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1953-56   Wright Oil & Implement Highway 15 Abilene KS  
1941-   Ruckel Motor Co.   Arkansas City KS  
1947-51   Vandever Motor Co. 108 N. Summit St. Arkansas City KS  
1948-   Sampson Motor Co.   Atchison KS  
1952-   Mo-Kan Nash   Atchison KS  
1952-   Jackson & Sheets Nash & Imp. Co. Beloit KS  
1953-   Harold's Auto Sales   Caldwell KS  
1939-41   Meeker Motor Co.   Chanute KS Francis J. Meeker
1948-   Molzen Motors   Chanute KS Donald E. Molzen
1952-83   Edd Ranz Nash Motors 1401 W. Beech Chanute KS
1939-   JH Carlton Motor Co. 9 East 9th St. Coffeyville KS  
1945-48   Cary Motors, Inc. N-S Highway Coffeyville KS  
My father owned that company. It was closed in 1948. I believe it existed from 1945 or 1946 (he bought it just after WWII) and we left Coffeyville in the summer of 1948. Here's the listing from the business directory. "Cary Motors Inc., Nelson L. Cary Pres and Mgr., Crescentia C. Cary Sec-Treas, F.B. Jensen Director, Nash Sales and Service, Sinclair Products, Alemite Lubrication, 1201-5 Walnut, Tel 1702. (For further information see Page 7 Buyers' Guide.)" I looked in the buyers guide and there was just an ad with no additional information and no pictures there. I still think it's possible there was a photo in the newspaper. As I recall (from when I was 5) the building was nothing unusual. I think the showroom was on the south end and the shops on the north end. Not a large place. That location was, and is, at the southeast edge of town on the N-S highway, adjacent to the railroad track. I do recall riding in the Nash, which had a fold-down back seat that was great for my sister and me to play and sleep in--like a station wagon.
Elizabeth E. "Betty" Stevens
1952-   Argyle-Hodge Motor Co.   Coffeyville KS  
1956-   Argyle Motor Co. 113 E 8th St Coffeyville KS  
1941-   Murray Motor Co.   Colby KS  
1952-   Curtin-Norton Motors   Colby KS  
1956-   Curtin-Upchurch Motors 325 E Fourth St Colby KS  
1960's   Harold Upchurch Rambler   Colby KS  
1908-09   J.F. St. Clair   Concordia KS  
1948-   Flanagan Nash Motors   Concordia KS  
1926-32   Braun Brothers Motorcar Co.   Council Grove KS  
1929-46 1937 Hill Nash Sales Co. N Second Ave. Dodge City KS Raymond Chapman Hill

My Dad, Raymond Chapman Hill, obtained a Nash dealership for Dodge City, Kansas in 1929.
He purchased 6 Nash cars in Kansas City and caravanned to Dodge City. He owned the dealership until 1946 when he sold it to Roy Mace.
It was located on North Second Ave. Just North of the Arkansas River and across from Wright Park.
He often talked about the Nash that had twin ignition and how he had his mechanic install a switch so that he could use only one coil.
He would start the test drive on one coil and have the customer start up boot hill and the car would start to bog down,
he would then flip the switch for two coils and two spark plugs and the car would go right up the hill. He said that switch sold him many cars.

