  
1952-   Paschke Implement   Blue Earth MN  
1939-50   S & H Nash Co.   Brainerd MN M.A. Halvorson
1953-   Davis Nash Co.   Brainerd MN  
1956-   Laurian Nash Co 22 Washington St Brainerd MN  
1983-   Tanner Motors AMC/Jeep 22 Washington St Brainerd MN  
1939-41   Lakeview Service   Buffalo MN John Danielson
1941-   Deger's Nash Garage   Chaska MN  
1940-   C.A. Weeks   Clarkfield MN  
1952-56   Ray's Motor Service, Inc. 1502 Cloquet Ave Cloquet MN  
1940-   Upgren Motor Co. Cloquet MN  
1983-   Cloquet AMC/Jeep 1111-1115 Cloquet Ave Cloquet MN  
1948-58   Francis Peterson, Inc. 800 Lincoln Ave Detroit Lakes MN  
1909- 1909 Mutual Electric Company Garage   Duluth MN  
1941-58   Lange Motors 206-212 East Superior St Duluth MN  
1941-   Excelsior Auto Supply Co.   Excelsior MN  
1940-56   Gustafson Nash   Fairfax MN  
1939-41   Gust & Pannkuk   Fairmont MN  
1941-56   Pannkuk Nash 210 E 3rd St Fairmont MN C.A. Pannkuk
1939-56   Borchert Nash Motors 403 First Ave N W Faribault MN Gust Borchert
1957-83   Borchert Motors AMC/Jeep 1701 Grant St.  Faribault MN Gust Borchert
1940-   Moran Motor Co.   Fergus Falls MN  
1940-56   Fergus Nash Motor Co. 321 S Mill St Fergus Falls MN  
1963-83 1963 Worner's AMC/Jeep 321 S Mill St Fergus Falls MN  
1931-41   N.A. Berge   Gonvick MN  
1948-56   Flaherty Nash Motors 20 W 4th St Grand Rapids MN  
1948-   Ladin Nash Co.   Hibbing MN  
1940-   Sanders Implement Co.   Hoffman MN  
1941-   Whalen Nash Co.   Hopkins MN  
1939-48   Miller Nash & Body Co.   Hutchinson MN A.R. Miller
1941-52   Arney Nash Motors   International Falls MN  
1950-   Kable Motor Co.   Jackson MN  
1953-56   General Auto Service   Jordan MN  
1941-   Litchfield Nash Sales   Litchfield MN  
1948-   Schwartzwald Bros.   Litchfield MN  
1947-56   Ralph Litchy Nash   Little Falls MN  
1983-   Little Falls AMC/Jeep 118 W. Broadway Little Falls MN  
1940-   Rapp Motors Co.   Luverne MN  
1948-52   Luverne Nash Co.   Luverne MN  
1957-58   Lyndale Auto Co.   Lyndale MN  
1940-   A. C. Pearson   Madison MN  
1948-53   Call-Hansen Nash   Madison MN  
1950-   Wagner Nash Co. Highway 75 Madison MN John Wagner/ W.R. Silvis
1941-56   Nelson Motor Co. 535 S. Front St Mankato MN  
1951-   B.T. Simonett   Mankato MN B.T. Simonett
1939-51   Schrunk's Nash   Marshall MN Earl Schrunk
1909- 1909 Fawkes Automobile Co.   Minneapolis MN  
1910-13 1913 P. J. Downes Co.   Minneapolis MN  
1921-   Nash Sales Co. 1008-14 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis MN  
1923-27   Northwest Nash Motors Co. 1008 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis MN  
1925-   Zilka Motors 5th Ave. Minneapolis MN  
1925-41 1928 Wright Nash Sales 1208 Harmon Place Minneapolis MN  
1928-33 1928 Northwest Nash Motors Co. 1201 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis MN J.H. Ramsden
1931- 1931 Sund Brothers Garage   Minneapolis MN Archie M. Sund
1937-   Penn Ave. Motors 3219 Penn Ave N. Minneapolis MN  
1937-39   Belden Nash Co. 1936 Lyndale Ave. So. Minneapolis MN  
1937-41   Northwest Nash Motors Co. 1206 Harmon Place Minneapolis MN E.F. Pomeroy
1937-41   Pearson Bros. 1835 Central Ave. Minneapolis MN  
