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1956-83   Michaud's Garage 98 Friend St Amesbury MA  
1941-   Hygrade Motor Co.   Arlington MA  
1947-48   Barnaby & Spiers Motors, Inc. 874 Massachusetts Ave. Arlington MA  
1956-58   Arlington Motor Sales 874 Massachusetts Ave. Arlington MA  
1941-   Handy Motor Car Co.   Athol MA  
1947-   F.S. Motor Sales   Athol MA  
1955-   Stanley Motors, Inc. 490 Pleasant St. Attleboro MA  
1957-83 1957 Zarren Motors, Inc. 790 Pleasant St.  Belmont MA  
1956-83   Wheelers Garage 75 Carter St Berlin MA  
1906-09   C.P. Rockwell, Inc. 145 Columbus Ave. Boston MA  
1909-17 1911 C.P. Rockwell, Inc. 93 Massachusetts Ave. Boston MA  
1921-27   C.P. Rockwell, Inc. 640 Commonwealth Ave. Boston MA  
1928-40 1931 Nash New England Co. 640 Commonwealth Ave. Boston MA Harold C. Hart

This building is now the College of Communication for Boston University.

1941-61 1953 Boston Nash Co. Commonwealth Ave. Boston MA Nishan Atamian
1941-   Boston St. Garage   Boston (South) MA  
1947-93 1953 Pearl Street Motors 60 Pearl St. Braintree MA Burton Schair

My father, Burton Schair was the founder of Pearl Street Motor in Braintree MA.  He is pictured with Preston Gray and the Nash Healey that won LeMans in either 1952 or 1953.  Pearl Street Motors was in business as a Jeep dealer until 1993 when we merged with Randolph Chrysler-Plymouth. Now Randolph Chrysler/Jeep, the dealership operates today.  Hassan Brothers in Quincy continues to operate as a Jeep dealer. To the best of my knowledge, none of these dealerships in MA are still in business by the names listed. Morton Motor Sales became Dickson Buick in the mid-1950's and then moved to Hanover MA.  It was then sold in its entirety.  Phil Shulman opened  Morton Motor Sales as soon as cars went into production after WW II. My father bought a 1946 Nash from him and then my dad opened Pearl Street Motors in 1947.   Leslie Cohen
1940-   Brighton Centre Garage   Brighton MA  
1940-   B.A.P. Nash Company   Brockton MA  
1941-   Bradford Garage   Brockton MA  
1941-   Sylvester & Gile, Inc.   Brockton MA  
1948-   Benson Motor Co., Inc.   Brockton MA  
1954-58 1954 Whiting & Reicker Co.   Brockton MA  
1947-48   McNear Nash Co., Inc. 25 Harvard St. Brookline MA Edgerton B. McNear
1941-   Solford Motors Inc.   Cambridge MA  
1947-50 1948 Harvard Automobile Co.   Cambridge MA  

1956-83   Ivaldi Motors Inc 395 Washington St Canton MA  
1940-   Pallin's Auto Shop   Chelsea MA  
1956-   Suburban Nash, Inc.   Chicopee Falls MA  
1946-50 1950 Harry B. Liggett Co. 1075 Commonwealth Ave. Commonwealth MA  

1940-   Camden Motor Co.   Dorchester MA  
1946-50   Morton Motor Sales, Inc. 676 Morton St. Dorchester MA Phil Shulman
1947-48   Ashmont Motor Co., Inc. 551 Talbot Ave. Dorchester MA  
1956-   Ell-Bern Service, Inc. 676 Morton St. Dorchester MA  
1941-   Gates Sales & Service   Dunvers MA  
