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1956-58   Robert O. Mace 43 Washington St Auburn ME Robert O. Mace
1939-83   Jose's Garage 171 State St. Augusta ME Harry T. Jose
1913- 1913 Severance & Craig 27 Franklin St Bangor ME Percy Severance/J. Arthur Craig

1941-   Remick Auto Co.   Bangor ME  
1947-53 1953 Jim Adams, Inc.   Bangor ME  

1954-57   Jim Adams, Inc. 15 Oak St Bangor ME  
1958-   Norris Brothers Inc. 15 Oak St Bangor ME  
1959-66   Darling's Rambler 97 Oak St Bangor ME  
1925-   Bar Harbor Nash Co.   Bar Harbor ME  
1948-   Remick Auto Co.   Bath ME  
1947-   LaBelle Motor Co.   Biddeford ME
1956-60's   Crepeau Nash   Biddeford ME Ray Crepeau

Here is a real survivor in Southern Maine.  Crepeau Nash moved in the 1960ís from Biddeford to Kennebunk becoming an American Motors Dealer,
adding Jeep and then rolling over to Chrysler when the merger with American Motors was completed in 1987.
  Ray Crepeau (son of the founder) continued as a Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep-Eagle/Plymouth Dealer until early 1997 when he sold the business to Dick Mariano and today is Dick Mariano Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep. 
 I had the pleasure of knowing Ray when we purchased a Chrysler Cirrus from him in 1994.     Dave Hermanson, Gorham Maine.
1953-   Roanes-Nash Co.   Brunswick ME  
1927-   Hall's Garage   Damaraiscotta ME  
1921-29   Sangerville Nash Sales Union Square Dover ME Alfonso F. Marsh
1940-   Hamilton Motors Ellsworth ME
1953-   London Nash Co.   Houlton ME  
1927-   Portland Nash Co. 35-37 Park St. Lewiston ME Ralph M. Bonney
1939-40   Victor L. Sacre   Lewiston ME  
1946- 1946 Chicoine Motor Sales 221 Lincoln St. Lewiston ME  

1948-   Lewiston Nash Co., Inc.   Lewiston ME  
1953-   State of Maine Motors   Lewiston ME  
1941-   Buck Motors   Lincoln ME  
1927-   Lisbon Falls Garage   Lisbon Falls ME  
1947-   Nash Rumford, Inc.   Mexico ME  
1941-56   Karam Motor Co. 5 Main St Pittsfield ME  
1950-   Fendler - Tilton Motors    Pittsfield ME  
1921-22   Portland Nash Co. 315 Cumberland Ave. Portland ME Ralph M. Bonney
1922-23   Portland Nash Co. 624-626 Forest Ave. Portland ME Ralph M. Bonney
1924-35   Portland Nash Co. 353 Cumberland Ave. Portland ME Ralph M. Bonney
1941-   Nash Brown Inc.   Portland ME  
1947-51   John S. Goff, Inc.   Portland ME John S. Goff
1956-   Nash Portland Inc 53 Winslow St Portland ME  
1927-49   C.C. DeLong & Son, Inc.   Presque Isle ME C.C. DeLong
1920-25   Canal Street Garage   Rumford ME Charles Dunton/William Shand
1927-   E.O. Kidder   Rumford ME  
1939-41   Smith Motor Co.   Saco ME Geo. F. Smith
1940-   J. Clyde Bicknell   Sanford ME  
1947-   Joseph Motor Co. Waterville ME  
1951-52   Scribner Motor Co. 151-153 Silver St. Waterville ME  
1952-   Pine State Motor Co.   Waterville ME  
1953-   Waterville Motor Corp.   Waterville ME  
