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1953-   General Sales & Service Co.   Aledo IL R.L. Davidson
1922-41   Algonquin Nash Sales   Algonquin IL Pat Rowson
1936-   Craig's Sales & Service 1614 Bozza St. Alton IL  
1948-   Alton Nash   Alton IL  
1952- 1952 Les Motors   Alton IL  
1913-   Charles Sibley   Antioch IL  
1939-56   Dewey & Company 233 W Galena Blvd Aurora IL Howard Dewey
1952-   Country Side Motors   Barrington IL  
1940-   Logsdon Nash Sales   Beardstown IL  
1956-   Cass County Nash Sales 1018 Wall Street Beardstown IL  
1936-   Meckfessel Motor Co. 629 E. Main St. Belleville IL  
1941-   Sellers Auto Sales, Inc.   Belleville IL  
1947-52 1952 Belleville Motors 325 W. Main Belleville IL Paul H. Katt
1927- 1927 Belvidere Nash Motors 127 N. State St. Belvidere IL L.J. Anderson
1940-41   Belvidere Nash Sales   Belvidere IL Jay Lanning
1948-60   Atwood Nash Sales   Belvidere IL Russell Atwood
1940-   Thomann's Garage   Benton IL  
1935-   Vitak Bros. Oak Park Ave. Berwyn IL  
1949-56 1951 Suburban Nash Sales Co. 7050 Ogden Ave. Berwyn IL A.M. Zelke
1957-83 1955 Suburban Nash Sales Co. 6840 West Ogden Ave. Berwyn IL A.M. Zelke
1910- 1910 Keiser-Van Leer Co.   Bloomington IL  
1940-48   Bloomington Motor Co.   Bloomington IL  
1952-56   R & H Nash Sales 300 E Grove St Bloomington IL  
1940-56   Blue Island Nash Sales 12254 S Western Ave Blue Island IL G.W. Hirsch
1940-41   West Suburban Nash   Brookfield IL  
1947-   Woods Motor Company   Cairo IL  
1942-58 1957 Clyde Mills Sales & Service 533 N Main St Canton IL Jack & Bob Mills
1939-41   Marko Garage   Carlinville IL Paul Marko
1952-   Rathgeb Motors   Carlinville IL  
1952-56   Abbey Motor Co. West Oak St. Carmi IL  
1953-   Cole Nash, Inc.   Carthage IL  
1940-   Nash Centralia Co.   Centralia IL  
1948-   Centralia Motors, Inc.   Centralia IL  
1953-   W.E. Booth Motor & Implement Sales 724 N Poplar St Centralia IL  
1939-40   Perry Motor Sales   Champaign IL  
1948-   Doug Wilson Motor Co.   Champaign IL  
1952-56 1952 Reeder Auto Sales 122 W White St Champaign IL E.D. Reeder
1908-   Rambler Garage Co. 1218-1220 Sheridan Road Chicago IL  
1908-10 1910 Thomas B. Jeffery & Co. 1462-1464 Chicago IL  
1917-   Centaur Motor Co. 2929 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago IL A. M. Robbins
1921-27   Nash Sales Co. 2000 South Michigan Ave. Chicago IL  
1926-   Chicago Nash Co. 2000 Michigan Boulevard Chicago IL  
1928-   Brewer-Brady Nash Co. 220 East 24th St. Chicago IL  
1928-29   Chicago Nash Co. 220 East 24th St. Chicago IL  
1930-51   Tourist Motor Sales Co. 5932-50 S. Western Ave. Chicago IL J.E. Hanna
1931-33   Robert Crist 7616 South Halsted St. Chicago IL  
1931-   Rowe, Young & Cooley   Chicago IL  
1930-39   Chicago Nash Co. 2360 Prairie Ave (& 24th St.) Chicago IL Harry T. Hollingshead
1933-   South Side Auto Sales Inc. 1210 E. 63rd St. Chicago IL  
1937-41   Auto Mart 4620 W. Madison St. Chicago IL  
1939-   Brighton Park Motor Sales Chicago IL
1939-41   Budde Motors 6624 N. Western Ave. Chicago IL Harry J. Budde
1939-41   Don Lee Nash Sales 3020 Lawrence Ave. Chicago IL Don Lee
1939-41   Rome Motor Sales, Inc. 4107 Milwaukee Ave. Chicago IL John J. Rome
1939-41   South East Nash 7346 Stony Island Ave. Chicago IL
1937-56 1956 Roto-Wallman Motors 6940 W. Grand Ave Chicago IL Peter Roto/Henry Wallman
1939-51   Northtown Nash Inc. 6951 N. Western Ave. Chicago IL A.F. Eichman
1939-51   Southtown Nash Sales, Inc. 8127 S. Racine Ave. Chicago IL Joseph G. Jezbera
1939-56   Isaacson Nash Motor Sales 3020 Broadway Chicago IL Elmer P. Isaacson
1939-56   Roseland Nash Sales Inc. 10220 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago IL G.W. Fleischman
1939-60   Logan Square Motors Inc. 2488 Milwaukee Ave. Chicago IL James Edward Healy

Email received:

My uncle, James Edward Healy was the Nash dealer at 2488 Milwaukee Ave. His original partner was Al Urban but that deal fell apart due to tax problems when Urban operated an insurance business not known to my uncle or the govt. I lived with with my aunt & uncle from 1940 until I married in 1962. Lost my dad in a car accident in 1940. I believe the business was still operating in 1960. I know it was operating in 1959 when I returned home from the Air Force. Jim Healy passed away in 1981 in Hot Springs, AR where he retired.