1926-41 1937 Kelley's Garage, Inc. 556 Adams St. East Milton MA Raymond C. Kelley
1956-83   Sears Auto Sales Inc. 499 Rt 6A East Sandwich MA  
1939-   Kaufman’s Garage 605 Broad St. East Weymouth MA Hyman Kaufman
1939-56   J. Mossoff & Son 480 S Main St Fall River MA Jos. Mossoff
1945-77   DePalma Nash 959 Springfield St  Feeding Hills MA Louis DePalma 
1911-13 Ford & Lyon Fitchburg MA  
1947- Molloy Motors, Inc. Fitchburg MA  
1941- 1941 Ward Nash 16941 Hamilton Framingham MA  
1942-51   Ward Nash 230 Hollis St. Framingham MA C. B. Lowe
1948-57   Coolidge Motors, Inc.   Gardner MA  
1953-   Preston's Motor Sales   Gardner MA  
1948-   Gloucester Nash Inc.   Gloucester MA  
1955-   Cape Ann Auto Sales   Gloucester MA  
1948-60   Petrin Motor Sales 47 Bank Row Greenfield MA  
1939-   L.C. Bunker 65 Water St. Haverhill MA  
1947-56 1947 Anthony Motor Co.   Haverhill MA Charles Anthony
1956-   H.J. Goudreault Co.   Haverhill MA  
1939-58 52- 55  Fred G. Marion, Inc. 679 Main St Holyoke MA Fred G. Marion
1940-   Elm Garage   Hudson MA  
1953-56   Miller Auto Service 139 Main St Hudson MA  
1941-   Cape Cod Auto Co.   Hyannis MA  
1947-   MacQuade Bros., Inc.   Hyannis MA  
1950-51   Cape Cod Nash Inc.   Hyannis MA  
1941-   Ed. Bergin Nash Co   Jamaica Plain MA  
1941-   Collins Auto Co.   Lawrence MA  
1947-   Arnold Motor Co.   Lawrence MA  
1952-56   Manzi Auto Sales, Inc. 243-247 Methuen St Lawrence MA Harry L. Manzi
1941-   Claude Mason Garage   Leominster MA  
1952- 1952 Leominster Nash   Leominster MA E. J. Moynihan
1940-41   Morris Motors   Lexington MA  
1940-   Nash Middlesex Corp.   Lowell MA  
1941-   McAloon & Lebreck Motors Inc.   Lowell MA  
1947-48   M & R Motors Inc. 27 Hurd St. Lowell MA  
1950-56   Lowell Nash Co. 810 Middlesex St Lowell MA  
1957-60   Smith Motors 590 Middlesex St Lowell MA  
1983-   Jim Witt AMC/Jeep 1375 Middlesex St Lowell MA  
1906-   Charlie Whitten   Lynn MA  
1948-   Daniel A. Johnson 867 Broad St. Lynn MA  
1953-   Courtis & Warren Sales, Inc.   Lynn MA  
1955-   Nash of Lynn Co.   Lynn MA J. S. Andrian
1957- 1957 North Shore Nash Co. 699 Western Ave Lynn MA Sol Goldman
1939-57   Aubin Motor Sales Co. 48 Florence St. Malden MA J. C. Aubin
1939-41   Ray's Garage   Mansfield MA R. W. Tillitson
1956-83   Mansfield Garage Inc. 91 Chauncy St Mansfield MA  
1948-51   Vigeant Motors, Inc.   Marlboro MA  
1953-   Boeske Brothers   Maynard MA  
1940- 1940 Sena's Super Service   Medford MA Gabriel Sena
1947-48   J.A. Harraghy, Inc. 127 Main St. Medford MA  
1953-57   Flammia Bros. 321 Salem St Medford MA  
1940-   Melrose Motor Mart, Inc.   Melrose MA  
1952-   William H. Burns & Son   Middleton MA  
1940-56   Nash Milford Co. 89 S Main St Milford MA Michael/Anthony Calzone
1926-40   Kelley's Garage, Inc. 536 Adams St. Milton MA Raymond C. Kelley
1956-   Cook Nash Co. 54 Mellen St Needham Heights MA  
1957-83   A C Muirhead Inc 54 Mellen St Needham Heights MA  