1956-   Joseph Motor Co 79 College Ave Waterville ME  
1983-   Ferris Bros AMC Inc 177 College Ave Waterville ME  
1952-   Cressey Motor Co. Inc.   Westbrook ME  
1953-   Coull's Service Station   Wilton ME  
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1948-56 1950 Vreeland Nash Sales 1000 S Main St Adrian MI William Vreeland
1941- 1941 Charles Hoehn   Allegan MI  
1956-   Pung Nash Sales 230 E Center St Alma MI  
1939-56   Neumann Motor Sales 113 W Lake St Alpena MI Ernest/Harvey Neumann
1948- 1948 Patrick Auto Sales   Alpena MI F. G. Patrick
1951-   Chapman Auto Sales   Alpena MI  
1953-   Alpena Nash Co.   Alpena MI  
1940-58   Nye Motor Sales Washington St. Ann Arbor MI  
1948- 1948 Schuhmacher Nash Sales   Bad Axe MI  
1953-   Leikert Nash   Bad Axe MI  
1939-70   E.V. Godlew   Bangor MI  
1956-   Redick's Nash Sales & Service   Barryton MI  
1939-41   Lassen Nash Company 320 W. Michigan Battle Creek MI Stan Lassen
1948-   Nash Battle Creek Co.   Battle Creek MI  
1950-51 1951 Burke Motor Sales 311 Elm St. Battle Creek MI G.J. Burke
1939-41   Kolat Nash Motors   Bay City MI  
1948-56 1948 Nash-Schuhmacher Sales, Inc. 705 N Euclid Ave Bay City MI Arthur Schuhmacher
1983-   Garber AMC 909 N Euclid Ave Bay City MI  
1935-   Randall's Garage   Belleville MI  
1939-48   Nash-Leuenberger Co.   Benton Harbor MI Ray Leuenberger
1959-64   Furlan Bros   Benton Harbor MI  
1965-72 1971 Blossomland Motors 1529 Highway M 139 South Benton Harbor MI Charles Magner/Bud Skelley
1939-41   Pettit's Sales & Service   Big Rapids MI W. Pettit
1935-   Hall Sales & Service   Birmingham MI  
1939-41   Langan Nash Sales 27000 Northwestern Hwy. Birmingham MI T. J. Langan
1948-83 1964 Nash Hart Co. 666 S Old Woodward Ave  Birmingham MI  
1954-   Jess McNeal Inc. 360 S. Woodward Birmingham MI  
1955-56   Pashigoda Nash Sales US 12 & Lake Rd Bridgman MI M. M. Pashigoda
1939-41-   A.L. Finnstrom   Cadillac MI  
1948-51   Bishop's Sales & Service   Cadillac MI  
1956-   Northend Sales & Service   Cadillac MI  
1956-   Van Conett Nash Sales 775 N State St Caro MI  
1953-   Rickerd Motor Sales   Charlotte MI  
1955-   Carr-McCoy Nash Sales   Charlotte MI D. J. McCoy
1952-53 1953 Chesaning Nash Sales   Chesaning MI Everett Adams
1939-41   Clair Kenny   Clio MI  
1948-56   Burton Bros. Nash 72 E Chicago St Coldwater MI J. C. Burton
1953-   Middleton Sales & Service   Coleman MI  
1949- 1949 Tel Motor Sales   Dearborn MI  
1957-   Jeffers Auto Service 22302 Michigan Dearborn MI  
1921-   Nash Distributing Co. 7351 Woodward Ave. Detroit MI  
1922-   Nash Michigan Co., Inc. 7351 Woodward Ave. Detroit MI  
1923-29 1923 Miller-Judd Co. 5535 Woodward Ave. Detroit MI W. J. Judd
1928-32   Charlie's Nash Sales Joy Road near Yomosite St. Detroit MI Charles H. Dalgleish
1931-   Billinghurst Motor Sales Inc.   Detroit MI  
1931-40 1931 Henry A. Schmid Co. 11077 Gratiot Ave. Detroit MI H. A. Schmid