1939-53 49-52 Peterson Nash Co., Inc. 3815 E. Lake St. Minneapolis MN O. W. Peterson
1940-   Westgate Motor Sales   Minneapolis MN  
1940-41   Kennedy Nash Co.   Minneapolis MN  
1947-55 1948 Minneapolis Nash Nicollet at 13th St. Minneapolis MN S.E. Clevenger
1956   Minneapolis Nash 1201 W Broadway Minneapolis MN S.E. Clevenger
1956-58   Lake St. Nash, Inc. 122 E Lake St Minneapolis MN  
1957-58   Central Rambler Sales   Minneapolis MN  
1955-   Ty Abel's Garage   Minnetonka MN  
1941-83   Francis Peterson, Inc. 904 Center Ave. Moorehead MN  
1941-   O.F. Bielke   New Auburn MN  
1956-83   Jeddeloh Garage, AMC N. Broadway New Richland MN  
1947-   South Side Auto Co.   New Ulm MN  
1956-83   Maday Motors, AMC/Jeep   New Ulm MN  
1941-   Owatonna Auto Co.   Owatonna MN C.E. Guthier
1953-56   McFarren Implement Co. 403 S Main St Park Rapids MN  
1948-56   Midway Nash Motors   Pine City MN  
1954-56   Shaffer Nash Hwy 47 Pipestone MN  
1940-56   Anderson Motor Co. 1004 Main St. Red Wing MN  
1909-12   Case Bros.   Rochester MN  
1913-14   Nolan Car Co. 305-307 S Main Rochester MN  
1927-28   Rochester Nash Motor Co. 319-321 1st Ave SW Rochester MN  
1929-36   Rochester Nash Motor Co. 15 4th St SW Rochester MN  
1937-   Meekers-Smith Auto Co. 15 4th St SW Rochester MN  
1938-41   Rochester Nash Motor Co. 414 S. Broadway Rochester MN  
1947-51   Marti Nash Motors 318 First Ave SE Rochester MN  
1953-56   Arenz Nash Sales 511 1st St SW Rochester MN  
1957-   Suburban Nash 1900 2nd St SW Rochester MN  
1940-   Archie R. Lee   Roseau MN  
1941-   Sauk Centre Nash Sales   Sauk Centre MN  
1937-52 1952 Litchy Motor Co.   St. Cloud MN Earl Litchy
1956-   W.J. Hornibrook Co. 129 6th Ave S. St. Cloud MN  
1963-   Hornibrook Motors, Inc. 2820 First St. So. St. Cloud MN  
1909- 1909 Fawkes Automobile Co.   St. Cloud MN  
1923-28 1928 Roller Motor Co.   St. Cloud MN  
1938-51 1938 St. Paul Nash Motors, Inc. 4th & College St. Paul MN  
1939-60   Kobb Motor Sales, Inc. 654 University Ave St. Paul MN E. A. Kobb
1939-51   St. Paul Nash Motors, Inc.   St. Paul MN  
1940-   Potthoff Bros. Motors   St. Paul MN  
1941-55 Current Fox Brothers, Inc. 734 North Concord St. Paul (South) MN  

Your listing of Nash Dealerships is very interesting. I was a salesman at Fox Brothers Nash from early spring through late summer, 1951. At the time, I was a college student and left Fox Brothers only because I transferred to the University of Washington to complete my degree. There were four Fox brothers and all were active in the business--a little to active in some ways as they personally sold most of the cars. But I really enjoyed working with them and I managed to sell 20 cars in the 20 weeks I was there. The only one whose name I can recall for sure at the moment was Don who ran the service department. I believe his younger brother was Jack. One of the two older brothers was named Frank, I believe.  I believe they were still in business until the mid-1950s. They also sold and serviced semi-trailers on the southern part of their property. If memory serves me well, I think it was their father was who started the business long before 1941. 