1941-   Furnans Auto Co.   New Bedford MA  
1947-   Elm Motors New Bedford MA
1941-   Hoyt Motor Sales   Newburyport MA  
1947-56   Liberty Motor Sales, Inc. 19-23 Liberty St. Newburyport MA  
1939-42   Newton Corner Nash   Newton MA  
1925-50 36 - 50 August Osterlund, Inc. 724 Beacon St. Newton  MA August Osterlund
1954-56 1954 Gene Brown Motors, Inc. 724 Beacon St Newton Centre MA Gene M. Brown
1947-51   Hollingsworth Motor Sales, Inc. 863 Washington St. Newtonville MA Tom Hollingsworth
1939-40   Parker Motor Sales   North Adams MA  
1941-   Rowley-Cleary Motor Sales   North Adams MA  
1946-56 1955 Nash North Adams  51 W Main St North Adams MA Vic Monette
1957-83   K-M Motor Sales Inc 1300 Curran Highway North Adams MA  
1948-   Griffin & Olson   North Attleboro MA  
1953-54   Lincoln Motors 585 E. Washington St. North Attleboro MA  
1940-   Stearn's Service Station   Northampton MA  
1947-57   Nash Northampton Co. 141 King St. Northampton MA  
1945-60 1956 Boch Sales & Service, Inc. 859 Providence Highway Norwood MA Andrew Boch
1941-   Bradford Oil Co.   Palmer MA  
1952-   Hamilton Motors   Pembroke MA  
1922-   Karam Motor Co.   Pittsfield MA  
1940-   Donovan Roberts Inc.   Pittsfield MA  
1948-   Enright Motor Sales   Pittsfield MA  
1926-   Briggs Motor Sales 10 Water Street Plymouth MA George Briggs
1941-   Whitney Motor Sales, Inc.   Plymouth MA  
1947-53   Middle Street Motors   Plymouth MA  
1930-   J.F. Rogers Auto Co.   Quincy MA  
1939-07 39 - 57 Hassan Bros, Inc. 290 Washington St. Quincy MA  
1939-52 1952 Perrotti's Sales & Service 173 Broadway Revere MA Carmen D. Perrotti
1947-48 1948 Fiore Motor Car Co. 408 South Huntington Ave. Roxbury MA B.B. Fiore
1940-41   Mill Hill Motor Co.   Salem MA  
1948-56 48-52 Paul's Auto Sales, Inc. 120 Canal St. Salem MA  
1953-56   Nikole Sales & Service 371 Broadway Saugus MA George Nickole 
1940-   Beason Motor Mart   Sommerville MA  
1947-48-   Somerville Nash Co. 575 Broadway Sommerville MA  
1956-83   Rigazio Bros Inc 169 Beacon St Sommerville MA  
1950-   N. Washington St. Garage 154 N. Washington St. South Attleboro MA  
1955-   Vachon's Motor Sales 996 Washington St. South Attleboro MA  
1951-   Phil's Auto Sales & Service 327 Hamilton St. Southbridge MA George Duquette
1953-   Syl's Auto Sales & Service   Southbridge MA  
1939-41   Alexander Nash Inc.   Springfield MA H.B. Alexander
1947-48   Hampton Motor Corp.   Springfield MA  
1951-58   Springfield Nash Motor Sales, Inc. 883 Main St Springfield MA  
1983-   Center AMC/Jeep 360 Main St Springfield MA  
1948-60 1953 Pettengill Motor Sales 34 Franklin St. Stoneham MA  
1952-   Daniel A. Johnson, Inc.   Swampscott MA  
1913-   Perry Auto Co.   Taunton MA  
1939-41   Charves Auto Parts   Taunton MA J.R. Charves
1947-   Fentin Motors, Inc.   Taunton MA  
1949-   Butler Motor Sales   Taunton MA  
1952-   Ofgant Nash Co.   Taunton MA  
1953-   Kiley Motors, Inc.   Wakefield MA  