After Jim Healy closed up Nash he went to work as the used car mgr. for Charlie Hern Pontiac. Believe it or not but I was in the Air Force with Walt Barrow's son (Rambler in Oak Park). Walt Jr. was a fighter pilot and died in Florida in 2001. Walt jr. flew F-102 and F-104 fighters. I am still in touch with his widow.  BTW, the name of the business was changed to Logan Square Rambler but I don't remember when. Jim Healy was friendly with Charlie Nash from way back. In high school after I got my license I would ride up to Kenosha, WI with a salesman or two to pick up cars and return to Chicago. That was a lot of fun. I recall seeing the problem cars off the assembly line that the workers had to fix on their own time.
Joe Sullivan
Indianapolis, IN
1939-56 1954 Austin Auto Mart, Inc. 5651 W. Madison St. Chicago IL C.E. Austin
1940-41   Nash Sales Inc. 236 E. 24th St. Chicago IL  
1940-41   Opas Motor Sales   Chicago IL Fred Opas
1941-   Chase Motor Sales   Chicago IL Clarence Chase
1941-   George R. Hedges 9060 South Chicago Ave. Chicago IL  
1941-   Midway Motors   Chicago IL  
1941-   Miles Auto Sales 1631 N. Cicero Ave. Chicago IL  
1941-   Nash On Broadway 5657 Broadway Chicago IL  
1941-   Southeast Nash 7346 Stony Island Ave. Chicago IL  
1941-56   South Racine Nash Sales 6931 S. Racine Ave. Chicago IL  
1947-   Kuske Nash Sales   Chicago IL  
1946-   Iversen Nash Sales Inc. 7633 Jeffery Boulevard Chicago IL E.J. Iversen
1947-50   Iversen Nash Sales Inc. 7149 Exchange Ave. Chicago IL E.J. Iversen
1947-48   Chicago Nash, Inc. Michigan Ave. Chicago IL Ralph J. Scheu
1941-56   Sherman Nash Co. 3645 W Ogden Ave. Chicago IL A.L. Sherman
1948-62 1962 Nash North Side, Inc. 6250 Broadway Chicago IL T.P. O'Neill
1948-50 1948 Hauser Nash Sales, Inc.   Chicago IL Paul E. (Bud) Hauser
1950-52   Glazov Bros. Nash 6035 Cottage Grove Ave. Chicago IL Joseph Glazov
1951-   Downtown Nash 2139 W. Madison St. Chicago IL M. Metnick
1951-   Suburban Motors   Chicago IL D. M. Nigro
1951-   Suburban Nash Sales   Chicago IL W. Zelke
1951-52   Nash Motors Division 2101 Indiana Ave. Chicago IL  
1947-52   Beverly Nash Motors, Inc. 8912 S. Ashland Ave. Chicago IL J. S. Piazza
1951-52   South Shore Nash Co. 7149 Exchange Ave. Chicago IL  
1952-56   Downtown Nash 1200 W. Madison St. Chicago IL M. Metnick
1952-   Elmwood Park Motor Sales 7306 W. Grand Ave. Chicago IL  
1952-56   Evergreen Nash, Inc. 2155 W 80th St Chicago IL  
1947-52 1950 Maggio Nash Co. 1637 N. Cicero Ave. Chicago IL H. D. Maggio
1952-   O'Donnell Motor Sales, Inc.   Chicago IL  
1952-   Southtown Nash Sales, Inc. 7630 S. Halsted St. Chicago IL Joseph G. Jezbera
1952-56   Tourist Nash Sales Co. 5944 S. Western Ave. Chicago IL  
1953-   Carl Wildey, Inc.   Chicago IL  