1946-51 1947 Mace Motor Co. Front St. Dodge City KS Roy Mace
1952-55   Dodge City Nash Co. Front St. Dodge City KS Gerald Bales
1955-56   Dodge City Nash Garage Front St. Dodge City KS Melvin (Sonny) Dawson
1947-   Barnes-Dwire Nash Co.   El Dorado KS  
1949-   Grubb-Taylor Nash Co. 211-215 E. Central Ave. El Dorado KS  
1950-   Grubb Nash Co.   El Dorado KS  
1953-56   Ellsworth Farm Equipment Co.   Ellsworth KS  
1941-   Gunsolly Nash Co.   Emporia KS  
1947-   Waters Nash Co.   Emporia KS  
1949-56   Tom's Motor Co. 206 Commercial St Emporia KS  
1951-   Elsey Motor Co. Garden City KS  
1952-56   Knudson Bros. Inc. Highway 24 Goodland KS  
1941- Kottwitz Motor Co. Great Bend KS
1947- Earl Detmer Nash Company Great Bend KS
1956-   O'Connell Nash Co. 2515 Tenth St Great Bend KS  
1953-   Greensburg Equipment Co.   Greensburg KS  
1940-   Parker Auto Sales   Hays KS  
1948-   Wolf Motor Co.   Hays KS  
1954-83   Kobler Nash Co. 124 E Eighth St Hays KS  
1941-   Jarvis Motor Co.   Hiawatha KS  
1956-83   Herb's Auto Service 122 S. Main St Hillsboro KS  
1953-   Bottenberg Motors   Holton KS  
1910- 1910 Horton Auto Co.   Horton KS  

1926-29   Gano Nash Co. 5th Ave. & Main St. Hutchinson KS  
1940-41   Dick Wiebe Nash Co.   Hutchinson KS  
1947-49   Wiebe-Winchester Mtr. Co. 125 E. Sherman St. Hutchinson KS  
1926-27   Nash Sales Co.   Independence KS  
1940-   Ike Graves Motor Co.   Independence KS  
1948-50   Harlan Dennis Motor Co.   Independence KS  
1953-   Iola Truck & Tractor Co.   Iola KS  
1953-   A & D Equipment Co.   Johnson KS  
1948-   J.W. King Motors, Inc.   Junction City KS  
1956-83   Goreham Motors, Inc. 121 E. 5th  Junction City KS  
1908-09   Rambler Automobile of Kansas City   Kansas City KS E. G. Anderson
1939-41   Adt Motor Co.   Kansas City KS  
1947-49 1949 Joe M. O'Fill Motor Co.   Kansas City KS Joe M. O'Fill
1953-54   Joe Strick Nash   Kansas City KS  
1955-57   Kansas Nash 1313 State Ave Kansas City KS Matt J. Calovich
1957-60   Kansas Rambler   Kansas City KS Matt J. Calovich
1952-   Farlow Nash & Implement Co.   Kinsley KS  
1935-53   Pawnee Motor Co.   Larned KS  
1952-   Wheeler Nash Co.   Larned KS  
1955-56   Larned Nash 120 E Sixth St Larned KS  
1939-41   H.D. Hill Motor Co.   Lawrence KS  
1947-50   Bodin Motors   Lawrence KS  
1948-   City Motors   Leavenworth KS  
1952-   Hutto-Gilkeson Nash Motors   Leavenworth KS  
1939-49   King Nash Co. 622 Barnes St. Liberal KS W.B. King
1941-   Crowder Sales & Service   Liberal KS  
1950-56   Johnny Fetsch Motors 15 W First St Liberal KS  
1947-   Boyer Nash Motors   Manhattan KS  
1951-   Stanford Nash Motors   Manhattan KS  
1956-   Stanford-Weese Nash Inc. 120 S Fifth St Manhattan KS  
1983-   Ray Weese Motors Inc. 120 S Fifth St Manhattan KS  
1948-49   Winslow & Son Motor Co. 115 E. Euclid St. McPherson KS F. W. Winslow
1957-62   Colburn Rambler Inc. 523 W. Kansas McPherson KS  
1939-   Strauss Motors   Meriam KS  
1939-   Horn Motor Co.   Miltonvale KS  
1939-41   Mace Motor Co.   Newton KS Roy Mace
1948-56   Newton Nash Co. 208 Main St. Newton KS  
1948-   Santa Fe Nash Co.   Olathe KS  
1952-83   Nordling Nash Motors 434 Market St. Osage City KS  
1952-   Wiltse & Russell Nash   Paola KS  
1939-56 1941 Moss Motor Co. 1721 Washington St Parsons KS Walter Moss
1941-56   Carl Dose Motor Sales 404 N Locust St. Pittsburg KS  
1939-48 1939 Roy Shafer Motor Co. 113 W. Second Pratt KS Roy Shafer
1949-51   Roy Shafer Motor Co. 519 S. Main St. Pratt KS Roy Shafer
1939-   City Garage   Protection KS  
1910- 1910 Western Kansas Automobile Co.   Russell KS  
1941-   Peddycord Motor Co.   Russell KS  
1953-   Nemaha Motor & Implement Co.   Sabetha KS  
1925-26   Simpson Hoffman Motor Co. 1030 Santa Fe St. Salina KS  
1927-   Simpson Hoffman Motor Co. 239 N. Santa Fe St. Salina KS  
