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1951-60 1955 Motor Supply Ltd. 1257 Kapiolani Blvd. Honolulu HI  

1950-51   Conrad Nash Co.   Adel IA  
1910-12 1910 Snow Automobile Co. 121-123 South Main St Albia IA Sidney C. Snow

1956- Russ & Ky's Nash Sales & Service   Algona IA  
1948-54 1954 Armstrong Nash, Inc.   Ames IA  
1953-   Bowling Nash Motors   Bloomfield IA  
1950-51   Vernon Nash Motor Co.   Boone IA  
1956-   Bales Nash Co. 915 Sixth St Boone IA  
1940-56   Sleper Service Station   Buffalo Center IA Albert Sleper Jr.
1926- 1926 King & Sunburg Motor Co. 418-420 N. Main St. Burlington IA  
1949-52   Thomas Motor Co. 500 N. 3rd St. Burlington IA  
1947-50   Ellis Nash Co.   Carroll IA  
1956-   Schenkelberg-Stoffer Nash 526 N Maple St Carroll IA  
1940-   Jespersen Auto Service   Cedar Falls IA  
1956-   Haurum Nash Sales 210 W Third St Cedar Falls IA  
1917-   Jeffery Truck Service   Cedar Rapids IA  
1923-   Cedar Valley Nash Co.   Cedar Rapids IA  
1941-58 41 51 Schamberger Motor Co. 2938 First Ave. East Cedar Rapids IA Bill Schamberger
1953-   Bob Freeland Nash Sales   Centerville IA  
1952-   Merlyn Albaugh Nash Co.   Charles City IA  
1953-   Mallard Nash Co.   Charles City IA  
1952-   Hilltop Motors   Cherokee IA  
1953-   Harlan Nash Co.   Clarinda IA J.U. Harlan
1939-41   Nick Carstensen Co.   Clinton IA Nick Carstensen
1948-52   Clinton Nash Sales   Clinton IA  
1953-56   Cunningham-Nash 2318 N Third St Clinton IA  
1910- 1910 Council Bluffs Automobile Co.   Council Bluffs IA  
1940-   Steinhauer Nash Co.   Council Bluffs IA  
1955-56   Lincoln Highway Garage 111-17 W Broadway Council Bluffs IA Carl M. Huber
1947-   Davis-Carlisle Nash Company   Creston IA  
1953-   Parrott & Kerley   Creston IA  
1939-41   Stender Motor Co. 518 Harrison St. Davenport IA Ernest Stender
1947-51 1951 Davenport Nash, Inc.   Davenport IA Wm. (Bill) Helms
1953-56   C.G.A. Urelius   Dayton IA  
1922-   O.A. Bergan   Decorah IA  
1953-   Rilling Motor Service   Decorah IA  
1939-41   Arthur Paup   Denison IA  
1908-11 1909 Campbell Automotive Co.   Des Moines IA I.R. Campbell
1913-   Des Moines Rambler Co.   Des Moines IA  
1934-40   Means Nash Sales Co.   Des Moines IA  
1941-   Gambs-Knorr Nash   Des Moines IA  
1941-   Painter Nash Sales   Des Moines IA  
1947-83   Des Moines Nash Co., Inc. 201 E. Locust  Des Moines IA C.D. Shramek
1956-   Olson-Sutherland Nash 835 E Euclid Ave Des Moines IA  
1941-   Engel Nash Co.   Dubuque IA  
1947-70   Tegeler's Nash Sales & Service 2307 Central Ave Dubuque IA Edward B. Tegeler
1956-   Miner Motors 610 First Ave S Estherville IA  
1940-   Nash Sales Co.   Ft. Dodge IA  
1950-   Fort Dodge Nash, Inc.   Ft. Dodge IA  
1940-   Gabel Motor Sales   Ft. Madison IA  
1941-   Smith Motor Co.   Ft. Madison IA  
1955-56   Hawkeye Nash, Inc. 715 18th St Ft. Madison IA E.T. Hoenig
1937-42   1941 Wall Motor Co. Gaza IA
1951-   Van Zee Motors   Greene IA  
1951-   Quality Nash Co.   Grinnell IA  
1939-48   Scharf Motor Co.   Griswold IA Wm. Scharf
1957-   Erickson Motor Co   Griswold IA  
1910-   H.A. Knease & Sons   Iowa City IA  
1939-41   Cook Nash Sales Co.   Iowa City IA  
1952-56   Ekwall Motor Co. 1326 Yewell St. Iowa City IA J.E. Ekwall
1939-57 Welden Auto Co. 201 Main St. Iowa Falls IA Lew L. /W.S. "Bill" Welden
1939-41   Keokuk Nash Sales Co.   Keokuk IA G.V. Higgins
1956-   Blackburn Nash Sales   Knoxville IA  
1910- 1910 Moyer & Dean   Lake View IA  
1939-   Beebee Auto Co.   Logan IA  
1940-   Ernst Garage   Mallard IA  
1911-31 1931 Cloud Motor Co.   Manchester IA P.M. Cloud
1953-54   Manchester Nash Hwy 20, E of Downtown Manchester IA  
1952-   Wendel Motor Co.   Maquoketa IA  
1947-52   Burger Auto Co. 209 E. Church Marshalltown IA Donald C. Burger
1947-49   Mason City Nash Co. 1311 N. Federal Ave. Mason City IA John Wray
1956-   Mason City Nash Co. 215 N. Adams Ave. Mason City IA
1957-   Knief Nash   Maynard IA  
1940-   R.C. Graham   Mitchellville IA  
1953-   Fennema Nash & Implement Co.   Mount Ayr IA  
1947-56   Anderson Motors 210 E. Monroe St. Mt Pleasant IA Robert M. Anderson
1933-41   Muscatine Car Market   Muscatine IA Nellie Buechner
1950-   Gebhardt's Nash Sales   Muscatine IA  
1941-57   Kramer Nash Sales 23 N Locust St New Hampton IA M. Kramer
1958-70   Kramer Auto Sales 19 N Locust St New Hampton IA  
1940-   Standard Auto Co.   Newton IA  
1940-41   Whittaker Garage   Newton IA  
1951-   Brunner Nash   Newton IA  
1956-   Hal Leonard Nash 209 E First Ave Newton IA  
1950-51   Jorgensen Nash   Oelwein IA  
1958-70   Knief Rambler   Oelwein IA  
1947-56   Hale Van Zee Motors 801-03 W High Ave Oskaloosa IA  
1939-48   Fairbanks Nash Sales   Ottumwa IA Ralph Fairbanks
1952-56   Brown Nash Sales 1400-12 W Second St. Ottumwa IA  
1953-   Persons Motor Co.   Panora IA  
1951-   John Kling Nash   Perry IA  
1952-   Frank Holmes Nash   Perry IA  
1947-56   Peterson Motor Co. 308 Hammond St. Red Oak IA  
1951-   Hibbs Nash Co   Sac City IA  
1940-   Johnson Super Service   Sheldon IA  
1953-   Bilsland Equipment Co.   Sheldon IA  
1940-   Hemsley Motor Co.   Sigourney IA  
1953-   Madsen Motor Co.   Sigourney IA  
1953-56   Niessink & Kempers Implement Co. 52 Third St N W Sioux Center IA  
1909-11 1909 Wm. Warnock Co.   Sioux City  IA  
1913-   Rambler Distributing Co.   Sioux City  IA  
1939-50   Robar-Boyd, Inc.   Sioux City  IA E.A. Robar
1952-   Wagner Nash, Inc.   Sioux City  IA  
1952-61 1953 O'Neil Nash 720 Pearl St Sioux City  IA Ed O'Neil