1953-   Chicago Auto Sales & Service   Chicago IL N. Pilot
1953-   Manhattan Motors, Inc.   Chicago IL  
1953-   Michigan Nash Sales & Finance Corp.   Chicago IL  
1953-56   Ray Zilien Nash 8912 S Ashland Ave Chicago IL  
1953-83 1957 Archer-Kedzie Nash 4393 S. Archer Ave. Chicago IL  
1956-   All Star Motor Sales, Inc. 2222 N Cicero Ave. Chicago IL  
1956-   Lawrence Ave. Nash, Inc.   Chicago IL  
1957-   Farr Motors Inc. 2222 N Cicero Ave. Chicago IL  
1957-58   Motorking Nash Co.   Chicago IL  
1939-41   Stober Motor Sales   Chicago Heights IL Emil Stober
1948-52   Jenson Nash Sales, Inc. 1644 Chicago Rd. Chicago Heights IL J.S. Jenson
1956-   Skyline Nash Sales, Inc. 1644 Chicago Rd. Chicago Heights IL  
1928-52   Cicero Nash Sales & Service 5338 Cermak Road Cicero IL James Tuma
1956-60   Towne Nash, Inc. 5338 Cermak Road Cicero IL  
1940-   McCammon Garage   Clinton IL  
1956-   Collinsville Nash 406 St. Louis Rd Collinsville IL  
1953-   McCormick Motor Sales, Inc.   Crystal Lake IL  
1940-   R.J. Harper Nash Sales   Danville IL  
1948-56 1949 Wynn Bros. 6 W Fairchild St Danville IL Norval Wynn
1911-   Tenney & Company   Decatur IL  
1925-   Kilborn Inc. 314-16-18 E. Main Street Decatur IL  
1939-41   Reo Nash Sales Co. 240 W. Wood St. Decatur IL  
1942-56   Bopp Motors, Inc. 240 W. Wood St. Decatur IL Cyril D. Bopp
1957-   Midwest Nash Corp. 240 W. Wood St. Decatur IL  
1958-60   Midwest Rambler 240 W. Wood St. Decatur IL  
1940-   Felton Motor Sales   DeKalb IL  
1941-   Taylor Motor Sales   DeKalb IL  
1952-   Wagenseller Motors, Inc.   DeKalb IL  
1948-54   Collignon Nash Inc. 1590 Miner St. Des Plaines IL R.W. Collignon
1956-   Collignon Nash Inc. 192 N Wolf St Des Plaines IL R.W. Collignon
1932-40 1940 Hemminger Nash 90 Ottawa Ave. Dixon IL Francis Hemminger
1948-85   Hemminger Nash 316 Hennepin Ave. Dixon IL Francis Hemminger
1938-   A. Duke Schlauder 1005 Burlington Ave. Downers Grove IL  
1941-   Downers Grove Nash   Downers Grove IL  
1953-56   Eichmann Motor Sales Co 719 Prairie St Downers Grove IL I.H. Eichmann
1953-   Huie Motor Sales   DuQuoin IL  
1953-   Boyer Brothers   Dwight IL  
1936-41   Young Motor Co. 1026 Illinois East St. Louis IL Elmo Young
1948-50 1949 Tri-Angle Motors, Inc. 8th And St. Louis Ave East St. Louis IL Walt Glatthaar

1952- 1952 Illinois Nash Corp.   East St. Louis IL  
1956-   Triangle Nash Co. 5201 State St East St. Louis IL  
1948-   Tucker Nash Co.   Effingham IL  
1951-   Fagan Nash Co.   Effingham IL  
1953-   Manis Nash Sales   Effingham IL  
1940-41   Fox Garage 114 Division St. Elgin IL  
1956-61   Valley Motor Sales 114 Douglas Ave. Elgin IL Joseph G. Ross
1952-54   Elmwood Park Motor Sales  7306 W. Grand Ave. Elmwood Park IL  
1940-   John L. Zimmer   Emden IL  