John M. Leggett 1133 Sawyer Way Sun Prairie, WI 53590

1956-   Sweeney Nash Co.   St. Paul (South) MN  
1952-   Staples Supply Co.   Staples MN  
1939-52 52-Now Peterson Motors 114 W Churchill St Stillwater MN Charles H. Peterson
1939-56 1941 C. Gustafson & Sons 320 Main Ave. N Thief River Falls MN C.D. Gustafson
1939-56   D & D Motor Sales 906-12 6th Ave N Virginia MN D. Posnanovic/Wm. F. Durkee
1983-   Robinson Inc. AMC/Jeep 702 N 6th Ave Virginia MN  
1948-56   Edward Priebe 116 West Elm St Waseca MN  
1941-   Motor Service Shop   Willmar MN  
1951-   Willmar Nash   Willmar MN  
1953-   Willow River Nash   Willow River MN  
1948-49 1949 Enstad Nash Motors, Inc.   Winona MN Philip Enstad
1956- Holmay Nash Motors, Inc. 810 E King St Winona MN  
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1971-   DiSalvio's Lindberg Rd Affton MO  
1939-41   Cribbet Motor Co.   Carthage MO R.H. Cribbet
1953-   Howard-Mitchell Nash   Carthage MO  
1952-   Shade Equipment Co.   Caruthersville MO  
1927-   Updyke Motor Sales 505 Elm St. Chillicothe MO  
1947-56   Campbell Motor Co. 1327 Washington St Chillicothe MO  
1956-   Parks Bros Nash 115 N Washington St Clinton MO  
1940-   W.R. Robinson Motor Co.   Columbia MO  
1947-   Beary-Burgess Motors   Columbia MO  
1940-   Gilbert Borgstadt   Concordia MO  
1951-56   Webber Nash Service N Main & Walnut Sts Dexter MO  
1940-   Ozark Nash Co.   Eldon MO  
1953-56   Bill Hawkins Motors   Fairplay MO  
1920-56   Wichman Nash Co. 203 E Columbia St Farmington MO John C. Wichman
1983-   Wohlschlaeger AMC/Jeep 203 E Columbia St Farmington MO  
1940-   Huskey Service Co.   Festus MO  
1939-69   Makin Motors   Grandview MO H.W. Makin
1951-   Irwin Motor Co.   Hamilton MO  
1947-56   B & R Motors 119 S 4th St Hannibal MO  
1953-56   Hayti Nash Co. 305 E Washington Blvd Hayti MO  
1940-   Hawes Nash Co.   Independence MO  
1948-50   Hodges Motor Co. 9510 Truman Rd. Independence MO  
1956-   Eisfelder Phillips Nash Co 9701 Truman Pl. Independence MO  
1940-   Shikles Motor Co.   Jefferson City MO  
1947-49 1948 Stephenson Motors, Inc.   Jefferson City MO James C. Stephenson
1951- 1951 Capital Nash Motors   Jefferson City MO F.B. Blandsett
1953-   Walter Nash Co.   Jefferson City MO  
1956-57   Harold Wallau Auto Service 505 W. Dunklin St. Jefferson City MO  
1926-27   Nash Joplin Co. 614 Wall St. Joplin MO  
1939-79 1941 Reno Motor Co. 2129 Main St Joplin MO Geo. M. Reno
1910-13 1911 Rambler Automobile Co. 1118 - 1120 Kansas City MO J.R. Nave/E.G. Anderson
1921-29   Nash Motor Sales Co. 27th & McGee Trafficway Kansas City MO  
1937-   Nash Midwest Motors 2600 Main Kansas City MO  
1939-   Community Motor Co.   Kansas City MO  
1939-   Root Robinson Motors   Kansas City MO  
1939-47 1946 Lawler Nash Co.   Kansas City MO Michael Patrick Lawler
1941-   Johnson Motor Co.   Kansas City MO  
1941-   Tony Holzer, Inc.   Kansas City MO  
1946-55 1946 Nash Central Motors 3109-11 Gillham Road Kansas City MO John Rupkalvis/David Barnes
1948-   Hodges Motor Co.   Kansas City MO  
1950-52   C. Payton Nash   Kansas City (North) MO  
1952- 1952 Erwin Davis Motors 1824 McGee Kansas City MO  
1956-   Josh Ellington Nash 1501 Swift St Kansas City (North) MO  
1952-   McCarty Nash Co.   Kennett MO  
1947-   Adair County Motor Co.   Kirksville MO  
1953-   Scritchfield Nash   Lamar MO  
1925-56   Hartmann Auto Service 9522 S Broadway Lemay MO William H. Hartman
1957-   Tom Smith Motors South Broadway Lemay MO  
