1948 Nash Cabriolet

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              In 1948 Nash produced their only post war full size convertible, a limited production run of less than 1000 cars.
Rumor has it that only one per dealership was sent, making these vehicles a show car for the dealerships. 
Nash dealers used the convertible as an advertising tool in parades all across the USA.

Below are some pictures of these cars as they originally were shown at dealerships in 1948.

BeBe Shopp
Miss America, 1948 from Hopkins, MN
in a convertible supplied by Minneapolis Nash, Minneapolis, MN.
El Segundo, CA
Haas Nash Company, Greenwood, MS
Winchester Nash, Winchester VA.
Also Winchester VA
G. E. Lawrence,
Nash dealership,
Montebello, CA
Rose Parade, January 1, 1949.
Car supplied by Hills Motor Company, Pasadena, CA.
Glenn Foster Nash Company, San Antonio, TX
Stagg Motor Company, St. Louis, MO
Bill Rutledge Motors, West Palm Beach, FL
Howard Scott, who created the Nash outdoor advertising posters.

Car is from Rockefeller Nash Sales Co., White Plains NY

Nash did not promote the convertible in any advertising material so original pictures are quite rare, here are a few more:

Doherty Nash,
Green Bay WI, with a 48 convertible in the showroom window.

Left are two 1948 Nash convertibles that were in the family of Conrad Hailparn.

Conrad and his mother both owned these for many years, his comments:

The car on the left was my mothers car it was a tan color it was bought used in St. Louis, Mo. My car was grey in color. I drove it in every State except Idaho. At one time I dechromed it and painted it off white with black interior with a boot that covered the rear seat. My mother sold her car later to the father of Kevin Kline the actor. He had a Chrysler and he was amazed that he could start the Nash and drive it off something he could not do with the Chrysler. We owned both cars thru the 1960ís. My convert had over 130000 miles on it when it was sold and made the magazine Rod and Custom in the 1950ís.   I also had two 1939 Nash coupes at different times both business coupes.
When I dechromed mine I painted it white, it was grey. Motherís car was cream or light tan. Her interior was light green on the dash and fabric seats. I painted my dash black and made the gages black background instead of copper. My interior was black vinyl seats and boot for the top it covered the back seat.  Conrad Hailparn

This car was reportedly sold by Nash Great Lakes Co., River Rouge, MI

Pictures taken in early 1950's, car painted original Strato Blue color. 

Another view of the same car.
Note the numerous accessories: front grille guard, fog lights,
outer bumper guards, locking gas cap, visor mirrors,
chrome stone shields and dual spotlights. 
Finally, a Nash factory shot of the Cabriolet introduction
at a auto show in 1948.
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