1935-   Glaeser Sales & Service 112 E. Grand Blvd. Detroit MI  
1935-   Krapp Bros. Auto Sales 15107 Kercheval Detroit MI  
1935-46   Bodo Motor Sales 8440 Gratiot Ave. Detroit MI Frank Bodo
1935-39   Allan's Garage 4330 W. Warren Ave. Detroit MI  
1928-39 28-39 Nash Detroit Co. 5036 Woodward Ave. Detroit MI O. L. Arnold
1940-   Nash Mack Motors Inc. 10635 Mack Detroit MI  
1940-   Paul Wilson Motors 889 W. Grand Blvd. Detroit MI  
1940-41   Tower Nash Sales 2272 East Jefferson Detroit MI  
1940-   Ward Nash Sales & Service 16941 Hamilton Detroit MI  
1933-47 1934 Charlie's Nash Sales  5000 Joy Road Detroit MI Charles H. Dalgleish
1940-41 1941 Nash John R. Co. 18321 John R Detroit MI  
1940-45   Allan's Nash Sales 6545 W. Warren Ave. Detroit MI  
1940-56 1948 Nash Grand River Co. 13330 Grand River Detroit MI L. H. Sugo
1941-   Gratiot Nash Co.   Detroit MI  
1940-49   Nash Detroit Co. 6250 Woodward Ave. Detroit MI O. L. Arnold
1946-49 1946 Jefferson Nash Co. 2357 E. Jefferson Ave. Detroit MI Harold L. McVeigh
1946-54   Allan's Nash Sales 6563 W. Warren Ave. Detroit MI  
1947-55 47- 51 Bodo Motor Sales 15278 Gratiot Ave. Detroit MI Frank Bodo
My Grandfather, Frank Bodo was a car dealer at 8440 Gratiot from 1927 to 1946. He was not a Nash Dealer at first but probably became one in 1935.
He was at 15278 Gratiot until 1964. The name of the dealership changed to Eastland Rambler at that time and he retired. He was, for many years, the oldest Nash/Rambler dealer in Detroit.   Mark N. Bodo
1946-54   Allan's Nash Sales 6563 W. Warren Detroit MI  
1948-   Melton Nash Co. 6125 Mack Ave. Detroit MI E. L. Melton
1948-54 49-50 Charlie's Nash Sales  9045 Livernois (near Joy Rd) Detroit MI Charles H. Dalgleish
1948-49   Nash Livernois Co. 20001 Livernois Detroit MI  
1947-48   Nash Redford Sales & Service 23326 Grand River Ave. Detroit MI  
1948-67 1948 Williams Motor Sales 13243 E. Warren (at Coplin) Detroit MI Lorene Williams
1949-   Mike Hickey, Inc.   Detroit MI  
1949-52   Nickson Nash Sales, Inc. 4401 East 8 Mile Rd. Detroit MI  
1949- 1949 William T. Wilson Motor Co.   Detroit MI  
1951-   Dennis Hickey Inc. 14811 Kercheval Detroit MI  
1951-   Hammond Motor Sales, Inc.   Detroit MI Frank Hammond
1950-51 1951 Jim Burns, Inc.   Detroit MI  

1952-68   Bob Otto Sales & Service, Inc. 20001 Livernois Ave. Detroit MI  
1950-52   Jerry Lynch, Inc. 8 Mile Rd. at Schoenherr Detroit MI  
1952-53   Redford Nash 20405 Grand River Ave. Detroit MI  
1952-54   Highland Nash Co. 9430 Woodward Detroit MI  
1953-54   Nortown Nash, Inc. 19015 Van Dyke Detroit MI  
1953-83   Coon Brothers Service 23951 Plymouth Rd. Detroit MI S. L. Coon
1953-83 1955 Nash Greenfield 13616 Greenfield Rd. (at Schoolcraft) Detroit MI W. H. Brown
1954-   Edwards Nash 14811 Kercheval Detroit MI  
1954-60   Redford Nash 20201 Grand River Ave. Detroit MI  
1954-61   Bob's Nash, Inc. 20001 Livernois Detroit MI R. B. Freese