1928-41 1936 Nash Evanston Co.   Evanston IL  
1948- 1948 Haeger Nash Sales, Inc. 717 Chicago Ave. Evanston IL  
1951-   Evanston Nash Inc.   Evanston IL H.N. Miller
1940-   Leman Bros.   Fairbury IL  
1952-56   Xanders Motor Service 812 W Main St Fairfield IL  
1910-11 1911 George A. DeLong   Foosland IL  
1940-   Walter C. Vietmeier   Forreston IL  
1940-   Harris Nash Motors   Frankfort IL  
1941-57   Klapp Motor Sales 119 N Chicago Ave Freeport IL W.T. Klapp
1913-   Rambler Auto Sales Co.   Galesburg IL  
1940-41   Knox Auto Sales   Galesburg IL  
1940-   Nash Garage   Galva IL  
1940-47   Geneva Garage   Geneva IL  
1956-   Geneva Nash Sales 17 N First St Geneva IL  
1952-   Vollmer Motors   Glen Ellyn IL  
1947-57 1949 Pulver Nash Inc. 660 Vernon Ave. Glencoe IL H.H. Pulver
1953-   Glencoe Nash, Inc.   Glencoe IL  
1947-53 1948 Hauser Nash, Inc. Lawrence Ave. Glencoe IL Paul E. (Bud) Hauser
1936-   Tri-City Nash Co. 1815 Edison Granite City IL  
1940-   K. Hammond Auto Sales   Granite City IL  
1947-   Ritz-McLean Motor Co.   Granite City IL  
1950-52 1952 McLean Auto Sales   Granite City IL  
1940-   Ellis File Motors   Greenville IL  
1953-   Goodall Nash Sales   Greenville IL  
1941-   Reitz Motor Sales   Hanover IL  
1947-53 1953 Harrisburg Motor Sales 432 W. Poplar St. Harrisburg IL Charles Kuhn 
1954-   Harrisburg Motor Sales 432 W. Poplar St. Harrisburg IL Joab Moore
1940-   Harvey Nash Sales   Harvey IL  
1908-10 1910 Henry Automobile Co.   Henry IL  
1938-41   A.G. McPherson Inc. 387 Park Avenue Highland Park IL  
1939-47   Hinsdale Nash Sales   Hinsdale IL  
1947-50   Owens & Gill Motor Co.   Herrin IL E. Luehring
1953- 1953 Homewood Nash, Inc.   Homewood IL Frank A. Cattando
1939-56   Yarbrough Nash Sales 208 N Market St Hoopeston IL W.H. Yarbrough
1947-52 1952 Jacksonville Motors   Jacksonville IL  
1956-   Morgan Co Nash Inc. 220 N West St Jacksonville IL  
1908-09 1909 Steinhart & Jensen   Joliet IL  

1939-58 1948 Beutel Nash Co. Inc. 67-69 N. Scott Joliet IL George Beutel

1940-   Close Motor Sales   Kankakee IL  
1941-   Gemon Nash Sales   Kankakee IL  
1947-56   Jakob's Auto Sales 531 S Washington St Kankakee IL  
1955-60   Edwards Nash Sales 604 W 1st St Kewanee IL  
1941-   Ree Motor Sales   Libertyville IL  
1913-   Woland Auto Co.   Lincoln IL  
1939-56 1953 Schroeder Nash Sales  404 17th St Lincoln IL V.F. Schroeder

1940-   Satterlee Bros.   Litchfield IL  
1956-   Watkins Nash Sales & Service 415 N Adams St Litchfield IL  
1953-   Dailey Nash   Macomb IL  
1940-   Turk Motor Sales   Maple Park IL  
1913-   J.H. Patterson   Marengo IL  
1952-56   Absher Motor Sales Highway 13 E Marion IL  
1930-41   Mahlers Service, Inc. 3627 W. 216th Street  Matteson IL Arthur Mahler