1941-   John T. Dolan Motor Co.   Maplewood MO  
1948-55   Compton Motors, Inc. 2207 Big Bend Maplewood MO  
1956-71   DiSalvio's Manchester Rd Maplewood MO  
1948-   Marshall Nash Co.   Marshall MO  
1948-   Caldwell Motor Co.   Maryville MO  
1952-   Freeman Motor Co.   Maryville MO  
1940-   Robertson Service Station   Mexico MO  
1948-   Mexico Nash Co.   Mexico MO  
1951-53 1953 Frank N. Pearl Co. 310 W.  Mexico MO  
1940-41   Moberly Nash Co.   Moberly MO  
1947-58 1958 Reed-Hert Motor Co. S. Williams St Moberly MO HC Reed/Noel Hert
1941-   Wagner Motor Co.   Monett MO  
1940-   Collins Nash   Nevada MO  
1951-   Ranz Nash Co.   Nevada MO  
1948-56   Greer Motors   Poplar Bluff MO  
1953-   Dodd Nash Co.   Portageville MO  
1947-51   Pick-Ware Motors, Inc. 702 Bishop Rolla MO  
1947-56   Dan Robinson Nash Co. 309 W Second St Sedalia MO  
1953-   Mac's Nash Sales   Shelbina MO  
1947-56 1951 Kelley Brothers Highway US 61 S Sikeston MO Ted Kelley
1926-   S.V. Sherwood Co. 200-13 Olive St. Springfield MO  
1927-   M. & W. Motor Co. 312 So. Jefferson Ave. Springfield MO  
1939-49 1949 Richardson, Motor Sales, Inc. 308 Pershing St. Springfield MO J.W. Richardson
1941-56   Richardson Motor Co. 455 St. Louis Springfield MO  
1947-56   Bill Kessling Motors 121 S MacArthur St Springfield MO Bill Kessling
1939-48   Machens Motor Co.   St. Joseph MO J. Machens
1925-26   Trachsel Motor Co. 605-11 S. Eighth St. St. Joseph MO  
1927-40   Trachsel Motor Co. 305 S. Eighth St. St. Joseph MO R.S. Trachsel
1941-   Lewis-Nash Motor Co.   St. Joseph MO  
1947-48   Avenue Motors, Inc.   St. Joseph MO R.M. "Bob" Hutchinson
1952-   Sampson Motor Co.   St. Joseph MO  
1956-   Bluetown Nash Co 1005 S Tenth St St. Joseph MO  
1911-13 1911 Kingman Plow Co.   St. Louis MO L.N. Burns
1917-   Rotters Mann Auto & Truck Co.   St. Louis MO  
1920-22   Southwest Nash Co. 3205 Locust St. St. Louis MO  
1923-31   Southwest Nash Co. 3000 Locust St. St. Louis MO  
1931-   Mississippi Valley Motor Co. 2800 Locust St St. Louis MO E.A. Hatfield
1932-   Metropolitan Motors 1306 Central St. Louis MO  
1936-   Boenig Motor Sales 7853 N. Broadway St. Louis MO  
1936-   Bopp Bros. 668 E. Big Bend St. Louis MO  
1936-   Henlin Motor Co. 5580 Easton St. Louis MO  
1935-36   Milstrand Motor Co. 3333 Washington Blvd. St. Louis MO  
1936-   Porter Motor Co. 1021 Bellevue St. Louis MO  
1936-41   Auto Service, Inc. 3328-3400 S. Jefferson St. Louis MO  
1939-41   P. W. White Motor Co.   St. Louis MO  
1939-41   Nash St. Louis Co.   St. Louis MO  
1940-   Archer Mann Motor   St. Louis MO  
1940-   Derby Motors   St. Louis MO  
1940-   Dorn Motor Co.   St. Louis MO  
1940-41   North Side Nash   St. Louis MO  
1946-48 1946 Murray Motors Inc. 4870 Natural Bridge St. Louis MO  
1947-   Midwest Motors Inc.   St. Louis (Southwest) MO  
1948-   Stagg Motor Co.   St. Louis MO  
1942-51 42-49 Nash Missouri Corp. 2323 So. Kings Highway St. Louis MO H.B. Pelke
1948-56 1955 Wright Motor Co. 6111 Delmar St. Louis MO Kingsley O. Wright
1947-56 1952 Riefling Automobile Co. 2333 S. Broadway St. Louis MO Richard G. Riefling
1951-   Andrews Motor Co. St. Louis MO  
1951-   Compton Motors Inc. 2207 Big Bend St. Louis MO  
1951-   Hartmann Auto Service 9522 S. Broadway St. Louis MO  
1950-52 Now Metropolitan Nash Co. 2922 N. Grand St. Louis MO  
1956-57   Morehouse Nash 7726-28 Michigan Ave. St. Louis MO  
1940-   East Side Service Station   Steelville MO  
1952-   McLin Nash Co.   Warrensburg MO  