1947-50   Spencer Nash Sales   Spencer IA  
1953-   Herring Nash Sales   Spencer IA  
1940-   L.A. Gruber & Co.   Storm Lake IA  
1953-68   Modern Service   Tabor IA  
1950-74 1962 Mills Nash Service 816 N Second Ave Washington IA Gilbert A. Mills
This picture was taken in 1962, at Mills Nash/AMC.  Gilbert Mills is on the extreme right. The other people in picture worked at the agency. Gib (as he was called) started selling Nashes in 1950 and sold Nash/AMC products thru 1974. He was an excellent mechanic besides being one of the most honest people I ever knew. Gib passed away in 2011 at the age of 100. Gibs' daughter Beverly, married my best friend from high school in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and it was nice to have a Nash Dealer friend, to deal with and get my cars fixed. I got the picture from her, as she wrote a great little book about her dad and sent me one. Don Loper
1913-   Rambler Motor Co.   Waterloo IA  
1914-   P.J. Downes Co.   Waterloo IA  
1940-   Nash Benson Motor   Waterloo IA  
1948-   Whitehead Nash Sales, Inc.   Waterloo IA  
1953-   Ktaz Brothers Auto Co.   Waterloo IA  
1939-56   Williams Nash Sales 9 West St Waukon IA A.E. Williams
1952-   Howell-Baber Supply Co., Inc.   Webster City IA  
1940-   Hemsley Motor Co.   What Cheer IA  
1940-   T.L. Bedwell   Winterset IA  
1953-   Saxton Nash Sales   Winterset IA  
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1941-   W.E. Bills Co.   Blackfoot ID  
1948-   Hanson Motor Co.   Blackfoot ID  
1939-41   Dunn Bros. Motor Co.   Boise ID Edward Dunn/James Dunn
1948-   Idaho Car Co.   Boise ID  
1949-56 1949 Bosse Nash Inc. 601 Capitol Blvd Boise ID L. Calvin Bosse
1941   Quinn Motors   Bonners Ferry ID  
1949-56   Johnson Motors Pine St & US 95 Bonners Ferry ID Wilfred C. 'Ole' Johnson
1948-56   Floyd's Nash Motors 141 E Main St Burley ID  
1940-41   Payne Auto Co.   Caldwell ID  
1940-41   Martin-Gaine Nash Co. 1501 Sherman Ave. Coeur d'Alene ID  
1948-   Gaine Nash Co.   Coeur d'Alene ID  
1952-   Drummond Nash Co.   Coeur d'Alene ID  
1939-53 1953 Ira N. Corey Co.   Idaho Falls ID R.B. Corey
1955-58   Kite Nash Inc.   Idaho Falls ID E.M. Kite
1941-47   Drummond Nash Co. 405 Main St. Kellogg ID  
1939-41   Dundas Motor Co.   Lewiston ID H. Dundas
1947-51 1948 Engle Motor Co.   Lewiston ID Howard E. Engle
1956-   Lewiston Nash 119 Ninth St Lewiston ID  
1948-51   Francisco Motor Co. 105 South Main Moscow ID Al Francisco
1918-   Jacobs Garage   Nampa ID  
1940-41   Nampa Motor Sales   Nampa ID  
1947   Whit Abbott Nash   Nampa ID  
1953-   Brown Motor, Inc.   Nampa ID  
1939-40   Bannock Motor Co.   Pocatello ID  
1948-50   Hoover Motor Co.   Pocatello ID  
1955-   Pocatello Nash Co.   Pocatello ID  
1941-   Hanson Service   Shelley ID  
1960- 1960 Parker & Stone Equipment Co.   St. Anthony ID  
1940-41   Johnson Motor Co.   Twin Falls ID  
1947-83   Wills Motor Co. AMC/Jeep 236 Shoshone St. W. Twin Falls ID  
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