1940-41   Scott's Garage   Mattoon IL  
1946-51 1946 Leonard-Nash Sales Inc.   Mattoon IL  
1947-   Downs Nash Sales   McHenry IL  
1940-41   R.C. Service Co.   Mendota IL  
1940-   Herbert's Shop   Minonk IL  
1945-75   Blaser's Auto Sales 1400 4th Ave Moline IL William H. Blaser
1940-   Hedges Motor Sales   Momence IL  
1940-   M. T. Cotner Motor Co.   Mt. Carmel IL  
1940-41   Williard F. Denney Co.   Mt. Carroll IL  
1941-   C.H. Newcomer   Mt. Morris IL  
1953-   Evan's Motor Sales   Mt. Morris IL  
1947-56   Talbott Motor Co. 316 South 9th St Mt. Vernon IL  
1947-56   Jackson County Motors 12 N 17th St Murphysboro IL  
1939-   Richardson Nash   Naperville IL K.H. Richardson
1940-   Naperville Nash Sales   Naperville IL  
1941-   Hanley Nash Sales   Naperville IL  
1939-40   Barrow Brothers Inc. 259 South Blvd. Oak Park (Chicago) IL W.J. Barrow
1941-67 1967 Barrow Brothers Inc. 133 Madison St. Oak Park (Chicago) IL W.J. Barrow
1956-64 1964 Oaklawn Nash Motors 5000 W. 95th St. Oaklawn IL  
1940-49   Olney Nash Co.   Olney IL  
1939-56   Farrell Motor Sales 809 Columbus St. Ottawa IL John J. Farrell
1955-56   Dan's Motor Sales 500 S Northwest Hwy Palatine IL Dan Schmeichel
1956-91   Sparks Garage 108 E Grand Prairie Palestine IL  
1940-   Earl's Garage   Paris IL  
1953-61 53-59 Engels Nash Sales 742-4 Higgins Rd Park Ridge IL Daniel James Engels

My father, Dan Engels had a repair garage and a gas station at the site on Higgins Road from 1939 through 1953.
In 1953 he built a showroom, new service station and office and began selling Nash automobiles. He owned the agency through the transition to Rambler in 1958, and sold the franchise in 1961.
He and my mother Muriel Engels owned the building continuously through 1998 when the property was sold. The building was torn down in 2009 and is now a strip mall.    Patricia J. (Engels) Boudreau
1940-   Walt Westrope   Pekin IL  
1948-   Weghorst Nash Sales   Pekin IL Oscar C. Weghorst
1956-64   Stoner Nash Sales Broadway & Third Sts Pekin IL James Stoner
1923-   Ingram Motor Car Co. Peoria IL
1928-   Illinois Valley Motor Co. 321-323 Fulton St. Peoria IL P.K. Norman
1939-   Landis Motor Co.   Peoria IL  
1940-   Combs Motor Sales   Peoria IL  
1941-   Royal Motors Inc.   Peoria IL  
1947-50   Verkley-Peyer Co. 430 S. Jefferson Peoria IL  
1954-58 1957 Peoria Nash 3324 N Adams St. Peoria IL Dee J.  & Otto H. Cornelius

1912-   J.A. Montelius, Jr.   Piper City IL  
1952-   Pittsfield Nash Sales   Pittsfield IL  
1939-41   E.M. DeBolt   Pontiac IL  
1948-56 1949 E.F. Martin Motor Sales 416 W Madison St Pontiac IL  

1904-58   A.E. Anderson Auto Co. 105 South Main Street Princeton IL A.E. Anderson
1966-74   A.E. Anderson Auto Co. 105 South Main Street Princeton IL Albin Anderson Jr.