1941-   Kasel Garage   Washington MO Anton Kasel
1940-   Renfrow Motor Co.   West Plains MO  

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1953-   McElroy Nash Co.   Biloxi MS W.C. McElroy
1948-56   Wasson Nash Motors 357 Delta Ave Clarksdale MS  
1948-   Cleveland Nash Co.   Cleveland MS  
1940-   Collins Motor Co.   Columbia MS  
1941-   Porters Motor Co.   Columbia MS  
1939-41   Anderson-Dodson Motor Co.   Columbus MS S.W. Dodson
1947-49   East End Motors   Columbus MS  
1947-56   R.C. Johnson Motor Co. Hwys 72 E & 45 S Corinth MS  
1953-   Strickland Motor Co.   Corinth MS  
1947-56   444 Nash Sales Co 703 Main St Greenville MS  
1947-56 1948 Haas Nash Co. 130 E. Church St. Greenwood MS W.L. (Bill) Haas
1940-   Taylor-Perkins Auto Co.   Gulfport MS  
1948-   Gulf Nash Motors   Gulfport MS  
1940-   Hattiesburg Auto Sales Co.   Hattiesburg MS  
1947-   Kay - Atkeison Nash Motors   Hattiesburg MS  
1952-   Tatum & Ross Motors   Hattiesburg MS  
1940-   Benton Service Station   Jackson MS  
1940-56   Ponder Motor Co.   Jackson MS  
1951-   Dixie Nash Motors   Jackson MS  
1940-   Martin Nash Co.   Laurel MS  
1941-   Laurel Auto Supply Co.   Laurel MS  
1948-   A.B. Martin Nash Motors   Laurel MS  
1940-47   Kendall's Service Station   McComb MS  
1953-   Brooks-Stedman Nash Co.   McComb MS  
1956-   Mathews Nash Motors 502 Pearl River Ave McComb MS  
1926-56   Hobbs Auto & Supply Co. 2603 6th St Meridian MS Kelly C. Hobbs
1940-   Henley Motor Company   Picayune MS  
1948-51   George H. Ruff Motors   Tupelo MS  
1940-47   McLain Nash Co.   Vicksburg MS  
1953-   Abraham Motor Co.   Vicksburg MS  

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1948-56   White Bros., Nash 200 E Commercial St Anaconda MT  
1983-   Fitzgerald Motors AMC 200 E Commercial St Anaconda MT  
1939-41   MacIntyre Motor Co.   Billings MT A. J. MacIntyre
1942-51   Motor Mart   Billings MT L.J. McIntyre
1953-56 1953 Peckhams's Nash Co. 1201 First Ave N Billings MT Jack W. Peckham
1948-   Gallatin Nash Motors   Bozeman MT  
1951-56 1951 Norine Motors, Inc. 506 N Seventh Ave Bozeman MT H.L. Norine
1947-   Currie Nash Service   Butte MT  
1953-   Butte Nash, Inc.   Butte MT  
1941-   Butsma Service   Drummond MT  
1941-   Fairview Auto Co.   Fairview MT  
1953-   Northern Motors   Glasgow MT  
1923-24   Buhler Nash Co.   Great Falls MT  
1940-   Bennett Nash Motors   Great Falls MT  
1947-   Washburn Nash Motors   Great Falls MT  
1954-56   Great Falls Nash, Inc. 125 N First Ave Great Falls MT William R. Davis
1948-   Peterson Nash Motors   Hamilton MT  
1953-56   Beck & Akerlund Nash Sales West Hill Road Havre MT  
1957-85   Beck & Akerlund AMC/Jeep Hwy 2 West Havre MT  
1941-   Benson Carpenter Co.   Helena MT  
1947-49 1949 Banner Nash Company 801 N Main Helena MT Gordon McMillan
1941-   Mission Motor Inn, Inc.   Kalispell MT  
1939-56   Neumann Nash Motors 110 Janeaux St Lewistown MT O. Newmann
1956-   Morton's Body Shop 1010 California Ave Libby MT  
1983-   Jenkins Motors AMC/Jeep 4th-California Libby MT  
1939-52   Litchy Nash Co. U.S. 10 Little Falls MT Ralph Litchy
1939-48 1948 Nash Acker Motor Co. 5th and Main Sts. Miles City MT Jule F. Acker
1956-   A & L Nash Motors 5th and Main Sts. Miles City MT  
1939-47   Missoula Motors   Missoula MT Joe S. Bain
1951-56   Moore Motor Co. 201 W Broadway Missoula MT  
1948-   Knutson Nash Co.   Shelby MT Obert Knutson
1912-   A.L. Stapleton   White Hall MT  
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