1955-56   B & B Nash Co. E Jefferson Ave. Detroit MI Raymond J. Bolo
1955-   Farley Nash   Detroit MI J. T. Farley
1955-   Jeffers Auto Service   Detroit MI  
1955-   Nassar Nash, Inc.   Detroit MI  
1955-56   Van's Nash   Detroit MI M. Van Every
1940-60 1953 Mack Nash Sales 902 North Saginaw St. Durand MI Harold H. Mack
1941-   Vreeland Nash Sales   Ecorse MI  
1940-   Nash Service Garage   Escanaba MI  
1948- 1948 Brisbane Motor Co.   Escanaba MI  
1953-   Fletcher Parks Nash   Ferndale MI  
1917-27   Marshall Auto Co. Third and Harrison Sts. Flint MI Laverne P. Marshall
1928-36   Marshall Auto Co. 1303-1307 N. Saginaw St. Flint MI Laverne P. Marshall
1937-71 1955 Marshall Auto Co. 119 E. Court St. (at Harrison) Flint MI Laverne P. Marshall
1952-   Nash Grand Haven Co.   Grand Haven MI G. L. Dexter
1913-   Rambler Auto Sales Co.   Grand Rapids MI  
1923-   McKay Nash Motor Co. Island and Commerce Sts. Grand Rapids MI  
1925-26   Nash McKeough Motor Co. Ionia & Crescent Grand Rapids MI  
1927-   Nash McKeough Motor Co. 242-244 State St. Grand Rapids MI  
1928-   Hart-Nash Motors Inc. State & Waverly, S.E. Grand Rapids MI Clayton Hart
1929-31   Hart-Nash Motors Inc. 242-244 State St., S.E. Grand Rapids MI Clayton Hart
1931- 1931 Ted Booth Motor Co.   Grand Rapids MI Ted Booth
1940-   Blaser Motor Co.   Grand Rapids MI  
1941-50   Nash Grand Rapids 3145 S. Division Ave. Grand Rapids MI A. H. Loomis
1949-   Ken Heck Nash   Grand Rapids MI Ken W. Heck
1951- 1951 Clock Motor Sales   Grand Rapids MI  
1953- 1953 Cy Lewis Nash, Inc.   Grand Rapids MI C. G. Lewis
1949-57 50-53 Grosse Pointe Sales & Service 18201 Mack Ave. Grosse Pointe MI J. DeKorse/R. E. Needham
1967-83   Grosse Pointe Rambler Inc. 18201 Mack Ave. Grosse Pointe MI Leslie Walsh
1948-   Nickson Nash Sales 13200 Joseph Compau Hamtramck MI  
1952-   Adam Motor Co., Inc.   Hamtramck MI  
1948-   H & H Motor Co.   Hancock MI  
1937- 1937     Harbor Springs MI  
1952-   Harper Woods Auto Sales & Service   Harper Woods MI  
1956-   Herm's Nash Sales & Service 117 First St Harrison MI  
1940-   Schaner-Wilde Nash Sales   Hart MI  
1940-   Hartland Area Hardware   Hartland MI  
1952- 1952 Jack Freese, Inc.   Hazel Park MI  
1948-51 1950 Highland Nash Co. 12335 Woodward Ave. Highland Park MI K. R. MacIvor
1952-56   Highland Nash Co. 9430 Woodward Ave. Highland Park MI K. R. MacIvor
1942-54   Binder Motor Sales 45 North Broad St Hillsdale MI  
1939-47   Downtown Nash Service   Holland MI  
1953-56   Holland Motor Sales 853 Washington Ave Holland MI  
1913-   Northern Garage & Supply Co.   Houghton MI  
1936-40 1936 A. L. Smith & Sons 114 S. Michigan Howell MI A. L. Smith
Albert, Harlan and Dad (Eugene) Smith seem to have had the business in the mid to late 30's.
After Albert passed, Eugene eventually moved to the Detroit area, and Harlan stayed with the farm and the dealership in Howell.