1957-   Motor King Nash Co.   Pulaski (Chicago) IL  
1958-   Motor King Rambler Co.   Pulaski (Chicago) IL  
1940-41   J. "Bud" Swartz Sales & Service   Quincy IL  
1947-56   Maine Motors Sales & Service 929 Main St Quincy IL  
1951-   Earl Wellman Motors Inc.   Red Bud IL  
1939-56   Eskildsen Co.   Reddick IL B.E. Eskildsen
1939-46   Wilson Motor Sales 3722 Harlem Ave. Riverside IL David Wilson
1947-48   Suburban Nash Sales Co, Inc. 3722 Harlem Ave. Riverside IL Art Zelke
1951- Stoner Motor Co. North Lincoln Highway Rochelle IL
1952-56 1953 Wagoner Motor Co. North Lincoln Highway Rochelle IL Dennis Wagoner
1940 Edwards Auto Sales Rock Island IL
1941-52 41-48 Rock Island Nash Inc. 2704 11th St. Rock Island IL William Piggott/Russell Sabiston
1956- Piggott Motor Co. 1500 Fourth Ave. Rock Island IL
1912-13 Joslyn Automobile Co.   Rock Island IL J.S. Joslin
1935-61 1954 Nash Illinois Co. 117 No. Winnebago Rockford IL Wallis S. Stutzel
1939-50   Nash Herb & Bussey 1122 Charles St. Rockford IL H.H. Satre/R.W. Bussey
1910-13 1913 Rambler Motor Car Co.   Rutland IL  
1949-   Nash Sales & Service 1313 E. Main St. Salem IL  
1957-58   Peter Epsteen Pontiac Co.   Skokie IL  
1913-   Springfield Auto Sales Co.   Springfield IL  
1939-41   Nash Sales, Inc   Springfield IL C.F. Schlitz
1953-56   Eddie's Nash 720 E Main St Staunton IL  
1940-41   Sterling Garage   Sterling IL  
1948-   Sterling Nash Sales   Sterling IL  
1957-58   Ed-N-Sam Motors   Stony Island (Chicago) IL  
1939-56   Campbell Motor Sales 407 N Bloomington St Streator IL Bob/Ralph Campbell
1939-41   Art's Garage 124 W State St Sycamore IL Arthur C. Taylor
1948-56   Taylor Nash Sales 124 W State St Sycamore IL Jerry Taylor
1939-40   Anderson Implement Co.   Tampico IL  
1956-57   Amos' Nash Co. 110 West Park St. Taylorville IL  
1967-   Amos' American Co. 110 West Park St. Taylorville IL  
1923-24   American-Harriman Co.   Urbana IL  
1953-   Hunter Nash Sales   Vandalia IL  
1939-41   Armbrust Motor Sales   Villa Park IL Roy Armbrust
1940-   C.K. Goldahagen   Warren IL  
1940-41   Farmer's Mercantile Association   Waterman IL  
1939-56   Kice Nash Sales 111 N 3rd St Watseka IL H.W. Kice
1928-   Wetzel & Turner   Waukegan IL  
1937-   Nash Waukegan Sales Co. 302 S. Genesee St. Waukegan IL  
1939-41   G.L. Miller Motor Sales   Waukegan IL G.L. Miller
1948- 1948 Kelly Nash Sales, Inc.   Waukegan IL  
1952-   Waukegan Nash Sales, Inc.   Waukegan IL Ed I. Asher
1960's-   Topel Rambler   Waukegan IL
1922-47   E.H. Holstein 309 W. Front St. Wheaton IL  
1953-83   Lorraine Motors   1400 E. Roosevelt Rd     Wheaton IL  
1952-   Westnedge & Early Imp. Co.   White Hall IL  
1953-   Lawrence Motor Sales   Wilmington IL  
1955-68   Harris Motors Sheridan Rd. Winthrop Harbor IL  
1940-   K. Hammond Auto Sales   Wood River IL  
1947-53 51-53 Holmes Nash Sales 120 E Calhoun St Woodstock IL J.D. Holmes
1940-   Zion Nash Sales   Zion IL  
1941-48   Zion Industries, Inc.   Zion IL  
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1941-   G.C. Marks Motor Sales   Anderson IN  
1947-   Waymire Motor Co.   Anderson IN  
1949-56 1949 Munson Sales, Inc. 815 Jackson, 1316 Main Anderson IN  
1952-   Boyd Motor Sales   Attica IN  
1952-   Fix Nash Co.   Attica IN  
1956-   C & C Nash Sales 122 W Mill St Attica IN  
1940-   Sherwood Donnelly Co. Bedford IN  
1947-60   Noble King Motor Sales 204 S College Ave Bloomington IN  
1953-56   Addington's Sales & Service 227 S Third St Boonville IN Walter S. Addington
1953-   Emmert Garage   Brazil IN  
1940-   Farm Equipment Co.   Brownstown IN  
1953-   Scott Sales & Service   Brownstown IN  
1939-41   Donald Clark   Cayuga IN  
1941-   W.T. Scanlon   Clarks Hill IN  
1947-   Hoosier Tire & Auto, Inc.   Columbus IN  
1957-   Holt Nash Co. Franklin at Third St. Columbus IN  
1940-56   McGraw-Keilman, Inc. 7th & Eastern Connorsville IN  
1940-   Converse Auto Co.   Converse IN  
1953- 1953 Yates Equipment & Sales, Inc.   Crawfordsville IN  
1939-48   Nichols Motor Sales   Crown Point IN H. Nichols
1956   Crown Point Nash Sales   Crown Point IN
1953-   Steffen Motor Sales   Decatur IN  
1947-48 1948 Twin City Nash Inc. 3481 Michigan Ave. East Chicago IN  
1952-   Community Auto Sales   East Chicago IN  
1941-   James L. Records   Edinburg IN  
1925- 1925     Elkhart IN  
1941-50   Niblock Nash Sales   Elkhart IN Don Niblock Sr.