1940-   Prospect Street Motors   Waltham MA  
1948-49 1949 Bothen Nash Sales 30 Elm St. Waltham MA  
1956-   Waltham Nash Co. 97 Linden St Waltham MA  
1937- 1937 Coolidge Garage 174 Belmont St Watertown MA  

1940-56   V.A. Crossley 694 Mt. Auburn St. Watertown MA  
1983-   Seminara Motors Inc. AMC/Jeep 694 Mt. Auburn St. Watertown MA  
1947-   O'Neill Motors Inc.   Wellesley MA  
1940-   Wellesley Nash Co.   Wellesley Hills MA  
1948-56   Kimnach Motors Inc. 230 Worchester St. Wellesley Hills MA  
1956-83   Dan's Motors Inc. AMC/Jeep 13 Brigham St Westboro MA  
1947-   Lambert Motor Sales Co.   Westfield MA  
1952-   Westfield Nash, Inc.   Westfield MA  
1956-   Williams Auto Co. 37 Franklin St Westfield MA  
1983-   H.E. Wood & Sons Inc 37 Franklin St Westfield MA  
1953-56 1953 Hi-Way Motor Mart   Westport MA J.D. Borden
1940-83   J & S Motors 226 Church St. Whitinsville MA  
1953-83   Temple St. Garage 80 Temple Street Whitman MA  
1953-   Herr's Nash Co.   Winchendon MA  
1946-55   Winchester Nash   Winchester MA  
1956-80's Now Charles L. Haggerty 730 Main St Winchester MA  
1956-82   C Ashton Cox 60 Beale St. Wolleston MA  
1940-41   M.E. Tuller Co.   Worcester MA  
1952-   Gallo Motor Sales   Worcester MA  
1947-83   Kelley-Chandler Inc. 666 Park Ave. Worcester MA  
1947   McBride Motor Car Co. West Side Worcester MA  
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1940-83 1941 Harford Nash Sales 3485 Churchville Rd Aberdeen MD Grimes Holcomb Sr.
1926-   Lloyd Nash Motors Co.   Annapolis MD  
1937-41   B & B Motor Sales West St & Lafayette Ave. Annapolis MD  
1947-50   Annapolis Nash Co. 175 West St. Annapolis MD  
1956-   J.O. Myers & Co.   Annapolis MD  
1922-   Del-Mar-Va Nash Motors Co., Inc. 1109 Cathedral St. Baltimore MD  
1923-27 1923 Wilson-Nash Motors Co. 1109 Cathedral St. Baltimore MD  
1928-29   Wilson-Nash Motors Co. 29th St. and Remington Ave.  Baltimore MD  
1926-   East Baltimore Garage 1624 E. Lombard St. Baltimore MD  
1926-40   Highland Motor Sales 3415 Eastern Ave. Baltimore MD  
1926-   Northwestern Nash Sales 4213 Reisterstown Rd. Baltimore MD  
1926-   The Wilson-Nash Mtrs. Co. 1107-13 Cathedral St. Baltimore MD  
1934-47   Edward P. Jester & Sons Co.   Baltimore MD Wallis Jester
1939-56 1949 Weil & Scott Bros. Inc. 1111 Cathedral St Baltimore MD Henry A. Weil
1939-58 1941 Landay Nash Sales, Inc. 821-22 S Paca St. Baltimore MD Harry E./Morris J. Landay
1947-51 1947 Pimlico Nash Company 3101 West Belvedere Ave Baltimore MD Joe Auer, George Moninger & Bill Sinclair
My Dad used to be a partner in a Nash dealership: Pimlico Nash.
The dealership was located at 3101 West Belvedere Ave, Baltimore Maryland, just across the street from the famous Pimlico Racetrack.
There were three partners who owned the facility: Joe Auer, George Moninger and Bill Sinclair.
I was too young to remember the details but I believe they closed in 1951.