L to R: Harlan, Albert & Eugene Smith.                                                        (Pictures and info from Gary Smith, grandson of Albert L. Smith)

1948-56 1953 Howell Nash Sales and Service 920 E Grand River Ave Howell MI R. L. Hotz
1939-41   Coe Auto Sales   Ionia MI George Coe
1952-56   Dickinson Nash Sales 710 Carpenter Ave. Iron Mountain MI  
1983-   Dickinson Country Motors 710 Carpenter Ave. Iron Mountain MI  
1941-48   Johnson Nash Sales   Iron River MI  
1952- 1952 Iron River Nash Co.   Iron River MI  
1953-83   Nardi's Nash Garage 11 Maple St.  Iron River MI  
1948-   Superior Garage, Inc.   Ironwood MI  
1953-61   C & L Auto Service, Inc.   Ironwood MI  
1939-56 1952 Hebbard Nash Sales 4th & Bank Sts Ishpeming MI A. C. Hebbard
1983-   Roose Motor Sales 4th & Bank Sts Ishpeming MI  
1939-41   Barlow's   Jackson MI M. J. Barlow
1949-   Bailin Nash Co.   Jackson MI  
1952- 1952 Williard Motors, Inc.   Jackson MI John K. Willard
1956-   Hawley Nash Inc. 1825 Spring Arbor Rd Jackson MI  
1939-41   Axtell Nash   Kalamazoo MI Ralph Axtell
1950-   Nash Kalamazoo Co Inc   Kalamazoo MI  
1956-   Lukins Nash Co 711 W Michigan Ave Kalamazoo MI  
1957-58   Art Post Rambler   Kalamazoo MI  
1941-   Turner Nash Sales   Lake Linden MI  
1941-   Nash Lansing Co.   Lansing MI  
1948-56 1949 Les Foote, Inc. 1116 S. Washington Ave. Lansing MI Les C. Foote
1940-   E. H. McPhillips 336 N. Saginaw Lapeer MI  
1952-54   Vreeland Nash Company 3255 Fort St. Lincoln Park MI  
1956-   Vreeland Nash Company 1452 Grant St Lincoln Park MI  
1957-58   Grissom Rambler, Inc.   Lincoln Park MI  
1967-   Lincoln Park Rambler, Inc.   Lincoln Park MI Richard T. Cole
1950-   Ludington Auto Sales   Ludington MI  
1953-   Ponko Motors   Ludington MI  
1939-41   Joe Bassarb   Manistee MI  
1948-56   Nash Manistee Sales & Service 464 River St Manistee MI  
1952-   C.L. Fox Sales   Marcellus MI C. L. Fox
1940-   Lyons Nash Sales 137 Mary St. Marine City MI  
1947-56   Stang Sales & Service 524 10th Ave Menominee MI  
1941-   Nehil Nash Company   Midland MI  
1951-   H. &  B. Nash Sales 34 Ashman Circle Midland MI  
1939-40   Milan Nash Sales   Milan MI M.W. Webster/Arlo McMullen
1939-40   Nash Milford Co.   Milford MI F. E. Burch
1941-86 48-70 Geiman Nash Sales 1975 N. Monroe St. Monroe MI Carl/Ken Geiman
1941-   Ball Service   Montague MI  
1939-54 48- 54 Berridge Nash Sales 143 N. Gratiot Mt. Clemens MI B. G. Berridge
1955-61   Mt. Clemens Motor Sales Co. 143 N. Gratiot Mt. Clemens MI  
1939-69   Albar Motor Sales 114 So. Washington Mt. Pleasant MI A. H. Albar
1939-41 1941 Nelson Motors, Inc.   Muskegon MI Ralph H. Nelson
1948-   Muskegon Nash Sales & Service   Muskegon MI  
1939-41   Joe's Motor Sales   New Lothrop MI Joe Oginski
1940-   Niles Nash Sales   Niles MI  
1948-   McComb Nash Sales   Niles MI  
1952-   Bob Schulz Nash Sales 408 S. 11th Niles MI  
1940-   Nash Garage   Norway MI  
1939-41   Nash Owosso Co.   Owosso MI  
1953-   Rigoulot's Sales 116 S. Water Owosso MI  