1917-   C.F. Cleveland   Evansville IN  
1925-   Evansville Nash Motor Co. 1209 Main St. Evansville IN  
1945-52   Ed Mooney Motors 111 S. E. 3rd St Evansville IN  
1953 1953 Ed Mooney Motors 8th and Oak Sts. Evansville IN Ed Mooney

I was looking through the old Nash dealers on your website and found the picture and listing of Ed Mooney Motors on Oak and 8th streets in my hometown of Evansville, Indiana. In 1952 my first job after school and weekends was at George Mooney Mobil station on Washington Ave. I only worked at the dealership during the summer and at the gas station during the school year.
George was Ed's brother and we mostly did service work on Nash cars. Ed Mooney came in the station almost every day and I got to know him. When school was out for the year Ed asked me to work full time at the dealership. I did lube work and washed cars and delivered and picked up cars for service. i got to drive a lot of nice Nash cars. Ed also sold Jaguars, but I only remember 3 or 4 Jags being at the dealership, usually only one at a time.
Ed drove a white XK120 coupe and he drove it fast. When we had to pick up a new Nash at another dealer, Ed would take me in the Jag and have me drive the Nash back. He always cautioned me not to try to keep up with the Jag but to drive the Nash carefully at the speed limit. One day he told me we had to pick up a Jaguar in St. Louis. I was thrilled that I would be able to drive a Jag back home, but he pulled up front with a Rambler wagon from the used car lot and you know which one I got to drive back. Actually, I was surprised and pleased at how quick and nimble the little Rambler was. I worked at the Nash dealership up until I went into the Navy in 1954.
Ed was a flamboyant man. Always dressed in a bright colored sport coat and a straw hat. I respected him. I knew from observing both Ed and George Mooney that they were honest business men and they expected their employees to be clean and presentable and always treat customers with courtesy and respect.
I thought you would like to hear of my experience with the Mooneys.
Sincerely, Marv White

1955- Roberts-Nash, Inc. Evansville IN D.H. Roberts
1958- 1958 Hedin, Luck & Caddick, Inc. Evansville IN H. J. Luck
1941-   Bill Graves   Fort Wayne IN  
1941-   Lehman Motors 614 E. Washington St. Fort Wayne IN  
1948-60   Huntress Nash Motors, Inc. 230 E 4th St Fort Wayne IN D.K. "Doug" Huntress
1936-   Carl Mohr   Frankfort IN  
1955-   Rogers Nash Sales & Service   Frankfort IN C.K. Rogers
1956-58   Ingle's Nash Sales 298 W Jefferson St Franklin IN  
1939-41   Art Travers, Inc 753 Washington St Gary IN  
1947-49   Buffington Motors   Gary IN F.Y. Buffington
1952-   Gary Nash   Gary IN  
1948-84 1951 Lechlitner Nash Sales, Inc. 1202-04 W. Pike St. Goshen IN Floyd Lechlitner
1952-   SuAn Motors   Greensburg IN  
1940-   S. & S. Sales   Greencastle IN  
1935- 1935 Universal Motor Sales   Hammond IN  
1940-48   O'Neil Auto Sales   Hammond IN Jerry A. O'Neil
1956-   Agnew Nash Company 5703 Calumet Ave Hammond IN
1940-41   Joseph J. Stroup, Jr.   Hartford City IN  
1953-   Modern Motors   Hartford City IN  
1939-41   Floyd Shook Auto Mart   Huntington IN Floyd Shook
1940-   Nash & LaFayette Sales & Service   Indiana Harbor IN  
1909-10 1910 Hearsey-Willis Co.   Indianapolis IN Fred J. Willis
1911-   Rambler Automobile Co.   Indianapolis IN  
1921-29   Losey-Nash Motor Co. 400 North Capitol Ave. Indianapolis IN  