Joe Auer, Baltimore, MD

1950-51   Kernan Motors Inc.   Baltimore MD  
1951-54 1954 Schaefer and Strohminger Fleet & Eaton Streets Baltimore MD Michael Schaefer
1983-   Schaefer and Strohminger 520 Dundalk Ave. Baltimore MD  
1952-   The Webster Motor Car Co.   Baltimore  MD  
1956-   Suburban Nash, Inc. 4321 Loch Raven Blvd Baltimore  MD  
1948-56 1949 Martin Bros., Inc. 2300 N. Monroe Street Baltimore (West) MD  
1939-41   University Motors   Berwyn MD P.H. Kephart
1946-47   Var-Wood Nash, Inc. Hampden Lane Bethesda MD Paul P. Varano
1951-   Williams Nash Motors   Bethesda MD J. Larry Williams
1957-60   Cranson Rambler, Inc.   Bethesda MD  
1940-   Lenox Motor Co.   Brentwood MD  
1926-   Brooklyn Garage   Brooklyn MD  
1952-   Handley Lewis Nash   Cambridge MD  
1941-   Caton Motor Corp.   Catonville MD  
1953-   Tommy Haddaway Nash Sales   Chestertown MD  
1925-26   Warren Road Garage   Cockeysville MD  
1953-56   Blades Motor Co. 316 Broadway Crisfield MD  
1923-24   Nash Sales Co. Cumberland MD
1928-29   7-11 Garage 219 N Mechanic St Cumberland MD John Miller/Martin Snyder
1939-57   The M-G-K Motor Co. 221 Glenn St. Cumberland MD M.H. Meyers
1926-   Delta Motor Co.   Delta MD  
1923-29   Shanahan-Nash Motors Co.   Easton MD  
1947-53 1949 H.G. Carico Motor Co. South St. Easton MD  
1926-   Francis Scott Key Garage   Frederick MD  
1941-   Julian P. King   Germantown MD  
1952-56   Flesher's Sales   Great Mills MD  
1926-   Marker Nash Motors   Hagerstown MD  
1939-50 48/Now Hebb Motor Co. Baltimore Street  Hagerstown MD Shull M. Hebb
1953-   Calvert Nash Motors Co.   Leonards MD  
1953-56   Melvin Nash Defence Hwy Mitchellville MD  
1947-56   Lawson Motor Sales Route 40 New Market MD  
1941-   Nash Motor Sales   Oakland MD  
1956-   Ritchie Motors 111 W. Main St Rising Sun MD  
1983-   Mc Coy AMC 111 W. Main St Rising Sun MD  
1947-50 1947 Restorff Motors Inc. 6210 Balto Ave Riverdale MD  

I thought you might like to add this photo of my Father, Robert Hiram Lee, Sr. who worked at Restorff Motors in the late 40's.
Shelby Oppermann
1921-   Del-Var-Va Nash Motor Co.   Salisbury MD  
1923-29   Gunby Nash Motors Co.   Salisbury MD  
1947-50   Brittingham Motors   Salisbury MD Boyd Brittinham
1953-   Salisbury Nash Inc.   Salisbury MD
1941-   Eyles Motor Co.   Silver Springs MD  
1948-   Dell Nash Motors, Inc.   Silver Springs MD H.A. Dellehback
1952-58   Safford Nash, Inc.   Silver Springs MD L.P. Safford
1927-32   Sparrow's Point Nash Motors 2413 Sparrows Point Rd. Sparrow's Point MD  
There was a Nash dealership in Sparrows Point, Md. 21219, at 2413 Sparrows Point Rd. The property was purchased by Sparrows Point Nash Motors, Inc., from Chas. & Ida Snyder, Feb. 12, 1927. Baltimore County land records book, Liber WPC 641, Folio 324. They received $4,030.00 from Samuel Ready Bldg. Assc. towards the purchase price. It seems as if 31 shares of stock were used as collateral. I do not know the purchase price. It seems as this was vacant land and Nash built the building that is still there. Nash Motors defaulted on the loan. Samuel Ready bought the property back at auction for $2500.00, March 11, 1932. Land record, Liber LMcLM 897, folio 113. Sometime after that, my grandparents opened a grocery store and tailor shop there, making suits for Jos. A. Banks, etc. When my grandfather died in 1937.
My parents continued to operate the grocery store until my fathers death in 1967. I found this info while doing family history.
Thank you. Bob Rehbein
1941-   Crew's Garage   Still Pond MD  
1941-53   Feihe Motor Co., Inc.   Towson MD  
1952-53 1953 Valley Nash Motors   Towson MD  
1926-39   Frounfelter Brothers   Westminster MD H. Earl Frounfelter
1940-41   Nash Westminster Co.   Westminster MD  
1947-52 1952 Zepp Nash Sales E. Main St. Extd. Westminster MD  
1955-56   Barnes Motors Washington Rd Westminster MD R.P. Barnes
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