1948-   Bay Sales Co.   Petoskey MI  
1957-   Gene Vis Buick-Rambler 607 N. Main St. Plainwell MI  
1935-   Plymouth Super Service   Plymouth MI  
1939-51   Oliver Sales & Service 375 S. Main St. Plymouth MI Charles W. Oliver
1952-56 1956 West Bros. Nash, Inc. 534 Forest Plymouth MI W. West
1962-67 Fiesta Rambler Inc. 1205 Ann Arbor Plymouth MI Clarence DuCharme/Bob Cann
1935-   E. B. Hodges Motor Sales   Pontiac MI  
1947-54   Kimball Bros. Inc. 85 W. Lawrence St. Pontiac MI  
1955-56   Rogers Sales & Service 695 Auburn Ave Pontiac MI F. S. Rogers
1939-41   Kimball Motor Sales   Port Huron MI H. L. Kimball
1947-56   Nash Port Huron Co. 200 10th St Port Huron MI  
1941-   Dexter Motor Sales   Richmond MI  
1940-   Van Buren Motor Sales   Riga MI Lloyd N. Van Buren
1948-53   Nash Great Lakes Co. 10975 W. Jefferson Ave.  River Rouge MI  
1954-75   Great Lakes Rambler 11032 W. Jefferson Ave.  River Rouge MI Harold Bohnenstiehl
1939-40   L. L. Whims Nash Sales   Rochester MI  
1940-   C. R. Vreeland   Rockwood MI  
1953-   Cash's Nash   Rogers City MI  
1956-   Rothbury Nash Sales & Service US 31 Rothbury MI  
1983-   Rothbury AMC/Jeep US 31 Rothbury MI  
1935-41   Farner Sales & Service 818 N. Main St. Royal Oak MI H. R. Farner
1948-56   Royal Oak Nash 1400 S. Woodward Royal Oak MI Fred Bouren
1923-26   Nash-Saginaw Motor Co. 233 Baum St. Saginaw MI  
1927-   Nash-Lewis Motors Co. 233 Baum St. Saginaw MI  
1928-29   Nash-Lewis Motors Co. 426 S. Washington Ave. Saginaw MI  
1939-53 1953 Hartman Brothers 1322 Genesee Saginaw MI Irwin Hartman
1954-56   Ernie Fox Motor Sales, Inc. 1635 S Jefferson Ave Saginaw MI Ernie Fox
1952-   Sanilac Nash Co.   Sandusky MI  
1953-   Olsen Nash Sales   Sandusky MI  
1939-40   J.L. Lipsett & Son   Sault Ste Marie MI  
1947-   Soo Nash Sales   Sault Ste Marie MI  
1956-   Harrington Nash Co R 2 Sault Ste Marie MI  
1941-   Ralph Bumgardner   Schoolcraft MI  
1939-48   Matthew Urka   Scottville MI  
1940-41   St. Clair Motor Sales 511 N. Riverside St. Clair MI  
1940   Howard Smith   St. Clair Shores MI  
1953-   Les Foote-St. Johns   St. Johns MI  
1952-   Duresema Motor & Implement Co.   Stanton MI  
1953-83   Chapin Sales & Service 325 Main St. Stanton MI  
1953-   Sterling Sales & Service   Sterling MI  
1940-   Farley's Garage   Sturgis MI  
1953-   Loomis Motor Sales   Sturgis MI Harvey W. Loomis
1948-   Merrill Nash   Traverse City MI  
1952-56   Fisher's Nash Sales R 4 Traverse City MI  
1953-   Lockwood Motors, Inc.   Utica MI  
1965-67   Eastland Rambler, Inc.   Warren MI Zigmund Mielnicki
1951-   Eddie's Garage   Wayne MI E. J. Mercure
1953-56   Wayne Nash, Inc. 2745 Wayne Rd. Wayne MI  
1962-   Harold Dietrich Inc. 35109 Main St Wayne MI  
1939-40   West Branch Oil Co.   West Branch MI G. S. Smith
1935-40   Quality Motor Sales 562 Oak St. Wyandotte MI  
1951-62   Oehring Brothers 960 Biddle Wyandotte MI R. O. Oehring
1947-   City Motors Ypsilanti MI
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