1931-35 1931 E.L. Shaver Co. 961 North Meridian Street Indianapolis IN  
1938-40   Lewis & Winkler Motors Inc.   Indianapolis IN  
1940-   Roger M. Elmore, Inc.   Indianapolis IN  
1940-41   Mock Motor Sales   Indianapolis IN  
1941-   Nash Motors of Indianapolis   Indianapolis IN  
1941-   Roush Motor Sales   Indianapolis IN  
1946-56 1947 Pennsylvania Motor Inn 1450 N Pennsylvania St. Indianapolis IN F. Donald Ewing
1948-1975 1955 Indianapolis Nash, Inc. 342 E. Market St. Indianapolis IN William A. Grawemeyer
1939-41   Kokomo Nash   Kokomo IN C.M. Aaron
1948-   Fritchey Motor Sales   Kokomo IN  
1947-   Demerly's Nash Sales & Service   Lafayette IN  
1956-   Knobby's Nash Sales   Lafayette IN  
1940-   Jacob Rose   LaPorte IN  
1947-   Baumgartner Motors   LaPorte IN  
1953-56   LaPorte Motors, Inc. 702 J St LaPorte IN  
1941--   Ecklar Motor Co.   Lawrenceburg IN  
1953-   Dearborn Sales & Service   Lawrenceburg IN  
1939-41   Lutes Motor Sales   Logansport IN Donald Lutes
1948-   Wick's Motor Sales 706-708 Burlington Ave. Logansport IN  
1939-41   Ralph Hudson Nash Sales   Lowell IN  
1956-   Boyens Nash Sales 141 W Commercial Ave Lowell IN  
1940-   Berry Motor Co. Madison IN  
1956-   Horton's Nash Sales & Service Hwy 107 Madison IN  
1939-41   McDaniel's   Marion IN H.A. McDaniel
1947-56   Kiley Sales, Inc. 109 N Boote St Marion IN  
1939-41   Reeves Service   Martinsville IN W. E. Reeves
1948-56   R.D. Austin Motor Sales 127 W Fourth St Michigan City IN  
1957-   Brinckman Motors 2600 E Mich Blvd  (Hwy 35) Michigan City IN  
1953-   Milan Sales & Service   Milan IN  
1957-58   Jordan Rambler   Mishawaka IN  
1941-56   Topper's Nash Sales   Mt. Vernon IN  
1939-41   Burr N. Munson   Muncie IN  
1947-50 1950 Muncie Nash Co.   Muncie IN  
1956   Don Null's Nash Sales 322 N Walnut St Muncie IN  
1957-70   Don Null's Nash Sales 90 N Madison Muncie IN  
1947-49   Castle Motor Co 4920 A. Ave. New Castle IN  
1950-56   Castle Motor Co 2612 Broad St New Castle IN  
1956-   Hunter Nash   Noblesville IN  
1953-   Reahard Nash Motor Sales   North Manchester IN  
1952-   Rudd Motor Co.   Plymouth IN Allen Rudd
1956-   Jay Motor Co. Hwy 67 Portland IN  
1940-   Caskey Motor Co. Princeton IN  
1939-74 1949 Hermanson Nash Sales 229 W. Kellner Blvd. Rensselaer IN Harry/Fred Hermanson
1939-47   Hap Clark Nash Sales   Richmond IN Howard Clark
1956-   Harold Ash Nash Sales 112 E Washington St Shelbyville IN  
1902-13 1909 Frazier's Garage   South Bend IN  
1923-29   South Bend Nash Co.   South Bend IN  
1939-41   Axtell Motors   South Bend IN Fred Axtell
1940-   Nash LaFayette Sales Inc.   South Bend IN  
1947-49   Goes Motors Inc.   South Bend  IN Andrew Goes
1956-   Bob's Nash Inc 226-28 S Lafayette Blvd South Bend IN  
1937-56   Zimmerman Sales & Service State Route 101 Sunman IN  
1938-56   Gasaway Motor Co. 1319 E Wabash Ave. Terre Haute IN  
1953- 1953 Tipton Auto Sales, Inc.   Tipton IN H.P. Crouch
1952-   Lyons Motor Sales   Union City IN  
1950-60 1950 Marimon Sales & Service 454 West Lincolnway Valparaiso IN Thomas J. Marimon
1940-   Charles E. Guerrettaz   Vincennes IN  
1947-   Anderson Motor Sales   Vincennes IN  
1947-   Lakeland Motor Sales   Warsaw IN  
1948-49   Healy Nash Sales   Warsaw IN  
1956-   Werner Nash Sales & Service 604 E Winona Ave Warsaw IN  
1940-56   Nash Whiting Sales   Whiting IN  

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