1939-41   Peatling Motor Sales   Salina KS H. B. Peatling
1948-56   Boyer Nash Motors 127-135 N Seventh St Salina KS  
1950-56   Creamer Motor Co. 113 E. Court St. Smith Center KS  
1948-56   Majestic Service   St. Francis KS Elmer Fenzien
1952-   Superior Motor & Service   Stafford KS  
1917-41 1931 Charles Wierenga, Inc. 1013-1015 Kansas Ave. Topeka KS Charles Wierenga
1923-58   Barnett Motors 1015 Quincy Topeka KS L. C. Barnett
1939-41   Wellington Nash Sales Co   Wellington KS John A. Lile
1926-27   Bauslaugh Motors 1325-31 E. Douglas Wichita KS  
1928-29   Stretch and Strain Motor Co. 1325-31 E. Douglas Wichita KS  
1935-   Graves Garage 2725 Superior Wichita KS  
1939-41   Arnold Motor Co.   Wichita KS R. E. Arnold
1941-   Holzer Motor Co.   Wichita KS  
1945-49 1947 Byron Stout Co., Inc. 1214-20 East Douglas Wichita KS  
1950-53   Byron Stout Co., Inc. 1010 E. Douglas Wichita KS  
1955-56   Jim Earp Motors   Wichita KS J. W. Earp
1957-58   Bob Moore Olds Downtown Wichita KS  
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1947-   Stapleton Motors, Inc   Ashland KY  
1951-   Newton Nash Motors   Ashland KY  
1956-62   D. Avery Smith Motors   Ashland KY  
1947-   Kentucky Nash Sales   Bowling Green KY  
1956-83   Cohron Motor Co. 409 College St Bowling Green KY  
1953-   Cecille's Nash Motors   Corbin KY  
1941-   M.L. Swetman & Sons Co.   Covington KY  
1948-56   Williams Motors, Inc. 29 E 16th St Covington KY  
1957-72   Williams Motors, Inc. 1601 Scott Street Covington KY  
1941-48   Hughes Motor Co.   Cumberland KY James R. Hughes
1953- 1953 Kentucky Motor Co.   Cynthiana KY  
1941-   Avenue Sales & Service   Fort Thomas KY  
1948-   Main Street Garage   Frankfort KY  
1950-   Morris Nash Co.   Frankfort KY  
1940-   Meadows Motor Co.   Fullerton KY  
1953-   Hartford Nash, Inc.   Hartford KY  
1941-   Engle Motor Co.   Hazard KY  
1941-56 1948 Sisk Motor Co. 10th & Clay Sts Hopkinsville KY Eugene L. Sisk
1910- 1910 C.O. Updike   Lexington KY  
1939-41   Lexington Nash Motors   Lexington KY John W. Cooper
1940-   Cooper Motor Company   Lexington KY  
1941-47 1941 Cooke Motor Company   Lexington KY  
1950-56   Godfrey Nash Motors 565 W Main St Lexington KY  
1908-24 1911 Prince Wells Co. 718 Fourth Ave. Louisville KY  
1925-29   Prince Wells Co. 737 S. Third St. Louisville KY  
1939-41   Nash Louisville Co.   Louisville KY Union Webb
1941-   Abbott Motor Co.   Louisville KY  
1947-53 1952 Thurston Cooke Motor Co.   Louisville KY  
1953-56   Kentucky Nash, Inc. 301 E Broadway Louisville KY E.J. Kachler
1947-56   Purdy Motors 620 E Center St Madisonville KY  
1983-   Hawkins Motor Sales, Inc. 620 E Center St Madisonville KY  
1952-56   Marvel & Harmon Nash Main & Marvel Sts Marion KY  
1945-56   L.E. Dick Motor Co. 415 N Seventh St Mayfield KY L.E. Dick
1940-41   Patterson Nash Co. 415 N Seventh St Middlesboro KY  
1953-   Johnson Nash   Morehead KY  
1941-   Montgomery Garage   Mt. Sterling KY  
1946-56 1949 Parker Motors Main & 7th Murray KY William H. Parker
1953-   M & T Nash Sales   Neon KY  
1930-40   Knobloch Sales & Service 114 E. 6th St. Newport KY  
1957-   Webb Smith Nash Sales   Ogdensburg KY  
1947-52   Owensboro Nash Main at Walnut Owensboro KY  
1939-41   Paducah Motors   Paducah KY  
1947-50   H & M Motors   Paducah KY Woodrow W. Hook
1956-   Peters Motor Co Inc 1125 Broadway Paducah KY  
1983-   Ray H Mullen Motor Co 1125 Broadway Paducah KY  
1956-   Hobson Sales & Service Lower Cline St. Pikeville KY  
1956-   Greenwade Nash Motors, Inc. North Lake Dr Prestonsburg KY  
1952-83   Radcliffe Motors, Inc. 638 S. Dixie Blvd. Radcliffe KY  
1952-   Maffett Motor Co.   Richmond KY  
1953-   Bell Motors   Vine Grove KY  
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